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Re: Defining
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Defining

Ive taken up enough space already and this is more related to basic rambling on life but still related to the original topic

The part that fear plays in the unraveling of confusion is important to define and to understand properly when defining appropriate human characteristics, philosophies and actions.

As all mature teachers share and as Frank Herbert said so well " fear is the mind killer."

While we all have a sense of this, we also equate prudence as a most healthy fear. However irresponsible, stupid or improper fear, versus healthy prudent fear, is not a part of this note.

Rather the understanding that there are two choices we have in most all situations. Two opposed philosophical understandings. Two different positions in our mentality that we live untill we reach the level of accepting reality in the largest sense, which allows the position of unconditional love to manifest.

One choice is to have some fear or concern about certain things (again not considering unhealthy or irresponsible actions in this diatribe), and one choice is to have no fear or concern w regard to things as we find them.

One philosophy is self protecting, self oriented, one philosophy is self denying, other oriented. One practices conserving to avoid possible future situations, the other practices giving, without consideration of future situations.

As we personlly decide which is the ultimate answer to our situational questions, we may go back and forth, we make think a permutation of each, a blending of each is appropriate. Yet that misses the basic dichotomies. Thus any attempt to straddle the fence finds us really in one side whether we know or want to be using that side as representational of our life.

The meeting points of these philosophies is where our minds often struggle in quandry.

To fear or not to fear, might be seen as the question that if followed to to its end, creates the fuel that gives rise to the fire, that eventually burns all that is temporary and ultimately untrue, and reveals that which has worth and is ultimately always true.

To add here, so as to not to lengthen or tangent off on the nice thread running in "god w no religion", it should be helpful to understand how no belief system, no character growth system, is immune to being influenced by the immature, tho they may basicly be meaning to exemplify a mature, beyond fear, greater love aspect of truth.

Thus to equate the negative behavior of, as you call the Abrahamic religions, (which many of us feel are more correctly termed and understood to be Anunakian teachings and commands,) is to only mention and emphasize this tribal teachings one side of the multiple sided coin of choices, regarding their philosophy of living, that being the fear based side.

Similar to how all people and evan all political structures are basicly, more equal than not. Neutral untill the choice is made to orient with either fear or non fear based action. Self oriented vs other oriented.

As how monarchies, dictatorships, democracies or republics, are all positive manifestations of governance, if the leaders and the people have true service foremost in mind, working to ease each other's sufferings, and thus gain continually more freedom and understanding in all that they do.

But if true service is missing, bypassed or ignored in any power role and fear arises, it will redirect the positivity of any of these arrangements, and no matter the particularly seeming fairness of the political structure, the outcome of the choices made will be generally destructive.

Thus again shamanic(spiritulism), presbterian(hierarchic), methodism(systematic), awakeningism(Buddhism), universilism(eternalism, new ageism), submissionism(Islam, Enlilism, Christianity, Roman Catholisism), all have the inherant ability to reveal certain truths and all the the ability to confuse and perpetuate untruth. The predicament is decided and accentuated to the degree adherants use fear or not as the philosophical choice at any given moment.


I like again, Frank Herberts redoing of the classic singularist teaching when he wrote " I tell you the day is here, and you ask me for a lantern so you can see the day."

The truth is so self evident it takes perception altering hypnotic confused thinking and or supremely missdirected attention to miss and or ignore it.

We find freedom in going from elementary concepts to the more sophisticated and then still more subtle till no concepts as we know them can exist, because we have followed the path and found it everywhere.

The search start with meaning,and ends with a laugh.
(after the crying is done)


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