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You don't need a "parachute" to know your life's purpose. A Gratitude Exercise Harvest!

Date:   11/19/2019 11:04:29 PM ( 4 y ago)

January 10 2020 - Your Human Design Incarnation Cross as "Your (Non-Conventional) Life's Purpose"! -

This blog-writer positively acknowledges his "Non-Conventional" Life's Purpose in his Human Design Incarnation Cross:
"The Right Angle Cross of the Vessel of Love" (3) -

46 (The Determination of the Self), 25 (The Spirit of the Self), 15 (Extremes),10 (Behavior of the Self).
The description for this cross reads: "You bring the energy of the love of life. You are into your body and everything that affects it. You are into experiencing this earthly existence and doing it in a loving way. You are here to be love and the key for you is that it has a sensuousness to it. You are here to show others how to love being alive."[8]

December 31, 2019 - The Current Sun Transit (Jan 1 through Jan 5) & Your Life's Work

“Your Life’s Work is a great thing to contemplate. So have a good look at the Gene Key you have there.[6] What response do those three words trigger inside you? Confusion, excitement, doubt, annoyance? Whatever it is, that is your starting point. Begin with that feeling. That is the difficulty or not. Why do you feel that? What lies behind that feeling? Start exploring it yourself. I have the 64th Gene Key. It is the Shadow of Confusion ironically – the Gift of Imagination and the Siddhi of Illumination. I have really, really learned about those words. I know what they mean inside of me at such a deep level. These words have layers to them. They are both individual and collective. So I have learned for example that my Shadow of Confusion when it is harnessed can lead me to become a man who helps lead others out of their confusion about what they are here to do. But first I have to harness that Shadow. I have had to harness it. I have had to accept it, embrace it, transform it into a creative force to help others. So think about your Shadow at that level as well. The pain inside of you is so that you eventually learn from it and then you help others from that pain because it has transformed inside you.

Doesn’t it make perfect sense? Everything difficult in our lives is there to become a gift to help others.

This is the beautiful truth hidden in the Gene Keys: that every Shadow contains a Gift." - The 38th Way, the Gift of Perseverance[7]

November 19, 2019 -

7:20 am (Pacific) - Immediately upon completing my gratitude exercise (a moment before this was first noted) I suddenly realized a very significant energetic function of my natal “Mars in Leo in my 11th ‘House of Friends’” (quoting the last line of my written exercise).

This realization included the fact that throughout virtually my entire lifetime I have played unique functions in most groups that I have been a participant in - some of which appeared to have pivotal impacts. These groups included classes in school (1st - 8th), groups of friends, church, and family. The “functions” included playing the roles of: “the fool,” “the joker,” “the class clown,” “nut,” “freak,” “wild man,” “mad man,” etc. "Made the children laugh and ..."! The teachers hardly ever laughed (accept one time there was one teacher who couldn't help but smile and who then asked whether I thought I was some kind of a “privileged character” to which I agreed ; ~ )! A few years ago this writer discovered that according to the Mayan calendar system he was born a “Monkey”!!!

This mornings realization also included this Blog-writer's ultimate purpose for creating his “Cheeta” vision.[3]

A synopsis of “Cheeta”:

Cheeta is an acronym: “Cultivate Healing Environments - Enlighten Thru Arts!” that is presented under about 58 blog titles and apparently “viewed” 60,050 times so far. The Cheeta vision is a self-generating/re-generating/inter-generational eco-village that is continually under development while humanity journeys through its transitional stages from seven-centeredness to nine-centeredness and beyond! The stages of Cheeta progress from: farm, food center, school/s, health & healing center, and culminate with a new world-class performance center.

Further realizations - This writer’s whole life has been one grand (Hero’s) journey that is best viewed through the lens of the 46th Gene Key that he believes began with the Siddhi of Ecstasy and then incarnated into the Shadow of Seriousness through which his natural response (by the time he entered 1st grade) was to express the Gift of Delight to the best of his ability.

In further reflection of the above - this writer offers another perspective for individuals who know and/or who sense that there is a higher purpose for their life than what the world has offered them so far. Attempts to identify a “Life Purpose” by conventional approaches does not “guarantee” that the individual will realize what their true Life Purpose is for them! The conventional approach is typically correlated with pre-identified conventional roles. This writer believes our evolution requires new “roles” and that we need to invent them! One of the functions of Cheeta is to serve as an incubator for the development of these new roles. (That function can begin early on in Cheeta's co-creation process and more formally after the initial Cheeta schools are established.)

New Roles are needed for the new emerging humanity that is possibly best glimpsed at via the 55th Gene Key. If you know what the Gene Keys are then you can begin to understand what all of this is based on. That is why this visionary has been gifting people (several hundred so far) with a free introduction to their Human Design that can serve as a possible Segway to their Gene Keys’ Profile.

The above account followed an invite to share after receiving a reply to this writer’s earlier message as follows:
“Had a truly awesome realization this morning[1] (in the course of doing my gratitude exercise) that I wish I could share with you as it includes everything that we have shared to date!”[2]

November 20, 2019 - All the Above While Jupiter was Tightly Conjunct The Galactic Center (GC)![4]

The "one grand (Hero’s) journey" is significantly identified with Chiron/Kyron (27Sag12'12") conjunct the GC (approximately 27Sag07)!

Last night seven of us shared a blessed birthday dinner with an "Enchanted Gardener." What a day!

"When Chiron was discovered, the Galactic Center was almost exactly conjunct the Ascendant. With Chiron's discovery degree described as 'A bridge linking the earthly with the celestial', it seems that Chiron has come to bridge the gap between us and the center of our galaxy."[5]

December 22, 2019 -

“Your profession is not what brings home your weekly paycheck, your profession is what you’re put here on earth to do, with such passion and such intensity that is becomes spiritual in calling.” - Vincent van Gogh


[1] Tuesday the 19th.

[2] Sent in an iMessage at 1:34 PM.





[7] "Gene Keys" page 295



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