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I believe if you're given much, much is expected in return. The only way to get more, is to respect and use that which was given and I do want more and more! I ask for more and the more I talk to people, the more I seem to learn or am given! I like this process and see it as Natural. I love to share and I am the first to admit what I say today will not be the same next year, I change as I learn, I'll admit that certain things I was talking about last year was not as good as I wanted it to be and I now have a simpler method, I am always looking for more easier and simpler ways to restore health.

The fact remains that when I see someone suggesting a harmful product or method, I am going to disagree, if I don't, in my mind, I am guilty of knowing what I know and not expressing it.

I know many of the herbal & or water methods to save a persons life, even if they only have minutes left to live.

There are thousands of people searching for answers to their health problems and being preyed upon by those with toxic drugs/potions of all kinds as well as harmful test and methods. The average person has no idea how simple health is, they have been lead to believe health is expensive and only the extremely educated have a chance at learning it.

I prefer to teach people the Natural ways to stay healthy before they become chronically ill and odds are, few seek this wisdom before they have already had the modern methods fail and their health worsen. These types need to use herbs, etc. to recover from past damages, but the real true cure, really cost less per day than the average person spends on food.

Once the past damages are corrected, the acid removed from their bodies by their new red blood cells, then the real basic of all basic cures is the education of real human foods eaten correctly. Then the person is disease free and starts realizing what freedom really is and then save all the money that they would have ended up spending at some hospital the last 2 weeks of their life.

I really want to help people understand the simple way to health, I know it works for every human on earth that will put the wrong health education down and start learning from Nature.

As you have noticed, I have way too much of Dr. Richard Schulze in my ways of teaching! Actually he is one of my teachers so to speak at The School of Natural Healing owned by David Christopher. I say it the way I believe it and leave it at that, hopefully I spark some interest and the person will seek change in their ways and many times they do not, this is their choice. I won't go as far as Dr. Schulze and take someone's dinner plate and throw it in the trash, but I will be as forward and say what the problems are, regardless if they like it or not. Most times people end up respecting the truths.

I have pounded Dr. Hulda Clark for the past 5 years and have her letters to prove it and finally when I really just told her straight, that her products and acid producing methods are killing her and her readers, I assumed that was the last we would here of her and to my surprise, she is now my customer and greatly thanked me. My wife told me that a woman like Dr. Clark most likely respected me the most when I told her the truth in the most boldest of ways that she probably was not use to! Again, I was weaned on Dr. John R. Christopher and Dr. Richard Schulze information and video tapes and their type of forwardness comes out in my education.

This is why the Amish like my seminars that normally last 6+ hours, they want a hard hitting evangelist type that will say what needs to be said about diet and health. They don't want to hear about another miracle product.

How you would funnel people looking for a type of person like me, is beyond my imagination! People are going to ask me about the products they are consuming and I am going to tell them just like Dr. John or Dr. Richard would and like you have already experienced, some are going to express anger and contact you.

I may not fit in with the fully civilized public. I am use to walking barefoot and taking a creek or pond bath on News Day, etc. even if I have to bust the ice first and many of the people I deal with don't see this as odd! Many old order Amish do far more things than I have the courage to try!

I would assume the really civilized person that takes daily drugs and applies electronic and magnet frequencies and more would gladly call my types a freak! It can be quite a task to deprogram a person, but if they desire to live, that is what has to be done! If you know any of the history about Christopher and Schulze, they were booed or chased off of stages more than once!

I do not charge, never have! There are a few famous website owners on health products that use to send me their customer's letters some years ago and have me answer them and then these website owners then received money from their customer!

I enjoy this and we really do do this as a hobby, I work 40 hours a week at a factory for the past 28 years. We do make the best herbal de-wormer there is and at the cheapest price in the country (we do not really sell to the open public) and this allows us to continue with this hobby! Otherwise I couldn't afford to do it. We live pay check to pay check just like every other factory slaves.

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