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Domestic Violence Survey

42 questions
( 34 topic questions + 8 basic questions )

201 participants answered the first question.
24 of 201 ( 12% ) answered all survey questions.

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The purpose of this "survey" is to educate CureZone members on the facts about Domestic Violence and Abuse and the people involved.

There are many questions that specifically address various types of abuse and the people who are abusers and victims.  Some questions have answer options that have a BLUE question mark (?) at the end of the final option choice - these question marks provide facts with regard to the specific question.  Please, check out the true facts by clicking on the blue question marks.

Your participation and comments will always remain anonymous.  Some comments may be edited for content or relevance.  Please, answer all questions, including the general demographic questions.  Once you have completed the survey, look back at the results and see where your opinions fall in with others who have taken this survey.

If you are living in an environment of domestic violence and/or abuse, please, visit the website: and learn your options.  Use this website if you know someone who is living in an environment of domestic violence and/or abuse and learn how you may be able to help.

Thank you for your participation.

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