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On perception's, and wisdom's, view

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vairagi Views: 2,562
Published: 11 years ago
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On perception's, and wisdom's, view

Interesting that these topics mentioned in the recording were a pertainant part of discussion/debate going on w Gautama in his time, as well as now, and exemplified by the recording. My view is that this is more about the individuals awakening than about any particular degrading of some understanding. Thus each of us as long as we are an I or part of an us, will be transiting perception and as we encounter different perspectives we become involved, and to the degre we appreciate, we continue to cycle thru viewular realites.

Since discounting all views is also another view.
One comment is that some views lead to more suffering and some lead to the end of suffering.

Since our mentality is only able to consider within its own sphere, tho we attempt to convey individual living into that purvue w simple or sophisticated concepts,(evan anti-concepts) they are always still concepts, limited by the nature in which they can exist.

(If we commit to waking up, the outcome suprizes us because we find the multiplicity, of these dream dimensions, and they all are that, cease. And we find that they all were intrinsicly phantoms, and tho being in dreaming may be expereinced as valid and real, when we wake up, the dream, and the dreamers is/are completely gone, but for memory, and we can only enter in again by commiting to the slumber of forgetfulness. Tho most who we find here displaying elements in their lives of awakened understanding are not completly awake, only awake in dreaming and thus their assistence is personel and limited by the degree they still slumber in multiplicity).

(get this Socrat, cause u are continually trying to understand the s.s Titanic world we live in, and how the chairs got where they are, what they are, and if it is worthwhile to move them)

The saving grace for dreamers is that there is MORE than correct mental considerings understandings, to awakening from the delusion of turning pain into suffering. (because most dreamers would continue to be lost if this were the case, seeing as how mental arrangments dominate that arena,and most of us arent up to the task of winning that competition.)

I figure that, of course, this is the idea Master Thich is wanting to get across, evan if, in my understanding he is telling us something that delays our awakening and continues our working to defeat pain, mostly because he, as all teachers, are working thru and shareing personal revelations, no matter how much incontext they coincide or not w others revelations.

Tranquility is a supreme factor in this world of interaction, the world of the created other, the only real fear, but it is not enlightenment, but rather a precursor to that perception/view. Course these are all part of living the dream and as we let go of each hand hold, sureity about things, ideas, ect, are minimalized and eventually lived outright w out personel concurrance or personel display.

BTW The word we often associate w buddhhism, nirvana nibbana ect, has most often been translated as extinction specifcally as in a fire going out.

However the coloquiel and idiomatic meaning from that time in history, reveal that extinction as in a candle's flame going out, as we use it, was not at all the meaning intended then.(see Thannasaro)

So I react in trying to find agreement/synthesis, with the recording. Where it would seem to be, again, the same discussion on and about eternalism vs annata.

( This is a far more common element in many dissagreements and arguments than is obviously apparant. As I have mentioned in the denial, anger, guilt ect ect piece, where this point of contention I find to be a manifestation of the activating/exciting the Denial field, this specific topic we are discussing, tho, being a more refined expression than the more obvious denials we are familiar w. Where in the common denial practice we fuel missmotivated anger towards nouns, in the more refined denial, our anger and guilt are more evolved and considerate, tho still being cyclicly entrenched and imperfect w re to true understanding, true view.)

So to share sophisticated conceptual ideas, in ways that simplify things unsimplifiable, w those who lack understanding, more often than not, creates more opportunity for egoic manipulation for its own use rather than the intended continued dissapearing of egoitism.

(This is why more often than not, high minded teachings become a form of secrecy, by being, woven into the dialogue by seeming, confusing, abstruse and meandering language, rambling. The built in protection for the unprepared.)

Those interested might find Spiritual Materialism by Trungpa pertainant, where he shares how we have incredable ability to missuse any aspect of reality and especially the spiritual information into stabilizing gross and more subtle egoity.


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