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Thoughts on Source and Orientational Possibilities re Consciousness

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vairagi Views: 3,469
Published: 12 years ago
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Thoughts on Source and Orientational Possibilities re Consciousness

In response to your multi pointed note, for some of us the brain is more correctly termed, a filter, a distributor, part of the personel projection system. Not to ignore the calculating features, but rather to stay with the more basic design, as your topic is also requiring w re to consciousness.

Interesting also how evan modern Science understands and teaches that the brains major divisions are not geneticly designed to do different things, and thus tho often areas of the organ are described as having certain specific individual attributes, this is found, upon a more complete analysis, to be not entirely correct.

Materiality considered as quanta, and catagorized as such, may satisfy certain, philosophic,investigative or orientational needs, however in this dialogue we submit consciousness' role in reality is as source, and tho being actually manifest in realities, for us it is not describable similarly as in its quantification.

Some might smirk and comment that quantum consciousness is sourced from the non quantum variety.

In considering your, exclusive, electron source of "C" hypothesis,(I figure u do know about Feynman's work on the electron) we find "C" having an avenue of entry into dimensional reality thru the human dynamic, where it has been shared to be associated with the sinoatrial node.(where dimensional realities become, vs a commonly held notion where dimensional reality creates or allows "C")

The workings of reality are not for the conventional investigator. The constructive outcome of such ventures continually diminish in value and are eventually overshadowed by the unavoidable, as increasingly, expanding infinitudes reveal, micro and macro, that the reality we live is based on an infintesimally larger dynamic, which while being part of things as they are, and evan understood to be things as they are, is found to be foundationary, such that finalizing any simple or sophisticated thesis on "C", is conventionly speaking, ultimately quandric, due to "C"s transcendent actuality.

Discover and understand the creation and totality of the point, the charge, the field, the atmospheric particularity we might commonly call electron, and we realise enough to be satisfied as to the appearance and reality of consciousness. Discover and understand the creation and totality of the multiple fields we might commonly call human body and we likewise realise the same.

Since in this more complete orientation, no one thing is more revealing, more basic, more sourcing, more special, ect ect than any other, the further we miss this point, and the more we try to gain control and secure miss construed understanding, the further we must eventually travel, retrace, unravel and forget erroneous assumptions. So that we return back, again, to the begining point, where we first concieved, and subsequently took off on the search, which eventually became the search of "C" looking to understand "C" by analysing the reflections of "C", within, on and of "C".

(Considering the excited field/space effect commonly termed electron, to be somehow more elementary then larger nouns on account of its size, or lack of conventional components, is dealing with things on a strictly physical orientation and not withstanding the obviousness of the reletivity of size and structure demanding accounting in any such hypothesis, with each new discovery, the non conventional hyper dimensionality eventually confounds the considerations using only physical data.)

The physical sciences as well as the spiritual sciences, can describe and consider consciousness,(and of course different labels are often used instead of "C"; mind, spirit, soul, life force, prana,chi,) but to our understanding, this analysis is, limted by being ego/quanta centric, and in any ultimate use, counterproductive.

Tho approaching understanding thru intellectual methods can be revelatory, it is found it to be unneedfully difficult, time consuming and isolating, as is mentioned in one of the premier sources u note, the bhagavad gita.

The understanding of physical reality being similar to the infinte potential of continually compounding reflections found within a hologram, counters and confounds the static bound conventional perspective, which unless discerned, fuels illusory discoveries, illusory assumptions and illusory implications.


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