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Re: diet
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: diet

Studying a few different web sites on Iodine will start u on that road of knowledge. There are people selling it and people who approach it from a medical/informational perspective. Both will help u gain knowledge on why Iodine is important to know about. If your Dr is up with current literature he will be helpful but most Drs dont have the time or inclination to keep up with current information and will evan confuse and create difficulties when we bring things up.( I use Lugols solution and put it on my skin to avoid killing intestinal flora)

Eating can be controversal and get us sidetracked at times as we try to regain health. Classicly it is said, food is the best medicine and if we eat good we wont need any medicine, but since there are many opinions and since many of us are suffering from bad eating choices and habits we need to personely investigate the implications and the knowledge available about that. Depending on the state of our health we go from a general to a more exacting approach with diet choices, but eating overprocessed and thus often devitalized or toxic foods, and overeating any foods, is what we need to be most carefull about, while we go about assisting our body to find and stay healthy.

U said u are a vegetarian so I said plant based. Plant based would be as u mentioned, fruit, veg, ect. With emphasis on special nutritive foods like the chlorophyll foods, plankton, grass juices, and plant fats and unpasturized dairy will asssist your system to start regenerating healthily. Remember unprocessed oils and fats are necessary for our system to be healthy.

Most of us have been regenerating our cells membranes unhealthily because we have neglected to eat enough fat or we have eaten processed fats. I keep stressing this because of the large role our cells membranes plays in our state of health. So while eating foods rich in minerals, enzymes, and amino acids is part of our good and necessary diet we must also be sure to understand the different fats/oils and how we should be including them.

Sugar is commonly missunderstood. All carbohydrates are ideally changed into sugars by digestion and used as fuel in our cellular systems. Eating processed sugars straight in drinks, or in candies, or pastries ect, is very hard on our systems because of the rapidly increased insulin production. Still it is a bit of a personel experience and as long as the sugars arent overindulged in and they havent been processed into toxic forms, they usually arent going to make or break our health situation. Ideally sugars are eaten with fiber which slows the digestion process and thus the insulin production isnt quickly ramped up.

Grains are a concentrated food, some consider them to be too concentrated for us as they are not very easily digested especially when liquids are involved. They can also be particularly negative if we are suffering from GI tract problems, are over weight or congestivly ill. Still many people find that they dont make or break basic health. This is a good example of how these diet situations are personel experiences as much as scientific understandings. Furthermore it depends on how much we are suffering and how serious we are, how much we are willing to try, to investigate, to regain health.

For many of us when we find ourselves in a slightly chronicly ill situation, it is often (reletivly speaking) not what we eat, as it is, how much do we eat. Refraining from eating after 1 or 2 in the afternoon till morning gives our system time to fully digest and can be a good health regimin in itself, if we arent to subpar to begin with and so dont need to follow a more strict dietary regimin.

The classic advice mentioned by Dr Sears of the Zone series, of 1/3 each of protein, carbs and fats is a reletivly good format to use. Tho it has also been advised if we are ill from certain types of cellular comprimisation, that upping fat intake can assist our healing exponentially.

It took most of us many years before we noticed our systems being affected by the poor diet choices we were makeing, and it can take an evan longer time to get well as we muddle about trying this and that approach especially when so many around us and especially those who we consider as models for living accept physical suffering as normal when we age.
The sooner we really investigate what we need to avoid and what we need to put in our system and why, the sooner our choices will start aiding our regaining health.


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