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Re:acidic,bitter,foamy,urine, on fast for mouth infection
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re:acidic,bitter,foamy,urine, on fast for mouth infection

U are of course, recycling your own, blood stream derived and organ systems determined, kidney fluid. Any circulatory compounds in a high enough percentage, will be found in that nutritive and information bound fluid, evan if they are systematicly intended to be shunted to the intestinal tract, because their makeup is unsuited for health. Thus your experience description might be understood and be unpleasent enough to cause u to refrain, tho many think that the rougness of the draught will inform the system in sophhisticated health generating ways also.

BTW using Antibiotics promotes the occurance and growth of non membraned organisms, AKA L-forms, that are another serious negative in trying to regain control/ballance.

As u surmise, a serious preliminary cleansing diet would very likely eliminate the untoward taste. Which may be why many find easier UT while on a fruit diet. That minimalizing, fasting type diet, if followed for a serious length of time, might also relieve your overall system enough that your immune system could deal with your mouth infection without any other further assitance.

(since dental/gum/jaw bone infections are severly challanged by that areas low power of blood circulation, Schultz advise on cayenne tincture usage w a water pic, is worth considering, as is any infection fighting or cellular ballancing, frequency tool/instrument would also be)

(slightly off topic but regarding the discussion on inflamation being evident w infection,(if its missing we are in dire trouble) it is worthwhile to note that inflamation is the cells/systems attempts to regain control by upping the cellular voltage and drawing blood circulation, so any attempts at lessening inflamation is working against cellular attempts at regaining health. Weve all heard this regarding fevers, but understanding the role that the electrical charge(PH, potential hydrogen) plays in oxygen usage and why, completes our knowledge so we can assist and not confound our cellular attempts at bodily systems ballancing )

One thing to consider w Armstrong's advice is that his studies are from a time when the american diet was less processed and much closer to the farm, so the human sytems he was experimenting with, in many ways, could be considered to be quite a bit more healthy, generally, then they have been since and especially are now.

Furthermore his patients would have had less modern dental work, root canals driven infections ect, so his experiences w UTing for dental predicaments might be different also on that account. Considering that his studies are for the most part anecdotal, his consensus must also be considered thusly.

I would think that as Armstrong and h20 share, serious time spent ut fasting(the easiest in my experience) or other type of fasting could only asssit but some notice of positive results should occur reletivly rapidly, what ever therapy is attempted or we are most likely not dealing adequatly enough re our systems level of comprimization.


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