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The need for schools of "new medicine".

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April 21, 2019 -

"...It was the life work of Rudolf Steiner to provide the roots of a totally new culture ...

Some of the most learned, dedicated individuals in the world have spent nearly a century trying to understand, practice, and develop further Steiner's immense contributions. Yet the message behind them is quite simple and can be found in the Book of Revelation: 'Behold, I make all things new.' That was Rudolf Steiner's purpose in all that he did, to plant the seeds, provide the foundation, for a cultural renewal. He knew, perhaps better than we do, that the renewal that he called for, that he worked for so desperately, would require a very different basis of nutrition than can ever be achieved through chemical farming. So it all demands new approaches: to science, to our inner development, to our relation to nature, to our handling of manures and composts, to creating preparations that but for our efforts, would never exist naturally."[2]

"A totally new culture" is one that fully unites with and builds upon the healing forces of nature. This previous sentence here is the most simple and concise statement descriptive of the Cheeta vision. A crystallized phrase could very well be: "Cheeta is a culture of healing."

To date this author knows of no other extensive body of work that is in any way comparable to what Rudolf Steiner produced in his lifetime in providing "the roots of a totally new culture." That is why Cheeta includes many of these "roots" provided by Steiner as "philosopher, ... theologian, ... educator, ... authority on Goethe, ... agricultural expert, ... architect, ... knowledgeable in medicinal plants, ... dramatist, ... gifted artistic innovator, (and) inventor of eurythmy."[2]

June 13, 2018 -

The Cheeta vision is an idea who's time has come (and especially for all who have an ear to hear it)! Up till today the vision has been presented in many parts under the full banner of Cultural Healing ~ Eco-Enlightening ~ Transformational Arts. Up till now the "audience" in mind was not defined. This post will begin adding a more formative direction emphasizing the need for the "Healing" impulse in this vision.

"Healing" in modern day Western world may largely be associated with doctors and other medical/health professionals. However the association of healing/health recovery with an external "healer" is being replaced with an emerging awareness of self-healing. Along with this transformation is the association of pharmaceuticals as medicine when for thousands of years prior to modern "medicine" we turned to nature and to food as our medicine. Yet medical schools continue to perpetuate an outdated curriculum for their medical students. Recently in another blog I wrote: Do you think new schools may be needed that are devoted to or at least inclusive of chef-doctor training? After writing that I realized this question is for Cheeta.

The Cheeta vision that's been presented so far included a Food Freedom Center and a New Medicine Center. The inspiration now is to add the "new schools" at the center of this vision! This post is the start of a new presentation directed to the aspiring "'doctor' of the (near) future".

One of the sources of my inspiration for these future oriented imaginations is the (64) Gene Keys:
"Many different mystics and ancient calendar systems have long predicted the great turning point of human evolution coming to a c1imax in this current age. The Human Design System, one of the great systems that laid the foundation for this work on the 64 Gene Keys, uses the 64 codes of the ancient I Ching as a kind of genetic clock to measure the timing of potential future mutations in human DNA. As a genetic clock, it predicts that a huge genetic mutation will sweep through the solar plexus system of humanity beginning in the year 2027. As such, the year 2027 is a difficult year to put into words. The coming consciousness shift will be an implosion of extremely high frequency siddhic consciousness. Certainly after this date nothing will ever be the same again.

... Between 2012 and 2027, a core awakening fractal of humanity will lay the foundations of a new world that will reshape this planet from the inside out. Old systems will crumble as the new order arises unscathed within their midst. This time will mark the phase of recreating Eden, which never left this planet but remained as an energetic blueprint. ..."[1]

This may be "an idea who's time has come" that is just for "a core awakening fractal". This "awakening fractal" may in part be those who are becoming members of the Gene Keys Society. I feel a need to "contemplate" this further.


[1] "55th Gene Key", Part 2 - "The Mutative Process" - "The Spirit Of The Future Epoch" - page 440; "2017 - Rhythmic Symphony".

[2] https://www.biodynamics.com/rudolf-steiner-biographical-introduction


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