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Scratchy sore throat from Candida
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Published: 12 years ago

Scratchy sore throat from Candida

Hi UT Forum,

This is my first time asking advice as there is so much info available but my query concerns candida in the throat (oral thrush), which I haven't spotted anywhere here.

I alwys had Candida since childhood with learning difficulties, anxiety etc. Periods were a nightmare and menopause early, thrush was always constant. I had a blood test twenty years ago telling me that I had fernmentation going on in my gut but I don't drink alcohol. It was a mystery to the medic. However I worked out recently that I was addicted to a large teaspoon of honey in my milky tea.

I started Urine Therapy seriously last Winter when I suffered from IBS, bloating pains that wouldn't go away then the Spring came and I seemd ok, got to go out in the sun, and the pains went and so I discontinued the therapy much to my undoing. I developped a sore throat and lethargy in the Autumn though the bloating pain is not as painful. I have been told by a GP that I have oral thrush-I have a permanent creamy grey coating at the back of my tongue and a creamy white coated stained tongue. I have tried oil pulling and urine mothwashes for the pain but it returns soon after and so do the coatings. I believe that the digestive system is causing these signs on my tongue to show a discontented colon. When I started the therapy three days ago I had a rush of energy and felt great and thought at last relief from the Candida! Then since yesterday there are signs of slipping backwards into this scary sore throat again with excess saliva. I follow the protocal of drinking a glass of (midstream) urine in the morning and put aside urine the day before for my (warm) urine enemas in the mornings.

My enemas keep bringing out a lot of unpleasant smelling liquid dark stuff and I'm so tempted to keep on doing more than one a day as I have trouble keeping the urine in for more than 4 minutes due to pain and nerves. I did a yoghurt one today to replenish my bowel. I am also gargling urine a lot, drinking some at night, and eating vegan food; however the sore throat is back. 'You are what you eat', so maybe I have a weak link amongst my food or drinks. I keep hoping that I'm getting a die off but I don't know. This is my food diary for yesterday: Oat porridge made with water with white Stevia powder, then decaf tea with white Stevia and goats milk,(a couple of times throughout the day), Kale with coconut cream for lunch , and brown rice for lunch, seasoned with turmeric, cayenne garlic and salt then later goat's milk yoghurt with ground flaxseeds and then in the early evening oat biscuits with olive paste, and tomatoes.
I quite regularly use anti fungal supplements like Neem, and some Candida Force etc and when last night I drank some Pau D'Arco tea last thing at night I felt that same old scratchy burn in my throat like I do when I drank a raw garlic and lemon drink a week ago. This morning my urine had a blue cheese kind off taste (fungus pehaps?).
I drink just over a litre of water daily and use the rebounder for a few minutes. I don't sweat!
I love this therapy. I respect members who live by it and I plan to stick to it too. I would appreciate receiving any experiences and/or information on how I can get this Candida out asap. Thank you.

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