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Date:   4/24/2018 9:08:50 PM   ( 6 y ) ... viewed 1734 times

January 10, 2024 - Saturn -

"Saturn’s energy is all about how we limit or restrict ourselves."[20]*

Re: Saturn in Virgo

"Virgo is known as the perfectionist of the zodiac, and rightfully so. When the cosmic taskmaster Saturn is in this hyper-focused sign, you can be pretty hard on yourself when it comes to getting things done. Through overworking or stressing over the details, you can learn to simply let go."

Comment: "learn to simply let go" - maybe easy to say in general terms however a bit too easy from a "fifth agreement" (healthy skepticism) perspective as this blog-writer does not know whether the one who wrote this advice has their Saturn in Virgo as well as a defined Will Center that includes the "Channel of Community" along with fifteen plus continuous years of sweat-equity invested in a place that requires daily care and more than seems reasonably possible to say: "simply let go"!

Need to find another astrological perspective in this search for: "saturn placement meaning" asap!

July 4, 2023 -

"More than one child can be born at the same hospital at the same time, which means that their birth charts are identical. But it’s extremely unlikely that any of these children would be given exactly the same first, middle, last names. Combination of birth and name astrology provides very unique information about who you are."[19]

January 23, 2023 - In The Beginning ... -

An initial "fellow gardener" with Capricorn Sun purcahsed "the garden." Capricorn can be characterized as Generating Earth Power with a quality of determination.

The garden site allowed for an initial "enchanted gardener" to arrive with Scorpio Sun. Scorpio can be characterized as Organizing/Concentrating Water Power and has a fear-based quality.

A third function can possibly follow characterized as "Distributing." However - before that can occur the second function needs to be revisited - and that can only occur after the first function is reclarified!

Enchanted gardens depend upon right order, right resources and plenty of good light! ; ~ )

December 19, 2022 - the Astrology of Narcissism -

"...Simon Benjamin states from his experience, in his 2015 article, the Astrology of Narcissism, that, 'Essentially, narcissism is a debilitating self-involvement and a lack of empathy for others. Planets and signs that can indicate narcissism[are] Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus, [the] Sun and Pluto. Basically [narcissism is evident] mainly in the fixed Signs and fixed Houses. [These are] the second, fifth, eight and eleventh houses.'

Simon continues his statement about his experience and his research deductions of the evidence of narcissistic personality disorder as a psychological defense in a horoscope, '[I believe] the fifth house is probably where we need to look first. Leo, South Node, Pluto or Scorpio in the Fifth House [might] signify narcissism. If there is a combination of these signs and planets then narcissism is even more likely.' Simon wisely adds a codicil, 'Many [people] who have these placements are excellent examples of honoring individuality and self-expression. How we are raised affects which parts of our natal charts are emphasized and manifested. We are not total victims of our birth charts.'

There are a few asteroids who suggest the qualities of narcissism. ..."[18]

December 10, 2022 - The Daily View:

Gate of the Egoist, 26.4 - Censorship

We enter Gate 26, Line 4 at 21:30 UT today, December 11, 2022.

Gate 26
The Taming Power of the Great
Gate of the Egoist
Fools are Liars and Prophets Too

The maximization of the power of memory applied to the nurturing of continuity. The strength and will to support the tribe.

Right Angle Cross of Rulership 4, Juxtaposition Cross of the Trickster

Line 4 - Censorship

The alteration of memory through elimination.

Exaltation: The ability through censorship to save the collectivity from itself. The power of the ego maintained through forgetting.

Detriment: The use of censorship to maintain the status quo; selective memory in fear of unrestrained consequences. The power of the ego maintained through selective memory.[13]

December 7, 2022 -

We enter Gate 5, Line 6 at 04:53 UT today, December 8, 2022.

Gate 5
Gate of Fixed Patterns
The Fixed Pattern is Sacred

Fundamental attunement to natural rhythms; waiting as an active state of awareness. Waiting binds all life forms together in the 'Rhythm of Life'


Line 6 - Yielding

Waiting is never free from pressure, physical or mental and is often punctuated by the unexpected.

Exaltation: The growth of awareness that comes with bending to the universal flow. Accepting that in one's fixed rhythm despite the pressures, growth will be empowered, and often through the unexpected. No polarity."[13]

Comment: This blog-writer appreciates the above description: "Waiting is never free from pressure" because he always feels the pressure while waiting (and he does a lot of waiting ; ~ )!

December 6, 2022 -

We enter Hexagram/Gene Key/Gate 5, Line 5 at 06:43 UT today, December 7, 2022.

