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Riding Cycling Emotions
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Published: 16 years ago
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Riding Cycling Emotions

Yes, by allowing full experience, without mentally orienting/controlling, we starve the stagnating suffering syndrome of the fuel which is perpetuating its inability to mature into the next appropriate stage, where we find acceptance revealing the energetic foundation. By releasing the mental commitment to control our experience, we depowerize the position of self centered awareness so that it has no foundation to rest on, and subbsequently dissapears.

This is what I was refering too when I was thinking about the difference between the conventional concepts of accepting as being slightly different than allowing. How allowing is often used to disavow responsibilty or to include a negative conotation in a matter, and thus will continue the life of mentally empowered, syndromic, negative emotions, where as accepting the situation of full body feeling, being a physically oriented mental surrendering, that freely gives space, the negativly aspected sensations will run their course. In that there is full experience, the emotional stagular cyclical dynamic is accelerated, rather than being the discursively self centered focusing which becomes trapped and stagnant in the feeding of the negative positions, we move into acceptance with healthy features like understanding and equanimity.

If I go on here.

Our feelings, our emotions, are an often mentally missunderstood part of the reality of living and for every negative, self restricting, particular quality, there is the positive opposite. An outward moving expansive energy, that depending on the depth of our perception, we find the more refined emotive qualities of living appear.

Such that denial and anger, to those of us who only see a limited, self centered, view of things, are just that, self contracted, negation of feelings, as with denial or as w anger, hurtfull, irrational, violent energy, towards nouns.

If our living view is bit more more expanded, less fearful, our emotional cycling qualities may be more refined, but the basic stagular pattern we have been experiencing will still occur.

If our personel orientation is such that we are freed from self confliction with other things, than our denial, our anger, guilt and grief activity will be so refined as to manifest as what is classically called, for instance, in the anger stage, rightous anger, which is far different then self oriented anger, and our denial manifestation would be the orientation that we all exist as seperate entities,(interesting that this understanding would be considered a denial. This is related to the classic topic of eternalism vs annata), and so forth with each emotive aspect, more refined, tho still limiting in its own way, but far less destructive than how we relate and create when living w a strictly selfish orientation.

With the most evolved, refined, aware perception, the culmination of active emotional living is free joyfull acceptance, all the time, because the cycle is running so unrestricted that the underlying/overlying totality of reality completes/ballances any negative qualities before they can manifest.

This is what is spoken of in tecnical living literature and enjoyed by those who have found natural insight and the oneness of things. And our experience of the cyclic emotional experiences, at less aware perceptions is a deficient facsimile of this more evolved activity of the natural proceeses of the cinema of living.

All that being said, the important point, I think, for us, is that if we allow our unresolved injured feelings to be lived honestly, naturally and as forthrightly as we are able, meaning we often have to confront situations, just not in ways that perpetuate the same negative emotions of hurtfullness, and that in accepting them, we cease to be as troubled by them.

Finally realizing that there is a bigger more fullfilling picture here and we would rather not be caught in the smaller one which pits us against them, whether the them is a them or memories or feelings.

To us 20th cent ect ect ect types its good enough to know that emotions are life and that the negative ones are the manifestations of pent up frustrations that congest the circuits to fully experienced living, manifesting as suffering in illness, mental and physical. The
positive ones are the rewards for facing and living our personel pains. The ultimate outcome being a peace that is beyond conventional societies colloquial understanding. The only question is how long will we wait to assist in opening us up.

Lot of words. At first we use them to catagorize that which we cant quite yet seem to fully accept. Later we drop them all and just watch the game. Laughing.


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