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Heart, Intellect and Will - Unite These Three Powers!

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January 24, 2024 - Life must always defend itself -

"...As soon as life shows signs of unfolding, opposing forces arise to subjugate and destroy it. Life must always defend itself. Knowing this, you must be vigilant and not allow negative forces to invade and overpower you."[15]*

January 4, 2023 -

" achieve a state where there is no longer any dissonance between the physical body, the heart, mind, will, soul and spirit."[14]

December 25, 2023 - Always Keep The Spring of Love Open -

"...Whatever happens, whatever the bitter experiences, disappointments or trials, we must always keep the spring of love open within us for this is how the heart is purified."[13]

Comment: The timing of this "thought" is absolutely synchronistic with a communication cycle of this past hour!

November 6, 2023 - The "natural inclination for pleasure must be used constructively" -

"...A human being is like a ship sailing on the ocean of life. There are sailors on board who stoke the boilers so that the ship can keep moving, and at the helm is the captain, who keeps the ship on course with the help of a compass. The stokers are our instincts and appetites. They cannot see, but they provide the power to keep us moving. And the captain is our intelligence, the wisdom at the helm that steers our ship in the right direction and makes sure that it does not founder on the rocks ..."[12]

September 30, 2023 -

This blog-writer can understand how single-mindedly devoted an individual can be (who has been deeply conditioned to "think" within the confines of a limited and highly constructed paradigm as the foundation for their security) to a system that doesn't tolerate questioning or open-minded inquiry as required for true dialogue as the basis for authentic community; i.e. virtually all medically indoctrinated doctors and the PhDs who are dependent upon harmonizing with the medical paradigm.

September 8, 2023 - Thinking, Feeling & Desiring -

"Everything that human beings think, feel or want flows into the invisible world and sets in motion forces and powers, whether of good or evil. ..."[11]

August 6, 2023 - Art, science and religion -

“… A human being can be defined as a trinity: we have been given a mind with which to think, a heart with which to feel, and a will with which to act. … art concerns the will. Music, dancing, sculpture, architecture, poetry, painting and so on, are all means invented by humans to express outwardly, in concrete form, what is in their heart and mind. Art, therefore, is related both to science and religion.

… in life and in nature, the three (the three worlds called science, religion and art) are closely linked: they work together. Initiates have never separated the three domains. But now that a division has occurred, religion no longer has a hold on scientists: they reject it out of hand. In point of fact, of course, if scientists reject religion it is because they do not possess true science. They are only interested in the physical, material world, not in the science of the three worlds, which is the only true science, and on which all religions are based. …

In nature, as I have said, religion, science and art are one. It is only in the minds of human beings
that they have become divorced, and as long as this state of separation persists there can be no true understanding of reality.

Science, religion and art together form a coherent whole which enables us to explain and understand the whole of creation.

The activity of the heart, mind and will in a human being must never be set one against the other. …”[10]

July 4, 2023 - Humans can only fully open to the Light of the Spirit if we can find wisdom in the warm core of the Earth, and connect the two through human Love.[9]

June 17, 2023 - The sign of a truly spiritual Individual -

"...We must learn to count on the powers of the spirit; this is the sign of a truly spiritual person. Of course, many people give lip service to being spiritual, but when faced with the slightest obstacle they immediately fall apart. Despite the conditions, despite the storm, truly spiritual people always strive to awaken the powers of the will, of goodness and of light."[8]

June 16, 2023 - The Life in the Continuum Between Love and Wisdom -

"Those who work with the cold (wisdom) must also work with heat (love) and vice versa. By passing from one pole to the other, they maintain their equilibrium and discover the life that lies in this back and forth movement. Those who remain forever in the cold or in the heat do not evolve; it is all over for them. How do you go about cooking your vegetables? You place the pot on the stove, but after a while, you remove it. Why do you not let everything burn? Because you are wise. ..."[7]

June 13, 2023 - "Devote at least a few minutes each day to introducing harmony within you. ~

Close your eyes while making an effort to free your mind of everyday worries, and direct your thoughts towards the heights, towards the sources of life that flood the entire universe. ..."[6]

June 11, 2023 - Struggling Against Yourself? -

"Those who insist on struggling all alone against their instincts will inevitably become weaker. Yes, because in doing so, they are struggling against themselves and this inner division makes them even more vulnerable. It is very dangerous to struggle against oneself; not only is it impossible to win a complete victory over the enemy within, but one ends up falling apart. ..."[5]

May 29, 2023 - Intellect -

"Suppose two people decide to marry or form a partnership: are they concerned about whether their affinity extends to the realm of ideas? No, they are drawn to each other and that is enough, they look no further. Well, a mutual attraction and liking is all very well, but as time goes on, there will be days when it is important to agree on the level of ideas. And as they cannot see eye to eye, a state of conflict develops and before long, their initial affection vanishes and is transformed into an implacable hatred. This is always the outcome, whether in love or friendship, when one neglects the question of intellectual compatibility."[4]

Comment: The truth of "intellectual compatibility" (expressed in the above quote) is also applicable to groups of people - just as much as to any two-party partnership. Part of the purpose of "enchantment" is to restrict intelligent conversation in "the realm of ideas" by using charming personality and charisma, as well as sensuality and other appeals to centers that are less evolved than the intellectual. All might appear to be "well" when under the enchanted spell until "a state of conflict develops."

May 18, 2023 -

"People’s hearts, intellects and wills rarely work as a team; -
each one is in the habit of going its own way. -
The intellect is excited by ideas, but the interests of the heart lie elsewhere; -
it runs after pleasure and forgets all about the decisions of the intellect. -
As for the will, it obeys sometimes the one and sometimes the other, -
or left to its own devices, it does as it pleases. -

Most people do not realize that they are full of contradictions and discord; -
or if they do realize it, they suppose that it is normal and have no idea why it is so. -
And yet the reason is simple: the three powers within them – the heart, intellect and will –
are not pulling together in the same direction. -
The only way to put an end to this inner conflict is to give yourself a divine ideal -
and do everything possible to cherish and nourish it until it takes possession of you, -
until it becomes one with your very being." - Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov[1]

Comment: "hearts, intellects and wills" can also be referred to as: mind, emotions and will -OR- in Human Design terms: mind, ego/will and emotions. Also - in some interpretations of scripture regarding these parts the heart is three fold and includes: mind, emotions and will. In Human Design these are three distinct centers (three of nine).

Re: "work as a team" and for the possibility of supporting a true expression of what in "the enchanted garden"/onion has had a reference to: "team management" - the rest of the above quote is most especially pertinent! However: "most people do not realize that they are full of contradictions and discord"! Yet, there is a "way"! It requires a diligent process. One that this blog-writer had both strongly advocated and co-facilitated (a number of years ago) toward a shared vision mission. However - that was not endorsed by the EGO[2] manager! "Consequently" the divine ideal for this writer appears to be a solo vision/mission until others that have given verbal acknowledgement are willing to take a next step and declare their acknowledgement here or in some other published form.

Finally, worth repeating Omraam here: "The only way to put an end to this inner conflict is to give yourself a divine ideal - and do everything possible to cherish and nourish it until it takes possession of you, -
until it becomes one with your very being."

This writer is in the process now of his divine ideal taking possession of him and thereby doing everything possible to cherish and nourish it![3]



[2] Enchanted Garden Onion as well as "ego."

[3] Suggestion - first see two entries: "December 23, 2022 - 'Omraam' - Quintessentially" and "October 1, 2022 - The Economic Sphere" at:







[10] “Creation: Artistic and Spiritual” A lecture By; Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov






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