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Re: veg diet
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: veg diet

Your insulin resistence( and low calcium and vit d also) are very likely due to the cellularly degrading effects of a diet low in fat and or from eating processed fats. With either missing or low consumption of fats, or unhealthy fats being incorporated into your cellular structure, both scenarios create sluggish ozmotic action and the minimzing of the cells electrical charge. This will also cause an overweight condition, evan if we arent eating many calories.

As was mentioned to Nigel, Ut has powerfull health benefits but if our cellular structure is severly subpar from poor diet choices it will take extra time and proper nutrician to rebuild our system. The UT advantage of perfectly prepared, as long as we arent too toxified, water and the personaly customized nutricianal elements is great but it wont override a cellular structure that has been degraded by lack of fats and or perverted by eating unhealthy fats.

Following a plant based diet may be advantageous and adequate but if we neglect the needed fats, our system's functions will eventually suffer. If we tend to over eat for our actual lifestyle need and or over eat grain based meals that are ineffciently digested we also stress our system's abilities.

I find fruit fasting with UT (all that can be inbibed each day, comfortable), alternating from one to a few days, with a diet of healthy fats, chlorophyll foods, unpasturized dairy, but with no grains and with no UT on those days, a good healing regimin.

Obviously u shouldnt ignore your back ailment but u might study and consider following what I am refering too w regard to increasing the healthy fats to help regenerate your cellular structure (not to mention fats other important uses) and thus start to rectify the insulin resistence.(as Hanna mentioned Iodine is an important, needed supplement that we dont easily get from diet)

BTW uric acid is usually only a problem if we are eating a high nitrogen/protein diet, most commonly animal flesh. The lower levels of a vegetarian eaters uric acid wont cause discomfort, unless there are unnatural organic problems, (there can be genetic propensities for uric acid buildup), and the uric acid ingested as UT will be consituantly broken down, elementally, in digestion and reused by the liver. (uric acid is created by the liver as a way of changing injurious compounds like ammonia into safer compounds. Again its detriment is only with the higher bloodlevels found with organic system problems or in an overeaters polluted bloodstream,(see the harvard study on veg and meat eating atheletes).

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