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Re: I'm At The End Of My Rope!
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: I'm At The End Of My Rope!

"IF" you did as Dr. Hay says and Dr. John R. Christopher says, then you have zero worries. Your body is no longer being poisoned on a daily basis and you stopped commiting self inflicted suicide and decided you wanted to live.

This also means you have an alkaline stomach and your diet consist of only live digestable foods (skip the grains that Christopher liked, they put him in the box).

"IF" you did all of this, you will still have Mercury a lifetime and must remove it the rest of your life and I'll met your dentist left more than plenty mercury in your mouth if you had the toxic white plastic smeared over the old cavities. The mercury alone is enough to shorten your life my many, many years and your in the same boat with the masses and the chem trail Titanium Dioxide reactions to your Mercury will be the end of your Thyroid and be the base for all diseases.

You should be the perfect weight by now and no fat in those legs and hips. "IF" your riding a bycycle daily, I think your asking for your problem, UNLESS, your young and fit and full of muscle and love the "BURN" of over working your legs and tearing up your veins.

Ask any Gorilla and he will tell you bike riding is for the foolish. The best exercise for the legs is the leg shaker, it restores circulation effortlessly and causes zero burn which means you do not go acid. You go out there and exercise until your tired and you just sent your alkaline minerals down the pot.

The number 1 thing that has done you in is you have no confidence and you have read far more than enough to know the cure for every disease on earth. I have zero dea what your poisons are and you would know if you have read and learned from the old great authors, but you seek more and that tells me you need to reread and learn what you already have in your possesion. That is why I made a study guide for the first school book. Only one person has ever filled out that study guide, so I know one person has learned and the rest ignored 90% of what the book has to offer. If a person learns and applies this book, they are free and have no worries and no complaints because they KNOW THEY ONLY GET OUT OF LIFE WHAT THEY PUT INTO IT. If you have vein problems, you know it is self created and you are responsible and no one else and only you can reverse it and you have not chose todo so as of yet, your looking for some special silver bullet that allows you to live life your way and NATURE JUST WILL NOT LET YOU LIVE IT YOUR WAY, so until you obey nature, your stuck with the health you have, the same as every human on this earth.

I know how to live life better, but I live it my way and I accept what health problems will be my payment for living aggressivly against nature and I accept my suicidal death as a result, I will reap what I have sewn. I will not blame my lacking on others that were writing their experiences down for future generations to learn from. Look at the authors you have read, most died just like anyone else and most if not all ignored parasites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Varicose veins are a serious disease of wrong diet, until you stop poisoning yourself, they will never go away. If you just want to shrink them, make your own white oak bark tincture and paint your legs nightly and keep them wrapped in BF&C salve until CURED with a pure diet of ONE MEAL per day of all live food, but you know all of this and have failed, naturally being a Christopher person, you applied this for at the minimum of NINE MONTHS to 2 years before you complained it does not work.

I would also throw in 1 live pineapple per week the rest of your life, it removes your mercury, lead, etc., and will eat those dead veins right out of your body, rub the live juice on your legs and skin and watch it eat! Eat 1 live pineapple the rest of your life every week and stop worring, even if you desire to kill your body with a bike, enjoy it, we all have our vices and should just enjoy our life and accept our punishments. If we die before age 250, we killed our selves and if anyone thinks otherwise, they are too civilized.

Good Luck,
The BAREFOOT Herbalist

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