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Re: considering the particulars of an essential elements assimilation being more about basic cellular health than the availability of the currently advised mix of components
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: considering the particulars of an essential elements assimilation being more about basic cellular health than the availability of the currently advised mix of components

So how about(like Trapper noted) it can be that using supplements for the importantance of efficient cellular assimilation and elimination, misses how certain unconsidered basics of cellular health are essentialy more important.

Which might be why we find in the literature that by the ingestion of healthy lipids or water or administering DC amperage, or in using the Humic/Fulvic acids, increases cellular oxmosisity. Thus explaining the different experiences of Iodine users who are using the current Iodine researchers advised compounds and those who do not.

Increasing ingestion of water or healthy fats potentizes passive cellular transport action. Similarly intaking humic/fulvic acids' potentizes active cellular transport. This contributes to the understanding that the basics of cellular membrane health, continually degraded by modern living practices, is of pertainant interest here and perhaps minimizing the need of supplementing the ion channels pump components.

Dr Revici's notating the importance of cellular structure differences in knowing what and how to administer agents is also extremely interesting w re this entire topic. As is Dr Tennant's.

While many increase supplementation dosages wout undestanding the mechanisms allowing or disallowing their metabolic contribution, when we start to utilize deeper understandings of cellular structure and activity our regimins become far more effective and often less involved and thus easier.

Perhaps the situation is that while our systems appear to need specific agents to be considered healthy, and evan more agents to secure those agents, the puzzle of health and illness in the cellular factories of biological organisms, can stay mysterious when we dont actually key in on knowing what makes up a healthy cell, it's simple basic needs, the cells proper metabolic process', and what we do to degrade or contribute to the cells health.

Thus the less informed prescribe certain agents as needed supplements, when perhaps assuring diet choices might be as sufficient.

It is interresting how evan conventional medicine undestands how our cells can make almost(almost) all its needs if in a state of ballanced properties.

One story of interest is the study where a test subject(bacteria) confounded scientists and their religious like, blueprint, dna understanding, by changing on a dna level, what was thought to be the bacteria's only design for deriving energy from their environment.Feeding the now growing understanding of how previous gene understanding was far too ridgid.

We can get so strict in supplementing primary elements and secondary compounds, while missing our BASIC health requirments, thus confusion is increased as to why some get better reletivly quickly and while others not so quickly, and others not at all.(consider also that evan under ideal conditions, supplements are assimilated far less effectivly than when in the form of food, being normally passed in high percentages)

A lot of this serious minded supplementing, like all knowledge, is thru time, continually being modified due to commonly found less effectivness by some. And by knowing our systems actual workings continually more deeply and by experiencing sucsess w our healing work, and in opening to new and different ideas, we eventually leave that which is incompletly considered and find more actual reasons why to supplement and or upgrade our diet.

Heres a good one detailing naturaly designed assimilation data.

and how in this most interesting thread evan sophisticated highly indepth understanding can be quite pertainant yet still missguide us when the basic factors governing our health are unconsidered in the analysis purported here.


Looking for, pinpointing and destroying an enemy is our trenchant occupation, as is looking for, pinpointing and aquiring desirous objects, and we project out that orientation into virtually every way we interact w life.
Till we see how imperfect these approaches can be and we find how things come into ballance when we allow systems to function with our acting as stewards of health rather than dictators. Rather than acting as much offensivly or defensivly we learn to act as wiser moderators.


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