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 Udo's Choice Perfected (or Ultimate) 3, 6, 9 Oil Blend is a certified organic blend of guaranteed GMO-free, unrefined edible oils. This unique blend delivers a reliable source of the omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids that are essential to life, and includes the omega 9 fatty acids.

Udo's Choice Beyond Greens is a healthy, easy-to-use "fast" food rich with greens, but also includes essential fats, fibers, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes, probiotics, and proteins, all of which enhance the body's natural healing ability.

Udo's Choice Digestive Enzyme Blend is a special blend of high potency, plant-based digestive enzymes designed to replace the full-range of enzymes lost through the cooking, processing, canning, and pasturizing of foods, thereby improving the digestion of healthful nutrients.

Udo's Choice Wholesome Fast Food Blend consists of 50 phytonutrient-rich whole foods, whole food concentrates, vegetables, and herbs. This fiber formula is also a good source of protein, essential fats, minerals, vitamins, essential elements, probiotics, and phytonutrients, with enzymes for ready digestibility.

Udo's Choice Super 5 Probiotics, delicious raspberry flavored lozenges containing 5 of the best "friendly" bacteria necessary to maintain normal, healthy intestinal microflora of both the small and large intestines.

Udo's Choice Pet Essentials offers the crucial nutrients to supplement your pet's normal diet so it may enjoy optimum health and well-being.


Udo's Choice Oil BlendUdo's Choice Oil Blend



"Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill"

Udo Erasmus  "We must make sure to obtain the healing fats that our body needs, and to avoid the killer fats. Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend is a balanced, convenient way to get everything we need from oils." -- Udo Erasmus

Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend is a special blend of carefully chosen, natural, unrefined oils. It contains oils from fresh, certified organic flax, sesame and sunflower seeds, as well as oils from wheat germ, rice germ and oat germ.

Natural, unrefined Udo's Choice contains an ideal balance of the essential fatty acids (EFAs) omega 3 (alpha-linolenic) and omega 6 (linoleic). These EFAs are so called because they are essential to life itself. They cannot be created by the body and must be obtained through diet. Refined, hydrogenated oils turn EFAs into harmful trans-fatty acids, and studies show most contemporary Western diets are lacking in omega 3. To compensate for this, many consumers have turned to unrefined flax oil, high in omega 3. But, having the right balance between omega 3 and omega 6 is equally important. Too much of one will cause a deficiency of the other. Over the long term flax oil alone can lead to a shortage of omega 6.

udoschoicebottle.gif (9528 bytes)Udo's choice was developed to address the need for a single oil that provides both EFAs in the correct amounts. The 2:1 ratio of 3s to 6s in Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend goes beyond anything previously available. It's the healthy solution to all your EFA needs.

This oil blend is rich in lecithin, which provides the building materials for healthy cell membranes. It also contains medium chain triglycerides -- easy to digest and assimilate, they are used directly by our cells as a source of energy without increasing fat deposition. Vitamin E is added to improve shelf-life and to act as a free radical scavenger in the body.

Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend is pressed at a temperature of less than 50 degrees Celsius and, more importantly, in the absence of light and oxygen. The use of nitrogen-flushed, amber glass bottles further protects the oil from light and oxygen and helps to insure maximum stability.

MCTs can improve liver function and fat absorption. Unlike fats and oils, they are not transported through the lymphatic system during digestion, but go directly to the liver where they are burned to provide energy. Burned like carbohydrates, MCTs are a good source of energy for athletes. They have been shown to lower cholesterol levels and help people with irritable bowel problems

Like all fresh-pressed oils, Udo's Choice is sensitive to light, air and heat. It should not be used for frying, deep-frying or sautéing, but can otherwise replace most oils in food preparation and can be used in all the same ways as flax oil.

Udo's Choice is excellent for making delicious healthy salad dressings and can be mixed with yogurt or tofu. Try serving it on steamed vegetables or baked potatoes, adding it to homemade veggie soup (after cooking), or mixing it with extra virgin olive oil in dishes such as homus and tabouleh. It adds zing to brown rice and can make both hot and cold cereals more nutritious.

Athletes may benefit by adding Udo's Choice to their favorite protein shake. It can also be added to fresh vegetable juices.

Udo's Choice actually brings out and improves the natural flavors of the foods to which it is added. You can consume it on its own, by the spoonful.

Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend Ingredients:

  • Flax oil*
  • sunflower oil*
  • sesame oil*
  • oil from germ of rice and
  • medium chain triglycerides (MCT),
  • lecithin,
  • d-alpha tocopherol (Vitamin E)

(*from certified organically grown seeds).

