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In search of a unified life science .

Date:   9/27/2022 4:26:56 AM ( 4 mon ago)

"...A science of life has, for a century, hung above us as a tantalizing invitation which, when reached for, has always retreated into a baffling tangle of theoretical, philosophical and metaphysical uncertainties-uncertainties that have haunted science since its Renaissance origins. In both science and philosophy it is one's theoretical model which allows one either to see with clarity or, instead, prevents the envisionment of a common field. And in the life sciences the theoretical limitation that has blocked such a common vision is something aggravatingly familiar: it is the unresolved metaphysical dualism which has been stuck in the craw of Western philosophy and science from its very origins. And that dualism is the fallacious and unresolvable separation of living organisms into mind and body, spirit and flesh."[1]

This Blog-writer can readily agree with the last sentence of the above quote and with this reservation consciously intact since his very first entrance into the life sciences[2] he has been in search of a "non-dualistic life science." A search for this phrase gives zero results at this time.

[1] https://soeatics.org/library/htl-fieldofsomatics
[2] 1975 while enrolled in the Certified Nursing Program at Milwaukee Area Technical College.


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