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Light Spinning into Form

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vairagi Views: 2,641
Published: 14 years ago
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Light Spinning into Form

The fastest way to rid our mind stream of defilments, to find and stay on the course of the actualiztion of enlightnment, is to live in the presence of and to fall into love with an enlightened being. Since there are so few around we must rely on the enlightening aspects latent in reality. Teachers, teachings, our attempts at discovering understanding, family, friends, enemies, being.

All of life, all things are products, spinning into form, modifications spinning into temporary existence. All experiences, all things are ultimately equal, being far more similar and interconnected than different. ( this is where the SC-1 device (rife forum) and quantum entanglement come into the equation), and to the degree that we equate specialness, seperate identitiness, we eventually will have to understand our error so as to really know what is.

Childlike, innocent, non judgmental orientation is a far more correct perspective on things as they really are vs how we all generally have learned to classify things into the many complex variations.

Our confusion, our miss diss harmony, our pain our suffering, our trying, all our actions are the actions of incorrectly adding; 2 plus 2, to = 22. When we stop incorrectly equating and start living where we really are at the moment, we start coming to terms with the baggage we have accumulated. And when we decide to start dropping our conceptual understanding re: that baggage, and start attempting to watch our behavior, we start a process which is contrary to how we have been living.

We have alot of work to do. And it is hard for us to avoid falling back on how subtly we are caught in the trap of improper discernment. But eventually, we face certain junctures that will cause our perspective to become enlarged. Will cause our awarness to be activated.

Pain is the motivation we all are using unknowingly to run our existences untill we start to face this bigger dynamic we are living. We most commonly assume we are primarly attempting to find and secure happiness for happiness sake, when actually we are running from pain. We do this and that, we create disstractions, artificial realities to buffer our raw interface with experience, all in error and only causing more suffering because we refuse to face delima directly. We need to discover experientialy, the factors governing our reality.

By increasing our experiential, gross at first, then subtle, understanding, and by dropping pretense of specialness, we will discover a perception of being which is prior to identifying with and thinking about things continually.

up and down
in and out
good and bad
faith and doubt
we live in this world of stereo sight
but if thine eye be single
thy whole body will be full of light

Light spinning into and out of, form.

Desire for things to be different, on a momentary level, a daily level, a social level, a character level, all feed the creation of more illusion about form. It stops, it blinders us, to the vision of true creation and replaces it with a facsimile, an artificial rendering where we pick and choose what is and how we want it to be and thus we continually suffer, because we are out of snyc with the natural ballanced continual presenting of things.

All our attempts are failures but failures that are entwined in being. As our awareness grows and we learn to discover, as we learn to allow, we find what really is and who we really are, and ultimately we find that relaxing into being is the answer.

Feel it all and thinking dissapears
Allow it all and knowing dissapears
Give it all and everything dissapears

(By feeling life we intiate the expansion, and we begin dealing directly with the level of living we have been ignoring, attempting to downplay and override w much of our activity, we learn to attend to things coming into manifestation prior to mentalizing. This is also the begining of percieving the kundalinic process.

By allowing, the expansion takes on a greater experience and we actualize the superior state of relaxation, we surrender egoic need, and self absorbed dualistic egoic creational judgemental orientation ceases. We experience an awareness prior to and beyond the physical body dynamic. The delima of the previous type of knowing is resolved. We no longer need to know anything, and a supreme incomprehensable but satisfying, relieving, ignorance, about this life mystery is found, that is, rather than like the thinking orientations ownership relation with information termed knowledge, it is an availability relationship w universal unlimited information.

By giving, we turn that ever increasing, powerfull, yet relaxed expansional presense, towards others. Rather than giving things, giving our unrestricted acceleration of attention, as the ever increasingly realised kundalinic flow. All manifest things lose their artificial seperate identities, with which we have incorrectly impuned them. An uncontrolled ever active unconditional giving manifests which completes the journey weve been on.)

The weight of life has disappeared and all is joy.

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