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Re: Urine Therapy Vid
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Urine Therapy Vid

I would like to say again that urine therapy is miraculous in its healing ability for many things.

I am just an ordinary kind of old bloke, not a disciplined healthy person, but I have always looked for things that work as opposed to those that seem not to do anything.

I have always had a kind of holistic point of view where I believe in trying to recharge, boost or fix the cause of a problem rather than to cover it up and leave it there.

I find modern western medicine does the latter with drugs and that does not sit well with me. Nor does cutting bits out of the body if they are not working properly.

Drinking urine each day has definitely boosted my immune system for the last 16 years because I rarely get a cold or flu and when I do it is always very mild compared to those around me who catch the same bug. That was not the case for my 45 years up to that time.

I have fasted on urine and water a few times up to 14 days at a time with no ill effects, a lowered blood pressure each time which is good and I am in quite good health, on no medications and active.

I find the video mentioned quite boring so I did not watch it but I recommend to anyone to read The Water Of Life by John Armstrong for an insight of how to use urine for curing cancers and other diseases of the body.

I use it for any open wounds which always heal rapidly, I use it to greatly reduce the pain intensity of sunburn, I use it on any inflammation, I have bathed my eyes in it.

If it is fresh urine I do not believe it has any harmful effect anywhere on the body and always has a healing effect. I am beginning to genuinely believe that it is the elixir of youth by keeping the organs working as they should which keeps the body younger. Somehow it seems to regulate the systems of the body and keep organs young by working as they should. Most of our diseases it seems to me are caused by one or more of our organs not doing the job it was designed to do.

I recommend that everyone consume at least one glass of morning urine each day to keep their body nourished from the inside. At 61 I am beginning to see the benefits as compared to many close friends who are failing in many areas. Most have daily drug routines for either heart, diabetes, cancers, cholesterol or other ailments and suffer side effects from those, I do not. Many have multiple problems, not just one.

There are many books about urine therapy claiming many things and after using it for multitudes of problems over 36 years I would say that the vast majority of those claims are true despite them seeming to be incredible.

If you are looking for researched proof forget it because no cure is going to be thoroughly researched unless a drug can be patented to treat it and be claimed as a cure. Research labs need funding and if there is not a patented drug possibility at the end the funding will not be available so the research will go nowhere. Nobody is going to benefit financially from urine curing a host of problems in our communities. Hospitals would decrease in size quite dramatically, doctors and surgeons would be out of work, chemist (drug) stores would fail, there would be a recession if everyone began urine therapy.

The heads of these organisations have a vested interest in dismissing cures that work or are unconventional. I think our medical system is one of maintenance and treatment rather than cure. Cure is an economic disaster even though they still use that word inappropriately when talking about new sciences and medicines.


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