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What is cancer?

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Cancer is a condition affecting the whole body, mind and spirit   by #56153   17 year

Classic medicine defines cancer as a colony of malignant cells (malignant tumor): Cancer is a popular generic term for malignant neoplasms, a great group of diseases of unknown cause, occurring in all human and many animal populations and arising in all tissues composed of potentially dividing cells. The basic characteristic of cancer is the transmissible abnormality of cells that is manifested by reduced control over growth and function leading to serious adverse effects on the host through invasive growth and metastases.
In other words, term cancer is used to represent malignant tumor, or other forms of malignancies, like leukemia.  

People practicing non harmful and natural cancer therapies prefer to see cancer as a condition affecting the whole body, mind and spirit. They believe that cancer can not be cured just by treating a tumor, or just by treating one part of our body. In order to achieve stable health, you should treat the whole body, and mind and spirit, not just a tumor. Cancer, like heart disease, is a multidimensional disease.

It is understandable why classic medicine is loosing a war on cancer. Focusing only on the tumor, and neglecting other sides and other problems will never be sufficient enough to cure cancer.

You should know that malignant tumor is really  the best your body can do given the circumstances. YES. You can think of tumor as a natural defense of our body, developed through evolution, while our body is trying to tell us that now is enough ! Unless you do something to correct huge imbalances inside your body, your mind and your spirit, you are going to die. Cancer will eat you alive.

Yes, tumor is only a visible symptom of much broader disease - disease of wrong way of thinking, wrong way of living, wrong way of doing things...
By concentrating on attacking the tumor, conventional medicine fail to place proper emphasis on prevention and healthy living. Currently in the United States 14 percent of the GNP is spent on health care, and a significant percentage of that money is spent in the last thirty days of life in a desperate, but futile, attempt to prolong life.
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