Available in 8.5 oz. nitrogen flushed amber glass bottle.

Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill How does it taste? Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend has a pleasant, nutty, buttery taste with a hint of sunflower flavor.

Why is it cloudy, and what is the sediment? The cloudiness and sediment are due to natural minor ingredients present in the unrefined oils used in Udo's Choice. They have been left in deliberately because they're good for you -- shake the bottle gently before use.

What is the product's shelf life? Udo's Choice is packaged in amber, glass bottles with a "consume before" date on the label. It should be refrigerated - although it will be fine during shipment since it is unopened. Once opened, it is best consumed within 4-8 weeks. It will keep without spoiling or taste deterioration for over a year if frozen.

What is the recommended daily amount? One tablespoon twice daily with meals is recommended. This amount can be increased if necessary. You can tell that you're getting enough when your skin becomes soft, smooth and velvety.

Be sure to read Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill by Dr. Udo Erasmus for complete information on all the good and bad dietary oils in our food supply. Learn which to use and which to avoid.

Udo Erasmus has become an internationally recognized authority on the subject of fats, oils, cholesterol, and human health. His academic credentials include two years of post graduate studies in genetics and biochemistry, and a Ph.D. in nutrition. He pioneered the technology for pressing and packaging healthful oils, and continues to provide consulting services to health professionals and individuals. Udo is a frequent writer and speaker on fats and oils, and lives in Vancouver, B.C. His book, Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill is a must read.

Read more about :   Healing Fats







Udo Erasmus  

Udo Erasmus has become an internationally recognized authority on the subject of fats, oils, cholesterol and human health. His academic credential include two years of post graduate studies in genetics and biochemistry, and a Ph.D. in nutrition. He pioneered the technology for pressing and packaging healthful oils, and continues to provide consulting services to health professionals and individuals. Udo is a frequent writer and speaker on fats and oils, and lives in Vancouver, B.C. His book, Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill, is available from Alive books.



Beneficial intestinal flora are absolutely essential for proper digestion and over-all health. Poor eating habits and the use of antibiotics in food production as well as medical treatments can wreak havoc in the gastrointestinal tract and the immune system. Beneficial bacteria support the human immune system, provide the body with various essential prostaglandins for balancing hormones, and even help prevent pathogenic organisms from gaining a foothold in the body.

Each tablet of Udo's Choice Super 5 contains 1 billion plus viable organisms of L. acidophilus DDS-1, B. bifidum, L. bulgaricus, S. thermophilus and L. salivarius in a base of maltodextrin, fructose and ascorbic acid. These beneficial bacteria support a normal, healthy intestinal microflora of both the large and small intestines. L. salivarius also helps protect your mouth, teeth, gums and throat from non-bacterial organisms.

Each bacterial culture in this blend is a specially cultured, selectively isolated pure strain of microflora which has been extensively researched at the University of Nebraska by Dr. Khem Shahani, the pioneer of probiotic research.

Take these chewable tablets on a regular basis or when traveling for extra protection from foreign microorganisms that may be in the food and water.





digestive_enzyme.gif (15844 bytes)Udo's Choice Digestive Enzymes


A Blend of Nine Vegetable Source Enzymes

Many enzymes on the market today are either created by chemical synthesis or made from animal organs - hog stomach, bovine pancreas, lamb forestomach, etc. Plant enzymes, however, are derived from actual plants, cultivated on a plant medium.

Individual animal enzymes work in a narrow pH range and are, usually, only capable of digesting protein or fat. A broad-based plant enzyme supplement has a wider pH range of activity, allowing it to function throughout the entire digestive tract. It begins working in the upper stomach, thus decreasing the enzyme secretion needed for digestion. Temporarily inactive in the lower stomach, plant enzymes return to their active state in the intestines, helping to complete the digestive process. Plant enzymes can also digest a wider range of food types.

Not all plant enzyme supplements are created equal! Many were originally developed to help preserve food for storage and shipping. Udo's Choice Digestive Enzyme Blend was specifically designed for human consumption and is most active in the pH and temperature range found in the human body. It contains all the enzymes required to digest the full range of food types, but is especially good at digesting protein because of its high protein content. Protein that hasn't been fully digested is the major cause of food-related digestive complaints in our society.

Udo's Choice: The Superior Choice

Protein, Precise and Balanced

Udo's Choice Digestive Enzyme Blend contains high potency enzymes intended for use as a replacement for enzymes lost in the cooking and processing of food. It provides enzyme activity combinations which are precisely balanced to optimize the body's utilization of food nutrients.

