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Re: "Universal reactor" starting "deep" Urine Fast
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: "Universal reactor" starting "deep" Urine Fast

It would seem youve had a large amount of study/advice already and your note was more of a shareing of what you are going thru and what you are planning to do. Be that as it may be and tho you seem to have an involved understanding , how about:

Considering the necessary elements and components of healthy cellular life. Our cells electrical generating capability and load holding capability (this importantly determins the degree we are able to utilize oxygen or not. Furthermore besides the role the thyroid plays in this aspect, this is also the basis of the importance and reality of the PH measurment. The arguing on the acid alkaline topic, the role the thyroid,kidneys and diet play will be diffused by understanding what PH really means, its importance, and how it is kept in ballance ).

Healthy cells determine healthy organs ect. If we ignore this basic tenent and instead only consider organ health we will delay or never evan reach recovery of total health. One health investigator says healing begins with the healthy rebuilding of one cell, and if we understand and feed our particular system correctly it spreads from there.

Aside from foreign invaders, organic or inorganic, when we dont supply the necessary cellular needs, when we eat deficient foods, our cells are rebuilt improperly, major systems become perverted and we experience progressive ill health. Nutricianal building promotes healing. The simple ripe fruits, raw milk, wheatgrass/plankton/chlorophyll , along with a basic diet of healthy fats is invaluable.

Another commonly ignored but very important posibility to determine is if we need to regain the parasympathetic mode of the nervous system, since often when we are chronicly ill we trigger the sympathetic mode (fear, flight ect) and become stuck (skeletoly, hormonely and emotionly) in that mode, thus depleting certain systems and stopping or frustrating healing, rest, ect. This is far more elemental to chronic conditions than thought and is one reason why so many people continue to suffer while trying so many therapies and why many upon experiencing simply relaxing start to become well again.(this can be why emotional healing has the hard to control, protcol, aside from actual success)

If we have been negligent in eating enough fat or eating unhealthy fats (fats constitute 20% of our cellular makeup), this contributes to the cells loss of efficient ozmotic action and also contributes to the loss of their very important electrical generating and load holding ability. Untill these aspects are corrected only limited success will be had no matter the manifestation of illness or the therapies attemped.

Lyme causing parasites, toxic metals ect are another issue, and if our cellular and larger systems are already subpar we can expect to be evan more troubled by these unwanted invaders, and while returning our basic system to health may asssist in some regards our being rid of them, approaching them particularly and systematically seems necessary and most prudent. Especially regarding the thyroid, often considered the master gland. When affected and comprimized by unhealthy substance or genetic circumstances we need to pursue appropriate measures or risk all therapies advantages and and our refinding health.

The super fasters like Ehret always stressed elimnation by enemas if naturally wasnt occuring daily. No matter our intake we produce waste and carefully cleansing the colon while fasting is necessary and theraputic for many aspects (especially helpfull when in a fasting crisis.) Hopefully you will find, like some others have found, increased regularity with UT.

I appreciate UT and have Ut fasted for lengths of time and I agree with your trying it as a resort after trying other things without noticable success. But as your basic health seems to be so severly comprimised by degraded conditions and foreign invaders (not to mention the pleomorphic microbial activity associated with imballanced systems) then UT can only help, but without approaching these cellular and thus organ basics also, the UT has less to work with.

I dont want to downplay UTs very evident power, worth, and advantage, however, tho many find and percieve UT to have subtle special healing implications, and Ive found this to have more evidence than not, in my experience Ive found UT to be an extremely effective optimiser/ballancer rather than a magical cureall.

In your extreme instance it will optimise certain features but without offering your system more nutritive substance will the UT be enough to begin the renewal and regenerating of your system in the quickest, least stressfull fashion.


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