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CureZone BLogs Guidelines & Rules

Use of CureZone is subject to the following Terms of Service
Blogs containing information in breach
Terms of Service will be deleted.

Read our Disclaimer!

You should report violations of Posting Guidelines and Rules here.

If the main purpose of creating your blog on CureZone is to promote some other website, some other blog, other homepage etc,
commercial or not,
 please save yourself time!

Your blog will be deleted the same day!

It is against curezone blog rules! Do not waste your time!

It takes moderators one sinlge mouseclick and your blog is deleted.
You will spend at least one hour creating it.

Curezone blogs are mainly intended for original content.
Contant that stands on its own legs.

Curezone blogs are not intended to be collections of links to articles or to any other content on any other website.

If you want to have a link to your website on CureZone, please submit your link to free CureZone Directory.

You are free to link to any website, but only if it is an occasional link.

Systematic linking (having a link inside every blog entry or every second blog entry) to a same website or to a group of websites is against our rules!


Beware! You are making a public post!

Every single blog entry posted on will be transformed into a web page, and will be available to the worldwide public. All entries are indexed by the major search engines like: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, AltaVista, AskJeves, Aol, Netscape, Excite, Alexa, Northern Light ... and by hundreds of other search engines.

Anyone with internet access, including people you know, your friends, neighbors, relatives and people you work with can easily find your blog entries (in a fraction of a second) and read it! 

If you wish to remain anonymous, please do not disclose any personal information (name, email, phone, address, city) inside your blog entries!

When choosing your CureZone username,
do not use the same username/password that you are using for your email address.

Do not use your real name or your date of birth as your username.

Do not make a blog promoting commercial sites or products!

Do not make a blog promoting products sold through MLM!

Do not make a blog promoting anything illegal!

Do not make a blog promoting business!

Use of CureZone is subject to the following Terms of Service

Your Blog will be deleted the same day if you post eny information in breach of curezone TOS!

Don't waste your time!

CureZone BLogs are not FORUMS!
CureZone BLogs are not for asking questions!
CureZone BLogs are for writing journals!
If you have questions go to Forums!



If a message is a promotion or advertisement,
even masked advertisement, do not post it,
unless you are going to post inside
the Market Forum (forum specially designed
for sale and promotion of health related business)

Do not create a Blog about a health related commercial product,
if you are selling it, or you are profiting from sale.

Do not link to a commercial web sites from your blog,
if you are directly profiting from products sold on that web site!
(Exception to this rule are links to books, cds, videos, charts and other media commonly used as tools in health education. Example: Links to and similar web sites.)

Do not post infomercials.

Do not promote commercial products based on studies,
but feel free to report your personal experience.

If you are not selling a product, you are free to report your personal  experience, or experience of your family members. In that case, you are also free to link to a page where the product can be purchased.


Do not make a blog promoting products sold through MLM!

That includes, but is not limiting to: Manatech, Tahitian Noni International, Herbalife, Mangosten, Coral Calcium, Kinotakara, Fit-Line, Natures Sunshine, Awareness, Body Wise, Nu Skin, Rexall, Quixtar, Amway, Avon, Tupperware, New Vision International, Melaleuca,  Mary Kay, NuSkin Enterprises, Shaklee, Longevity Network, Nikken, Cognigen Networks, Changes International, Dale Networks Pvt, Pre-Paid Legal, Primerica, IMX, ACN,  International, Maxxis, Wellness International Network, Freelife International, Market America, Noevir, Watkins, Body Wise International, USANA, Symmetry, Pampered Chef, Petra Fashions, Longaberger, Nutrition For Life, Health Thru Nutrition, BeautiControl, Creative Memories, Reliv International, World Financial Group, Golden Neo-Life Diamite, New Image International, Cell Tech, My Money Machine, Discovery Toys, Partylite Gifts, Southern Heritage, Miracle Associates, Conklin Company Inc, Envion, Array International ...

Breach of this rule may result in you being banned from CureZone!

Promoting health products that you are profiting from poses a serious
even if you are a qualified health care practitioner,
and even if products are worthwhile.

Before becoming involved in multilevel marketing, you should consider how much value you place upon your good name. A short-term financial gain may not be worth what it cost in long-term loss of social status.

Multilevel marketing (also called network marketing) is a form of direct sales in which independent distributors sell products, usually in their customers' home or by telephone. In theory, distributors can make money not only from their own sales but also from those of the people they recruit.

In case of MLM products, all customers are also salesmen.
That doesn't mean that products are wortheless,
it only means that there is a significant conflict of interest.

What is wrong with MLM?

Hundreds of thousands of people are selling health products as "independent distributors." Product lines typically include vitamin supplements, weight loss formulas, fiber-containing snack bars, and/or herbal remedies.

