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My 10-yr old daughter developed pericarditis a year ago and had 2 chest tubes inserted to drain considerable amount of fluid in the heart and lung sacs/cavities. She has had persistent chest pain, joint pain and has been on anti-inflammation medicine for over year. It is recurring. Does anyone have similar experiences and recommendations?   16 year   0 answ.
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My 20 month old has chickenpox is anyone interested in a party?? email me asap she is about 5 days into it   14 year   0 answ.
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2 years old child having bleeding gums and 102 body temperature...   13 year   0 answ.
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what are the instrustions to the kids epsom salt liver cleanse what do you drink it and how many times   12 year   0 answ.
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My child has cerebral palsy? Any thing which i can give him to help him regain all his brain functionalities? I am thinking about givine him black seed. He is 1 year old.   11 year   0 answ.
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Hi doctor, My 2.5 years old daughter had sweeling on eyes which then becomes more prominent on face also. Then 3 days later she had high fever. My doctor suggetsed Urine test to check protein in Urine which came normal. Then he asked for blood test. In Blood test everything is normal except TLC which should be till 10,000 but my daughetrs TLC is 30,000. Then my doctor asked for Ultrasound Lower abdomina nd Back which again came normal and chest X-Ray which is also normal. Just her Liver and spleen had a bit of sweeling. What could be the cause of the same   11 year   0 answ.
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