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Re: inflamation
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: inflamation

Funny how the itis thing appeared in my note. It wasnt part of the original eye or UT use question. It just came out. Its so prevalant in Doc and pharma literature recently. Course anti inflamatory meds do the temporary relief job oftentimes and its reletivly easy money. I see it as a ploy for them to keep the diagnosis simple and just get to the next patient and for us not to think too hard about all this.

So as u remember from your Doc mentioning your artery health and that I shared as an aside how it is not commonly considered that the arterial walls are more like a multi construction and the breakdown happens from improper cellular rebuilding of one of the structural components which starts the chain reaction of disease, this may not be quite understood exactly by Docs who are only in the loop passing on info that they think is adequate, so not only is chlorestorel continually miss maligned but the inflamed aspect is too simply emphasized.

The plaque is a great current topic since now it can be shown that the reason for identifying chloresterol as suspect in the first place was in serious error. Tho plaque, simply by locating as scar tissue, is still a symptom of dead zones. It is a not an origen or description of the problem because it is made up of Chloresterol.

Course I figured from the begining of our conversations a while back that u werent off track at all and my comments today were in no way disregarding UTs effective action and especially w re to your use of the term and the Docs report.

Only that the use of the general symptom, inflamation,as a pertainant meaningfull description in arterial breakdown or in any disease as a cause to be rectified ect ect, is improper. These type of situations more correctly described and thus understood might be that the outcome of specific cellular decay by perverted diet causing adverse conditions, lack of oxygen intake in one of the supporting structure of the arterial wall complex, finally identified by plaque tissue being present, but again the degrading diet causing deficient cellular activity and thus cellular breakdown and eventual premature cellular death and eventually affecting systems negativly w inflamation as a noticable secondary symptom.

Once things are noticable inflamed, sure symptomatic relief is needed but wout further investigation and understanding, the course of action will be symptomaticly oriented ,temporary and ultimately self defeating.

So since the UT is helping on so many nutritive and fundamantal levels it is, as uve stated, doing more than just symptomatic, supplemental healing, it is feeding and fueling actual cellular living and thus reversing previous faulty diet choices and or environmental effects. Our role is to continue discovering how to correct the perverted diet choices and environmental situations that have caused cellular problems, discovering the actual mechanisms and their actual indepth healthy functioning.


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