  • Products sold in this fashion must be overpriced to finance the greedy profits promised to distributors (person selling products, and all salesmen on the higher level of "piramid" or "network" are suppose to earn from each sale).
  • Selling health products one recommends poses a serious conflict-of-interest even when sellers are qualified and products worthwhile.
  • Salespeople are encouraged to make oral health claims while companies seek deniability for themselves via fine print disclaimers.

MLMs are driven largely by greed. The idea of working hard for a while, building up a substantial down-line sales system, and watching the money roll in, is appealing, but is "too good to be true." Literature of the NuSkin company claimed that distributors could make $5,000 to $10,000 per month, but 98% of all distributors earned an average of $38 a month. Even the well-established Amway company has not been able to deliver on the sweet dream for most of its people. The company has 14,000 employees, and over 3 million distributors internationally, and global sales of $7 billion, yet, the average monthly gross income of Amway representatives is less than $90.

Why do some blogs and some messages get deleted?

Any blog/message in breach of our TOS and our Guidelines will be deleted.

  • If it is an infomercial, it gets deleted.

  • If it's a vicious personal attack ("You ignorant bottom dwelling pond scum"), it gets deleted.

  • If it's obvious marketing spam ("Go here! Best Ever!"), it gets deleted.

  • If it's a personal ad (like the guy looking for actresses for his next X-rated movie) it gets deleted.

  • If it is dangerously stupid that could cause a newbie to seriously be injured or killed, it's a damned good candidate for deletion. (These would include things like "brushing my teeth with Clorox really makes them white!")  In the meantime, we'd post a counter with medical reasons why it is not good IMMEDIATELY!

  • If it's an invitation to move to another BLog somewhere on the web ("Go here! There is much better BLog here with a lot of cool people!"), it gets deleted.

  • If it slanderously or libelously attacks CureZone ("CureZone is the worst web site ... the worst people I ever met") ... it gets deleted.

  • Is it allowed to mention brand names of products that I am using?

    • Yes, feel free to share what works for you, but only if you are not a salesmen yourself.

  • Is it allowed to link to a commercial web sites? 

    • Yes, if you are just a customer.  Share what works for you, but only if you are not a salesmen yourself.

  • Report a violation of Posting Guidelines and Rules here.

    Why do some members get blocked?

    By default, all curezone members have the equal posting privilege, but ... If you repeatedly ignore rules listed on this page, you get blocked.

    What to include in your posts?

    • your personal experience:

      • tips and successes--what worked well for you that others might benefit from

      • tips and failures--what didn't work well for you that others might benefit from

      • suggestions based on your own experience or something you read in a good book or trusted/non-commercial/non-biased  web site.

    • news or information that you think will be useful to other CureZone visitors.

    • questions or advice:

      • how to improve your health, recipes, herbal remedies

      • how to resolve acute health issues, how to prevent problems

    • you are encouraged to post URL or to link to any non-commercial or commercial   web site. You are free to share and you are encouraged to share what worked for you, like the brand name of the product, URL or address where to get it. You are 100% free to link to any web shop that sells that product, ...BUT  ONLY if you are just a regular customer!!!  Even if you are a regular customer, you should not repeat your story too many times, do not push too far in promoting any product!  Let every person decide what and who to believe!

    • Watch how you express your emotions and humor within your mail. Due to the lack of vocal and non-verbal clues, we often need something extra to read into a message what was intended - such as emoticons or descriptive words. Also, remember that we have members from all over the world, and that some may not have a firm grasp of the English language. Sometimes it helps to use an 'emoticon' to express what you *feel* beyond what the words *say*.
      If something you post is supposed to be funny, you can end it with:
       or with  *S*

    Rules of the Game

    What not to include in your posts:

    • Commercial promotion, salesman's words,  pushing health products.
      If you neglect to respect this rule, your message will  be deleted the same day!  Many salesmen think that CureZone forums are convenient and a cheap way to promote their products. Sorry, the visitors of CureZone dislike these practices. Please don't waste your time, we will delete posts made by anyone that sounds like a salesmen.

    • Language and Flaming : Posting extremely foul or abusive language aimed at a fellow forum member is forbidden. This includes obscenities, verbal harassment or comments that would prove offensive based on race, religion, sex, age, opinions or sexual orientation, lifestyle orientation, diet orientation.

    • profanity, obscenities, or spiteful remarks

    • links to profanity, obscenities or poor taste web sites.

    • personal attacks, verbal harassment...

    • questions or feedback intended for CureZone Webmaster (There is a special forum called "Suggestions to Webmaster" where you can direct your questions and suggestions)

    • Promotion of other related forums on other web sites.  It is considered extremely inappropriate and even offensive to use any forum as a way of promoting other similar forums. Do not promote curezone forums on other similar forums on the web, and do not promote other forums on CureZone.


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