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knowledge and happiness

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Published: 13 years ago
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knowledge and happiness

For discussion/thought sake.

My take is that there is reletive experience and there is also the absolute or nonsubjective experience, happening simutaneously ( the ultimate conundrum or paradox to the rational discursive principle where this and that are the base foundation ), whichever and to what degree either dominates perception determines our total experience, our choices.

Possible we agree that each one of our personel choices, as different as they may be, at any one moment are correct for any of us at that moment, taking into account things being percieved by each one of us us, however that may be.

Still, stating that there is a right vs wrong answer might also imply that there are healthy or more inaccordance with actual truth answers that if understood would allow the reletivly percieving to actually achieve quicker, what it is they are trying to achieve by living choices or more serious questing, in the first place.

Perhaps we dissagree but I dont have any problem in thinking we can figure error as being error from focusing on error ( because error/wrongness is misscalculation and thus fantasy and will be percieved as such eventually since the mental missperception is all that is gving it reality), but yes understanding the limitations of concepts, and realizing the nonconceptual, is the begining of the end of the domination of the suffering caused by the missunderstood conceptual orientation.

I do think we learn more and quicker from success tho, whether it be the reletive or absolute understandings.

Sure, we now for the most part find ourselves in dense matter states, no matter what we intellectually can consider, and the way to get out of that dense matter conundrum, isnt to limit or create or wish or keep telling ourselves we arent only living in dense matter, tho if we work hard enough repeating that to ourselves we will change our stream of thoughts or evan subjective realities to some degree and perhaps, for a time, find it easier to deal with living, especially compared to what we experience when we are fighting the world system, focusing on finding subjective happiness living soley in dense matter states. However, this is why evan tranquility, while an important stage is limited and often becomes another trap and that what we surely need most is true indepth insight.

The surest and quickest way out of the delima is to learn from those who have revealed in their lives the imperturable happiness of living while not being negativly affected by dense matters particular set of dynamics, and who have shared how to do that while still living in these dense matter states .

So that we, as similar to apprenticies in any field, find and learn from master craftsmen, adepts, and eventually become at least journeymen, and thus no longer being challanged by the paradox(s) you mention, find that the increadable mystery can be unabashedly lived, and this is what will cause the ending of the rational subjective orientation as reality master, and position it accordingly, where we find it to be used in its dynamic fields, where it is able to handle data, masterfully but subserviantly, as a tool rather than as an ultimate arbitor or guiding light.

The stages of living perception are true evan if we have some more complete understanding of their illusory realness. The analogy of the snake, only sheding its skin when ready, may be simple and seem elementary, but we really only start growing in understanding when we also are ready to shed our ignorance, our safe and secure attempts at discovering answers, and we honestly face our present mental and emotional condition and own up to where we are with the forthrightness to do whatever it takes to find true happiness.

Its a fight and a struggle till it is not. We cant fake it or it just perpetuates more unhappiness and our artificial smile cracks or worse, anger becomes our demenor.

At first we are (seemingly of course, but we expereince it as very real) caught (in it), next we are the observer (of it), untill finally we find we are (it).

"Knowledge is good, but happiness is better" may not be particularly suited for this diatribe but I think it is something to really keep in our thoughts when we are using high minded concentrated thought to uncover reality, so as to lessen that positions seeming power.

Perhaps my position was/is too contrary for you, your original aquiescense was certainly being respectful, but I was trying to point out that your acceptance of the intrinsicaly different answers to your involved questions, and thus the equating of all positions as equal when trying to decipher reality for ourselves, will cause us to fall into mediocrity and stagnate our own learning curve.( plus you threw the ball for the dog and Ive been having fun with it recently)

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