Gate 5
Gate of Fixed Patterns
The Fixed Pattern is Sacred
Fundamental attunement to natural rhythms; waiting as an active state of awareness. Waiting binds all life forms together in the 'Rhythm of Life'

Line 5 - Joy

Waiting as an aspect of enlightenment.

Exaltation: To remain calm as the ultimate aesthetic and thus recognize the inner meaning of being. The power to be calm and to find one's place in the flow."[13]

Comment: This is one transit description that this blog-writer would welcome contemplating every day, most especially to: "recognize the inner meaning of being!"

May 22, 2022 - "This solar week -

is about deepening our awareness through contemplation. At the same time, it can bring temporary increased energy levels to help get things done and to bring things to a finish – if we manage to spend that energy efficiently instead of wasting it on things that are not essential, and if we don't give in to nervous fears that would lead us into self-betrayal and meaningless distractions, but if we stick to what we know is correct for us despite temporary difficulties or darkness. On one hand, this can be a week of bottling it, dropping out, abandoning our individual path and that which is the most true to us, and seeking numbing distractions or meaningless replacement, which just keeps us stuck and restricted. On the other hand, this can be a week of enduring change and crisis, accepting a temporarily increased work load if that is truly necessary for us to do, and bringing old cycles to an end. This week, the gods energetically support an increased effort to close out old cycles or to get projects done, and might give you tailwind. This energy might be best used if we do not get distracted and dragged into other people's journeys, but if we manage to maintain proper focus on our own immediate life tasks and on what we need to advance our own journey. Not only that, through spending our power and energy correctly, we stay in our flow, and we naturally find greater awareness and awakening as a byproduct. When we are well centered and take thoughtful action, we just happen to see more and to perceive and recognize things more clearly."[17]

May 16, 2022 - "a powerful initiation for change" Now in the "Individual Channel" -

"Last time Jupiter moved into Aries back in 2010, we had a rare Cardinal Cross - a powerful initiation for change. All that energy is bursting to the surface this week as Jupiter once more arrives at the Aries Point, accompanied by a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.

The Cardinal Cross in 2010 was literally shoving us into a greater alignment with the larger scale of reality. This Full Moon is doing the same. It brings Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter into play with dwarf planets ... All in the central Individual channel of the Human Design chart on the Full Moon!

It may feel murky for a few more days, until Mars moves to gate 25 on 23 May That's when we'll see some action. Before then, with Mars and Neptune in the emotional Solar Plexus Center and Mercury retrograde, the energy is all inwards."[16] - Kim Gould

April 25, 2022 - This week also see: "Transformations with Planetary Transits": (which includes the path that this Blog-writer is on.)

April 21, 2022 - "The fundamental challenge of initiation is to transcend confusion and establish order".

This Blog-writer (i) immediately related the above quoted statement (in the following transit description) to the condition here at the E.G.O. IMO, it has been in a state of some confusion since the former house manager crossed. The description goes on to say: "Individual expression that through example mutates others." i personally relate to the necessity for what this says. The 6th line in this Hexagram is identified as: "Surrender". i have fourteen years here of frequent "surrendering" especially when i have "recognize(d) when struggle is futile." However - i find that the: "Exaltation: As its light sustains, so life goes on. The innate acceptance that ordering is a process, not a problem" is the game changer for me. In light of this Ancient Sage Wisdom i realize that my way from the very start of my return here (fourteen years ago) has been for the higher purpose of: "ordering" - as essential: "to transcend confusion"!

Also see:

On 2022-04-20, IHDS School wrote:
"We enter Gate 3, Line 6 at 04:31 UT today, April 21, 2022.

Gate 3 -

Difficulty at the Beginning
Gate of Ordering
Mutation is Generated & Empowered

The fundamental challenge of initiation is to transcend confusion and establish order. Individual expression that through example mutates others.

Left Angle Cross of Wishes
Godhead - Janus

Line 6 - Surrender

The ultimate maturity to recognize when struggle is futile.

Exaltation: As its light sustains, so life goes on. The innate acceptance that ordering is a process, not a problem.

Detriment: As darkness overwhelms, life can seem worthless leading to depression and the sense of hopelessness. The overwhelming power of confused energy can lead to depression.

Quarter of Initiation ...
Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Mind

Gate 3 -

This Gate is part of the Channel of Mutation, A Design of Energy which initiates and fluctuates - Pulse, linking the Sacral Center (Gate 3) to the Root Center (Gate 60). Gate 3 is part of the Individual (Knowing) Circuit with the keynote of empowerment.

