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Re: I'm starting to suspect my problem is something beyond candida...

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: I'm starting to suspect my problem is something beyond candida...

Hi tcon...You seem to have two seperate problems. A candida problem and a parasite problem.

I had candida two years ago, did alot of research and came to the following conclusions:

*First and foremost, you have to have a healthy gut for digestion and absorbtion of all nutrients/remedies that you decide to take.

*Your gut, liver and kidneys must also be healthy for efficient excretion of all toxins.

* Build up and supplement your immune system.

You must ensure the above otherwise the nutients/remedies you ingest will not work very well. Also, when you take a remedy -- be it vitamins, minerals supplement etc, never take it during a meal otherwise it will not be fully absorbed. Always take them dissolved in solution with water(if possible) either an hour before or two hours after any meal, unless advised otherwise. This way the supplement /remedy will be FULLY absorbed into your body. The only exceptions to this rule are Vitamin A, D & E -- these are oils(insoluble) best taken with food.

I had candida 3 years ago. My symptoms were: continual bloated feeling, gas, constipation (I went to toilet usually once every 4 days), jock itch, athletes foot, psoriasis, eczma, lack of energy etc.

To cure the candida, I followed this regimen:

*I alkalized 2-3 times a day(in between meals) using 1/2 tspn Baking Soda(Arm and Hammer) + one squeezed lemon/lime(or 2 tblspns of ACV) in half a glass of plain water. Using this as my main therapy against candida had triple benefits -- I was able to alkalize my gut to get rid of the candida as well as alkalize my blood and improve intracellular electrolytic balance.

*I took one tablespoons of virgin coconut oil twice a day in my coffee.

*I took Vit C(soluble form - 2 to 4 gms a day), Cod liver oil, kelp, milk thistle and Chinese kidney wash tablets daily.

As a result of this simple protocol I destroyed my candida and all its peripheral effects -- psoriasis, athletes foot, eczma etc. -- just disappeared. I must also add that it took a good year to defeat the candida using this protocol and for everything to return to normal again.

Working on the simple principle that ALL food nowadays is acid forming in your body, I now take my alkalization remedies about 3-4 times a week as a maintainance dose. I also take Sea Salt , magnesium and borax(trace) now for hormone balance and as a protective for my bones. I am 60 y o and my heart's good, no aches and pains, bones good, no allergies and I have so much more energy now. Feel like a kid again :)

Regarding you liver fluke problem, best to investigate herbs such as:

*Black Walnut Tincture

*Wormwood Tincture

*Clove Tincture


All these should be effective against the liver fluke and other parasites.


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