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Hypertension/ER visit again..
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Published: 13 years ago

Hypertension/ER visit again..

So on Tuesday afternoon I was feeling bizarre as is somewhat usual lately. Went outside and laid on a blanket for about 10 minutes to get some vitamin D since it wasn't very hot outside. I guess I'm still heat sensitive somewhat because I got kinda dizzy. Came back in and rested, etc. I developed a head cold in the late morning/early afternoon also. I was sneezing and sneezing and sneezing. Tickly nose irritation and my nose was just running and running like water. Pretty aggravating. I rarely get flu's and colds these days.

At some point in the day, I stuck my head in the cold shower water because it helps with colds and allergies. I suddenly thought about my blood pressure so I checked it. It was elevated.

I got concerned over it and so I was checking it throughout the day and trying to relax, so as to not raise it higher.

At night it was already getting higher and slowly climbing more. I felt really weird starting from the late evening because it felt like my blood Sugar was swinging, and combined with my elevated BP, I didn't feel good. So it was getting higher and higher, and I was drinking water and didn't feel like it was very hydrating at all.

At around 11 PM I was feeling pretty delirious, and checking my BP. Still climbing some. At some point I checked it and it was 149/107 and I was already shaking, so that made me panic some. I can't drive to the ER, and my baby's mama was here, but she can't drive either because she broke her ankle a week ago. At this point I was really shaky, dizzy, and delirious and I could feel the anxiety and BP feeding off each other, so I told her to just call 911.

They came and my BP was 166/110, blood Sugar 78.

At the hospital it started calming down some, and eventually got to 133/88, while I was laying down. They did some blood tests, the general full blood count and all that, and checked my blood sugar, which was still good and was self-sustaining at this point. (It was like 1 AM.)

They came with some pills. Ativan and meclizine. I think it was a double dose of ativan. I normally don't take meds at all, and I haven't taken any pills since May 2009, but I thought "what the hell" and swallowed them. I wanted to see what would happen with my blood Sugar and the pills, but nothing happened.

The pills took effect in a couple minutes. The effect was subtle, I could still feel the anxiety through the drugs, and I couldn't think too straight.

After a while, they discharged me, with rx for more ativan.

I'm not gonna lie, I DID feel better on that benzo. It made me realize just how much of an anxiety problem I have.

Yesterday I kept falling asleep if I just let go and I had some weird mental effects. I didn't check my BP much because it's an anxiety trigger, but it was mildly elevated and high normal.

Yesterday night, after midnight I felt wide awake and strange mentally. I ate one more time then laid down to read, but I noticed I was having visual hallucinations and my mind was acting weird. I felt weird, but the hallucinations weren't fun, so I turned off the lights and went to sleep. I had nothing but bad, stressful dreams.

Withdrawal symptoms already? That's what they seemed like, unless it's the drug messing with my vitamin-deficient brain. I don't want to go into a psychosis.

Anyways, today I don't feel as insane, but my anxiety levels are back, and my blood pressure is back up. I just checked it once and it was 139/92, and that was right after I got up, just sat up. I have been feeling it spiking up and making me feel weird, etc. I don't like it.

I've also been feeling my anxiety playing a role on that. They feed on each other somewhat. So I've been trying to relax and distract, and just trust that the high BP isn't gonna mess me up somehow.

I was considering taking the Labetalol now, but I'm still against it mostly, because it can raise or lower blood sugars. Forget that.

I was also considering taking the klonopin, but I don't know if I want to go through withdrawals, or worse, develop tolerance withdrawals.

Ahh, frustrations.

I've still been eating egg yolks. It's interesting that all this coincides with the start of me eating those.

Been taking a tiny bit of pantethine again daily, gonna try working through the suffering of reacting to B-complex, and later I'm going to try eating some beef bone broth. Hopefully these things help.

Tomorrow if I don't feel bad, I'm going to try eating a spoon of purple dulse all hard.

I'm gonna lay off the magnesium for awhile because somehow I feel that's what it contributing to my blood pressure problem in a negative way. I get thirstier with magnesium, and salt doesn't help much either, but I'm hesitant to play around with potassium because of my aldosterone.

Maybe I should try getting a cheap multivitamin like One A Day, or Centrum, and just eat it all hard. Better than nothing.

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