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hiv doesn't exist & you cannot prove it + Kombucha + Garlic dangers
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Published: 18 years ago
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hiv doesn't exist & you cannot prove it + Kombucha + Garlic dangers

We have to get a grip on reality here because the number one contributor to Thyroid disease and bad functioning is lack of Iodine and the presence of Fluoride in the water which yes comes from Aluminium. I would love for you or anyone to prove the existance of hiv because until now no one has done this and the rewards are still waiting to be given regardless what the Medical Mafia claim to have isolated infact its a joke. Theres plenty of other Thyroid attackers out there also which I just cannot remember right now. This idea of hiv running rampant and the establishment trying to stop it is nonsense my friend. Yes theres a depopulation program put in place by the Jesuits and their Club of Rome lackies and yes theres a report everyone should read called Global 2000. Yes we are stock for the Jesuits and their banking agents the international "sons of the serpant" bankers such as Rothschild etc. Yes we were used as collateral for our countries to get money when we were broke after the World War in which the Jesuit controllers were finishing their plans for the takeover which is almost complete now in the U.S the only last real stepping stone to cross. So before people go out worrying about hiv and H5N1 take a step back and just look at the chemical onslaught we're getting from known poisons like Aspartame, Msg, Fluoride etc and look at the diet they program us with and you'll see the true cause of all the diseases. We also know that viruses, bad bacteria etc can only grow in polluted and diseased tissue and its their job to try and clean it up. Unfortunately we're so polluted they can kill but again its their job to rid the earth of disease and waste. So all we have to do is eat correctly, exercise lightly, cleanse our organs regular, oxygenate, balance alkalinity and acidity, fast, urine therapy (when cleansed) drink water and take himalayan salts. Juicing I've found is the best way to take food allowing up to 95% to be assimilated in the body within 15 minutes compared to only 35% if your lucky with solids and that can take 4+ hours to get in the blood. If you get fungus etc and/or your very acidic then utilise Cayenne, Ginger, Miso etc but please stay away from Garlic unless your in deep doo doo because Garlic is a poison and for one thing it will kill around 6,000,000 brain cells per clove which is around 6x the amount of cell death compared to 6 Martini alcohol drinks which is around 1,000,000. Oh one more thing about hiv it would be very rampant if they didn't ask questions on your sex status and drug use and along with all the 60-70 false positives such as flu, pregnancy etc. The whole hiv concept is false science and the tests are a utter joke proven time over to be a complete log of hogwash. Now if you have a powerful media which the Jesuits do then you can brainwash the people into believing NONSENSE and therefore create a problem which doesn't exist. Then when people die of AIDS you can blame a virus instead of all the chemicals, drugs, pollution and all the diseases stemming from these and oh the big on MALNUTRITION and DEHYDRATION especially in Africa.

The Kombucha is very similar to what your saying with this vinegar and I've made some Kombucha Vinegar which when I was eating meals I would add some mint and make a mint like sauce which was very good.

Beware of Jim Phelps and his disinformation program about Chemtrails. Some of what he says is truth but overall its baloony and if we sit and think about it, it should make sense hes a Temporal Coadjutor (agent). Do you honestly think they would allow someone who was very high in the Chemtrail project to have his information on the internet so easily accessed by many already? Of course not, they've killed people for less such as Joe Vialls, Brian Downing Quig, William Cooper. The chemtrail issue is of mass importance and secrecy right now and it just wouldn't happen. So again take a small bit of his information but beware. Remember Chemtrails are part of depopulation and go check out the Iron Mountain report also for good information. Chemtrails do 3d mapping, weather modification, evesdropping, basic people tracking via barium and plasma mapping, communications and many other functions.


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