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Sex abuse/Amish, by MH

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 15 years ago

Sex abuse/Amish, by MH

I have mentioned this before. We do get these phone calls and this one is by a very experienced woman and she has learned to say NO MORE thanks to the Dr. John R. Christopher books.

When she married, she was forced to perform ever sex act known and unknown as demanded by her amish husband. To ensure his new bride perfomed, he took a whip and whipped her and then used his fist through out their marriage. She knew no differant, all her girl friends did the same....they were raised by their parents to have sex 7 days per week and that true love was sex 7 days per week and nothing less acceptable has handed down by the AMISH CHURCH and inforced by every AMISH BISHOP.

This story
She reads inthe childhood disease book how to have a healthy baby and this explains to her why all Amish are sickly babies and why many amish men have 3 wives as the first 2 died from too much sex and end up with 30-60 kids. Many old order Minnanights are identical and the amish and them are all GERMANS in the USA and extremely anti social believeing all others are going straight to hell for believing anything differant that what they were raise on.

So this gal starts saying NO and eventually gets a lock, stays at other houses, etc.... The old man goes to his BISHOP and he comes to the house and orders this woman to bend over and have sex with her husband RIGHT NOW and mind you, this lady is about 55 years old and all her children but 1 boy grown up. She says NO! So the BISHOP throws her out of the church and the church says she has been unfaithful to her husband and she is no longer permitted to enter the church and spread her disease to the other women.

The man
Supposedly 11 years ago he was having sex with a retarded girl in the church. Anyone knowing the amish, they spread around retarded girls, but to this day, I have never seen a retarded boy, I must wonder if they just don't kill them as children or babies. I know they kill many babies after birth, the grandmother examines the new born baby and if something is too wrong, the mother never sees the baby again.

To the amish, it is just like raising your cows, you manange the flock and in this case, the BISHOPS always lay down the rules.

You don't obey, you don't exist! You push it and the next step is your shunned and your own family will never speak or look at you again for the rest of your life, this is why these women bend over until they die, otherwise they risk it all to say NO!

This mother has many daughters married to amish young men and the daughters have said they are all being screwed 7 days a week and re-living the same nightmare their mother lived. They are all depressed and sickly because their husbands don't talk to them, they talk to the men in the church and they consider their wives cow to be bred and take care of their houses. She has no say so in the church or the affairs of the family.

She doesn't obey her husband? She looses it all, the church sees that she gets ZERO! Thrown out on her butt as a symbol to all women to stay bred and shut your mouths, because the church knows what is best for you!

In this case, the husband is very rich, owning a lumber business and 2 farms/homes. The wife is intitled to ZERO,she does not even exist once she is shunned or thrown out of the church. She is like the cow that no longer produces milk, so you pick a new cow and forget the old cow.

This is the life of most all amish women in the USA/Candada and around the world. I must wonder how GERMANY is today, because the churchs in the USA that hammer their women into the ground, all came from GERMANY! These churches are known for imbreeding and no education. They demand the females stay stupid and pregnant, this supplies every boy a wife. The boys are so imbred and simple minded that sex 7 days per week year after year is what their church teaches to be normal. They have the mentality of the chimp and I believe is why they are so dirty and sex perverted.

Naturally there are exceptions to the rule. There are strong women and good husbands that don't go in for such stupidy. The older the order or low order of Amish and Minnanights, the more perverted or slave like they are. In the USA, the largest mentally retarded schools are located near these well known German Churches where thousands flee or end up outside the church and in public government schools for the abused.

Maybe Germany kicked all of these bad churchs out of Germany about 200 years ago and they ended up in the usa. I know the amish/minnanight history is huge in Europe, in that the catholics loved to burn them at the stake.

"IF" there was an underground railroad style safe house for Amish women to leave the Amish Church, most likely the Amish Church would stop growing and start fading away. It does not happen, because the women have no education, their bodies abused and worn out, they feel they ave no life worth living outside the church, even if that church sees them as worthless trash if they can't have sex 7 days per week.

Any woman with a brain capable of reading, I would think she couldn't walk into a Catholic Church and still think she has brain enough to meet with God when she dies.

Anyone capable of reading history and lived long enough to have watched many of the churches, all of which have their roots from the catholic church; must have some conclusions that church has a goal, of training females to submit to the men in the church. The pope added many perversions to the Bible and there are just as many truths that survived to expose the lies that were added.

We may think that the old order AMISH are the extreme, but many of these European Churches that came to the New LAND 200+ years ago, brought with them, the basics of putting woman in her place, especialy when it comes to sex in the marriage, even if it breaks all of God's laws of Nature.

Woman, millions of them, have been counciled by the churches to put out or risk going to hell.

People can snort and kick the chairs, etc....but I assure all, the more you examine the church, I don't see how a woman can hold her head high in 90% of the churches in the USA, because to be a good girl, she must go against GOD.

This is a MASON WORLD, just ask the UN, the masons built it. The mason way is to say 100% opposit the truth. Example; Got to church if you want to learn how to obey God.

As bad as that sounds, it is no differant than saying; Go to 12 years of school to learn about life on earth.

How does the church continue? DA, how many men you going to find that would disagree with the church? Maybe they don't take the whip to their new bride as the Amish set their brides straight early on as their daddies trained them, etc...but many feel like it if they don't get their sex as they were trained in public schools to believe was natural and the only goal in life and follow the path of the chimp.

Appolus (Paul) handed down a theory about sex/marriage in the Bible and I assume it was handed down MONK religion, can't say I have ever seen a monk with a woman. Seems many of the old Monks were also catholic priest, etc...explains allot!

You would think that God has to be fed up with RELIGION, you would think GOD has to be fed up with mankind period.................I now am hearing that people are having dreams and their past realtives are appearing in these dreams and when they awake they are telling people they think they won't be living much longer; that the end is near for all.

I must wonder why God allowed a life cycle of the earth to last 30,000 years, seems like the earth must really be messed up beyond repair before God grabs it and shakes it like we would shake the dirt off a rug.



Those with eyes and ears are witnessing a great divison.

Bad and evil won't mix when the end is near. You will choose evil, or you will choose good and at the time you won't realize why your in all the trouble your in. You won't know why so many are splitting, so many fighting, so many in pain and suffering.

The Bible suggest the chaff is being separated from the Grain, being prepared for the fire.

Families will split, nations will split, war will affect all the earth. Brothers and sisters will separate, etc...

In the end? Odds are you will realize you were in an educational class known as earth 101 and the nightmare over when you can return home and stay home. The people you knew on earth may have never existed, they may have been just a part of your education, or not. God does not want you to cry for them, but cry for God. Only when you trust God with all, will you pass the test of faith.

All these religions/governments/colleges are examples of "the valley of death", you must be able to walk through this valley and keep your eyes fixed on God and not be lured away to evil.

In the beginning, it was you and GOD, in the end, it will be you and GOD. Nothing else inbetween will matter, except your test of faith to GOD.

This is why many a rich man dies lonely and tired and tells the living to find a mate and have a child, nothing else matters. Love of $$$ is the anchor that drags the soul to the bottom of the ocean, while the love of a child raises the parent on HIGH in the presence of God.

Death is to not be feared anymore than birth.


I never did like schools!

The only school that won't do you wrong, is NATURE! The very reason Dr. John R. Christopher suggested our teacher be the local jungle Gorrila.


Every generation preaches the end times, it is correct, the last generation all had their end! Live every day trusting God's guidance.


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