It was Hep C by Karlin .....

Hep C from 1976 blood transfusion

Date:   1/9/2022 6:51:13 PM ( 5 mon ago)

I asked, but they ignored me and for 40 years I have been infected with Hep C virus. My liver finally got bad enough that the doctors could not ignore it any longer
I am thinking that it was from a large blood transfusion in 1976, before they knew about Hep C. Millions of people got Hep C through blood transfusions until the 1990s or so when they could screen blood for Hep C contamination.

I am going to get the new treatment, soon I hope... 

but for 40 years all my symptoms of fatigue and muscle pains and so on were all chalked up to Fibromyalgia. I even got an official diagnosis from a specialist, got disability welfare on that basis....  

So maybe ask yourself if your chronic health problems began after a blood transfusion.


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