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Published: 13 years ago
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You are coming to terms with the issues and thats half the battle. When you are able to delineate a set of uncomfortable circumstances, admit real and concieved failures, whats left is the actual break down of the immature lifestyle that created the situation. To the degree you are ready to give in, to the degree that change occurs, you will, accordingly, be newly oriented in a more harmonius way.

However while allowing new perceptions to enter into our lives, we may still choose to continue with circumstances as they are and, which by a natural progression, tho often long due to our being often stymied by our still imperfect understanding, are eventually found coalescing into more constructive and ballanced living, while also increasingly revealing the happy deeper insights of real living.

Or perhaps we personely choose to incorporate new, different choices, hopefully wiser, into our daily expereince, and thus attempt quicker change with more, seemingly, direct action.

However, in actually attempting to end or create any particular disposition, we will also engender frustration, and allow subtle layers of ego to gain persuasion and leverage, which can confound and actually delay the needed confrontation with denial.

However as our insight is activated, we continualy learn and we find that we have been addicted to salving and maintaining, some sense of powerfully needful, identity. In ways we have been taught, chosen, and or have fallen into and been trapped.
This is the lie, the stupidity, the confusion, we are begining to see thru.

Often the first sign is that we finally can admit, that now after all that we have done and been thru, all our dreams, all our work, all our attempts at finding real lasting happiness have failed.

You can work to change, study and attempt to slow down and take control of your drives and process', and there is much good in this, it is most often appropriate. However you will only succeed and really get on the path of surrenduring your act, when you realize and admit that many of your present actions are only increasing your suffering.

Its very hard since we still ignore so much, so effectivly. Tho as you are shareing, the blinders are wearing out, and eventually they will fall away, as we cease the struggle to keep up appearences to others and especially to ourself.

So untill we actually surrender, we study and practice, learning what this new orientation is really about. Study and practice, as we did learning to become what we have become up to this point. Our life experience rarely changes overnight. The personel quest is first, in finding the true and lasting peacefullness that isnt affected by any experience.

To the degree we are out of touch with the harmony of things there will be a transition period where we will need to submit to the learning curve of the apprentice, the student, and all that that entails.

Your physical healing work is similar to your evan more intimate spiritual work, and the challange of accepting the pain of spiritual growth is like the pain of physical cleansing, of making right diet choices and allowing the suffering you have incurred because of past choices. Its hard to meditate and seek discovery, to find stillness and insight, as it is hard to follow a physical healing regimin. Your anoying, speeding thoughts, will slow down when you stop feeding them w the particular lifestyle, physical and mental, as you have been and instead pursue and incorporate, healthier choices.

As you become more aware of what you really need, and what you really dont need, to be happy. In your being less encumbered by fruitless pursuits, your life will be freed up to continually make more efficient choices. You will embrace things in a different way, a fresher way, a more natural and fullfilling way, and things that once were so important, will no longer be so. Evan the delima of delima can be allowed, relaxedly, and knowing that many have gone sucsessfully thru the process of healing and awakening, can motivate us also, as we learn to face, as we learn to allow, as we learn to learn, from things as we find them.


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