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Published: 15 years ago
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Joe I know you have been very sick and have done a lot. To me the telling aspect to the candida overgrowth in the blood stream would still be the immune systems inability to clean it out. What is preventing our system from dealing with the invader normal found only in the digestive tract.

Why isnt our immune system checking its growth. Could it be because our immune system itself is comprimized by infections in important organs. Or perhaps because our digestion is extremely sub par? Thus creating continually toxic conditions in our blood because of undigested proteins, or in the lack of certain components availability, due to incomplete digestion we stunt bodily process'

There is an interpretation of the out of control fungal growth in the blood stream where it is compared to how when certain conditions exist, out on a lawn at night, fungal spores activate and the next morning we find muchrooms of different sorts. The dormant spores had been there in the lawn for any length of time, and they wernt evident to anyone but the expereinced and informed, but again when certain conditions come about, ouila, fungus' change from their dormancy into activity and thus also multiple.

Such is our systems,and no conjecture, using immature understandings will end the blood stream's fungal growth, because they are incorrect supositions. Leaky gut,(guts are supposed to leak, digestion is the problem in that diagnotic evidence), using fungal killers is also impotent as a cure cause the conditions arent being addressed and as many as u kill, evan more will be produced. Diet choices are mitigated by the same delima, and furthermore if we think that starving the fungus is appropriate we are also starving our own systems by following such therapies.

Finding out what conditions must prevail for fungal growth and dealing with that is the search and therapy that needs to be done and as Pipi shared, after all she tried and how positive much of it mightve been, for her, adding UT worked to eliminate her candida overgrowth,( because it activated the reballancing of her system, the ending of the system syndrome and fullfilling its needs that were not being met, which had created the conditions for the candida growth bloom).

I know youve tried a lot of things for a complex set of predicaments youve previously shared, so I am only trying to respond to your note so as to assist in your own brainstorming.
Like with ny's kidney illness shared repost, ut has certain elements which can be unfathomable at times and its lack of response in others here is the anecdotal delima we all face as we try to regain health.

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