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Who would have believed it!?

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Published: 14 years ago

Who would have believed it!?

For those interested in this topic i'd like to share a puzzling event experienced by both me and a college friend that simply serves to seal a stamp of confirmation on the back of an envelope with the message inside that reads. "Reincarnation is for Real it Happens!!!"

First and foremost i'd like to stress that i'm a regular ordinary person, one of those kind who when presented with magical moments in their lives is still left open mouthed scratching their heads in awe and wonderment!

The long and short of it all is when i was younger i had a profound deep insight/vision/pastlife recall....( i haven't had many) and this one surrounded a war....

I was objectively presented with a view.. folds of billowing thick yellow smoke rolling and soldiers scattering and fleeing left right and centre in all directions...absolute confusion and mayhem...

The next scene through my eyes and point of view is inside a huge grand house filled with convalescing wounded soilders, as a nurse. The atmosphere is surprisingly still and quiet just the sounds of movement of a rustled sheet, the placing of a glass on a tray, a soldiers cough here and there..that sort of thing.

A huge ground reception room accomadates rows of beds and is adjacent to the wide hall that i'm standing in. It's as if i turn to glance over my right shoulder through the door to survey the scene before turning to face the front door entrance...which i walk through to stand on a grand drive to see a swish old fashioned motorvehicle draw up and stop outside the house and steps. The doors didn't open the same way as cars do now but in reverse!

The next scene is very the centre of a room, a table and a lifeless young woman on it, her husband standing head craned next to her absolutely stock still his hands hanging at his side. my back is turned on the dreadful scene a momentary shield for the baby in my arms that i've just help to deliver, cleaned and wrapped up in material and gaze upon a face that appears sleeping but sadly because the baby is actually dead. I turn about to approach the couple and morbid scene and with a heavy heart present the bundle to the father who only then raises his lead like arms to hold it. I can't bare to look at his face. The baby looks so innocent peacefull the last hope of such qualities in the midst of wars hell.. dead.

I leave the kitchen make shift wound dressing room to return to my duties across the hall...what should have been handing him joy felt like i handed him a piece of rock a dead weight of utter loss to a broken man next to his cold stone marble love and wife...

It's during this transition towards the soldiers ward that i'm aware of a feeling that utterly totally overwhelms me. In an emotional metaphor an equivalent to the smothering of mustard gas and an "ending" of a part of me that i don't know if theres a word in the dictionary for but it's overbearingly tangible.

The antidote and counterpart to death and loss that surrounds the horrors of war is the healthy birth of a newborn baby but even this expectant happy event ended in sorrow,death and's like the last straw that not breaks the camels back but the last drop that dissolves the heart of faith and hope and floods it with a feeling something beyond grief,and then feels as if i psychologically choose to shed the nurses role and though i drop from my arms the wet heavy soiled laundry of misery, sickness that war brings at the hand of man to man in a heap at my feet and step over it but none the lighter for it..because the experience doesn't leave me i have to live with the knowlege and memories of it......the vision stops.

Before this vision in my student days and as fate would have it, had it not been for the dire lack of houses to rent and the necessary circumstances to conjoin with two other students to make up numbers at short notice, i don't think myself and fiona would have ever met in social circles. However, After a happy harmonious house share a year later we went our seperate ways and kept in touch.

Fionas appetite and interest in spirituality really took off after college and with each infrequent flyby visit her commitment to working for the light became increasingly stronger and her gift apparent. It was like watching a tapering flame of spiritual work catch forth into a roaring hearth fire. From there on in my own spirituality was unfolding in stops and starts, some subtle some crashing thunderbolt ones but the vision of the above was one as other experiences i never got round to relaying fiona of.... day many years later i received a telephone call from fiona, she'd had had an emergency ectopic pregnancy operation and as fate would have it fellow lightworker friends felt the dire need to be present and attend her bedside and give her healing. It was touch and go and was akin to a near death experience... she sounded well and declared excitedly where she knew me from in our past lives "You were my nurse!" she exclaimed as i kept quiet...she then went on as i remained silent, describing the grand old house, the room we were in and layout! the old fashioned car..."whose doors opened the wrong way round..." i could have a chimed along with her in and she described the exact style of my nurses hat and uniform that i couldn't see on myself but had the same idea of.

what was hard to say and reveal to her though was not only did she die in that life time but her baby did too. It was like "breaking bad news" all over agian but no where so severe. I'm glad to say and know that in this lifetime fiona didn't die in childbirth and lives to tell the tale, her version in tandem with mine! How mad is that!!! Had she not mentioned it, to this day i would not have made the connection that the still life body on the kitchen table was that of fiona and college friend!

A past life army soldier spontaneously popped up in the flesh just a few weeks prior to fionas phone call which was mad aswell.. A physisist by trade and new to town but i had the distinct impression of him as a soldier his injury being an amputated or wounded leg. A dream informed me of a slant profile of a line of soldiers tin hats peeping over a trench top i assumed in sketched pencil.

It turns out after a few more conversations this scientific man reveals himself as a keen closet artist and indeed he was! The first picture proffered was of an impressive light hearted cartoon sketched in charcoal and contray to the ones he drew as a war artist in the fields and trench!!!

A month later i'm only making up a convelescent bed in my spare room at home whilst my new aquantence recovers from a.. knee operation. Thank god this time round without the intentsity of war, and a permanent role as a nurse in a nurses uniform!!!

How life orchestrates itself and how reincarnation happens i find is absolutely staggering. Coincidences of past lives came into my frame of reference today so i'm enthusiastic to share it here and i hope for what ever reason it may have been helpful in some capacity to someone somewhere and to whoever maybe thinking about exploring past lives or simply be interested in it.

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