A Full Range of Enzymes

In addition to five protein-digesting enzymes, the Digestive Enzyme Blend contains all the enzymes required to break down and metabolize fat, carbohydrate, soluble fiber, starch, milk sugar and complex sugars.

Guaranteed Enzyme Activity

Enzyme potency is best defined in terms of activity, not weight. Weight measurements can be misleading as there is no direct relationship between weight and activity. Low potency enzymes may weigh as much as high potency ones, and filler may add to the weight (but, not the activity) of an enzyme supplement.

The foremost international standard for measurement is Food Chemical Codes (FCC) units. The Digestive Enzyme Blend is made according to the FCC method and uses the FCC measuring system to define enzyme potency. Supplements expressing enzyme potency in other units often perpetuate the confusion over enzyme potencies and prevent the consumer from making an informed choice through comparison of the activity, not the weight, of enzyme products.

100% Vegetarian Source

The Digestive Enzyme Blend is made from 100% vegetarian-source aspergillus using the solid state fermentation method recommended by the FCC. Aspergillus enzymes have a strong record of safe use in the food industry.

The Convenience of Vegicaps

The Digestive Enzyme Blend comes in easily digested vegetarian-source Vegicaps.

Beneficial Buckwheat

Maltodextryn, the usual filler, has been replaced with buckwheat powder which contains bioflavonoids. It is unrelated to wheat and safe for those allergic to gluten.

Maximum Results

To get the most from the Digestive Enzyme Blend, open the capsule and mix it with the food. Otherwise, it may be taken prior to and/or during the meal. Heat destroys enzymes, so avoid mixing directly into hot food. Results should be noticeable within a week.

Suggested Reading

Enzymes, The Fountain of Life, Dr. D.A. Lopez, et al. (Neville Press, 1994)

Enzyme Nutrition - The Food Enzyme Concept, Dr. E. Howell (Avery Publishing, 1989)

"Intestinal Permeability in Patients with Eczema and Food Allergy". O.G. Jackson, et al. (Lancet i:1285-86, 1986)

Pottenger's Cats: A Study in Nutrition, F. Pottenger, M.D. (Price-Pottenger Nutritional Foundation, 1983)




Why Digestive Enzymes?

What are digestive enzymes?

Digestive Enzymes are catalysts which break down food into its basic components so our bodies can absorb the nutrients they require to build cells, tissues and organs.

Where do they come from?

Digestive enzymes come from two sources: internal and external. Internally, the digestive system secretes the enzymes found in saliva, the stomach, pancreas and intestines. Externally, raw food is the primary source. Nature endows all food with the enzymes required for its digestion. Chewing raw food releases these enzymes and digestion begins. our own enzymes assist in this process.

Why don't we have enough?

Caffeine, alcohol, illness, pregnancy, stress, severe weather and exercise all take their toll on our enzyme reserves. Our bodies also produce less as we age. But, the main reason we don't digest food well is due to the processed food in our diets. Our diets don't contain as much raw food as they once did, and modern food processing techniques and cooking destroy nearly 100% of the enzymes naturally present in food. Even raw food doesn't contain as many enzymes as it once did due to environmental factors, depleted soil, and preservation techniques. The body tries to compensate by producing more internal digestive enzymes to make up for the lack of external plant enzymes.

What can go wrong?

Enzyme-deficient food puts a burden on the digestive system that it wasn't designed to handle. Incomplete digestion can lead to poor nutrient absorption, fatigue, digestive upset, food allergies, and other health conditions. Partially digested food particles escaping from the gut can cause an immune response, flogging the immune system. The body may also "steal" enzymes from the immune system, compromising it even further.



Wholesome Fast Food  

Udo's Choice Wholesome Fast Food Blend consists of 52 foods, whole food concentrates, vegetables, and herbs richest in phytonutrients. It is made from the finest quality, all natural, completely vegetarian, primarily organic ingredients, including certified organic flax, sunflower, and sesame seeds. Pines organic cereal grasses, Soyforce powdered sprouted soybeans, and much more.

Udo's Choice Wholesome Fast Food Blend is a good source of fiber, protein, essential fatty acids, major and trace minerals, vitamins, essential elements, friendly microorganisms, and phytonutrients, with enzymes for easy digestibility. It provides:

  • Optimum nutrition for increased energy and endurance
  • Improved mental performance
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Smoother skin
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Better regularity

Udo's Choice Wholesome Fast Food Blend is bottled in environmentally friendly brown glass and nitrogen-packed to retain freshness. Please keep refrigerated to prevent enzyme-activated free fatty acid formation which can impart an unpleasant, scratchy taste to essential fatty acid-rich products, especially in hot weather.

Available in 8 oz. or 16 oz. sizes.



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