The function of Gate 3 is to transcend confusion and establish order so that something new and potentially viable can take hold in the world. Those with this gate have a connection to unique individual knowing, personal innovation, and the potential for making a significant contribution. Waiting for the right moment for something mutative to happen can feel like forever. We will need patience to accept the occasional bursts of energy, and the unknown timing of the limited releases of potential. There is an on-off creative pulse that prevails here, and the potential for something new is neither logical nor experiential. If we don't wait for the right timing, for the structures needed for true mutation to settle into place, our enthusiasm for change will simply destabilize those around us, rather than empower and influence them.

We may experience melancholy and even depression when we feel that there is no energy fueling our potential to bring change. This is a time, however, for us to go deep into our own process, to spend time with our own creative muse. We cannot predict, control or rush the mutative moment. It has its own timing. And anyone who steps into our aura, at the right time, can be changed without us even lifting a finger."[13]

March 29, 2022 -

"...The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Chiron will ALL be in gate 21 on the New Moon,[15]
bringing a huge influx of energy to our will
to organize our societies in a more caring and sustainable way.

Midas is in gate 45 - reassessing what we thought would bring us a good life.
Isis is there as well - discovering a missing piece of the puzzle.
This is the communal will to support and encourage each other.

We are rediscovering the courage to trust each other,
and not just those who are 'on our side' but others too.
There are ripples of trust moving out into our world.

As we release the old rules and boundaries, more of our shared humanity comes into view. ..."

March 22, 2022 - We enter Gate 25, Line 5 at 15:53 UT today, March 22, 2022.

Gate 25
Gate of the Spirit of the Self
The Spiritual Warrior

The perfection of action through uncontrived and spontaneous nature. To love everything equally. Triumph and survival enrich the spirit and result in the wonder of being.

Left Angle Cross of Healing
Godhead - Michael

Line 5 - Recuperation

When innocence is sapped of its vitality, healing is the first priority.

Exaltation: The ability to recognize the inner meaning of an affliction and to withdraw until it is healed. The power of the spirit to heal and be healed.

Detriment: Hypochondria and the need to be healed by others. The weakness of the spirit which requires healing from others.[13]

This mornings apparently "spontaneous action" on the part one who originally was announced as a personal "guest" (but without the usual three-day time-frame that had been for guests here) had a forceful impact on the "Innocence" of this blog-writer who requested an email inquiry from now on so he could log in the time he spends in attending to whatever "healing" may be "required" (and most especially for himself ; ~ ) - especially in light of the fact that a previous "spontaneous action" of like nature by this same individual had already alerted him to the possibility that such behavior was possible. He is grateful now to have allowed "the perfection of action" to come to this particular c1imax and to have made his request limiting further inquires by this individual to email so that he can continue to do his best!

March 3, 2022 - The Hexagram/Gate Sun Transit -

"We enter Gate 63, Line 3 at 20:50 UT today, March 3, 2022.

Gate 63 - After Completion - Gate of Doubt -
Doubt is an Essential Inspiration

In the spiral of life, all ends are beginnings. The future is dependent upon establishing with certainty the validity of a pattern. The fuel is to question.

Right Angle Cross of Consciousness

Line 3 - Continuance

Exaltation: The dedication to the new beginning that insists on maintaining its achieved principles despite having to interact with those who have not attained such a state. ..."[13]

This Blog-writer especially appreciates his affinity right now with the description of the "Exaltation"!

March 1, 2022 - Sun Transits This Week Through Human Design -

"This solar week is about consciousness, doubt, and questions. The quarter of mutation has ended. Things have fallen away and closed themselves out. Especially in January/February, huge karmic cycles came to completion, or at least had their expiry date set. Energetically, we have arrived at a point after completion. And yet, nothing is ever complete, because when one things ends, another one begins.

This week is about upholding continuance and having the determination and strength to push through difficulties toward new beginnings. It also is about remembering the past, especially the parts that are confusing, and it is about questioning things, and investigating our doubts or remaining questions. This can be a week of understanding positive or negative projections, assumptions, and misunderstandings that we might have had about others, and that either made something impossible to begin with, or that prevented the right thing to unfold. Understanding these past mistakes and understanding what not to repeat in the future, makes room for new possibilities.

This week, collectively we move forward through getting to the root issue of distrust, gossip, and misunderstanding, and resolving the questions and doubts, so that we start to see the truth."[12]

July 25, 2020 - Illness or Handicap Consequential to Resistance in the 6th House -

"The 6th is the house of discipleship- where the ego must surrender its shoes at the door, and heart must be given equal value to head. Here one is asked to die to that which no longer holds value in the larger web of life; to surrender oneself as a substrate, in order to incorporate into the web of life. To the extent that we resist this process, we can become ill. Sometimes, illness or handicap is required to make the individual slow down and value aspects of life otherwise treated carelessly or disregarded."[11]*

October 5, 2019 - A Unique View From an Astro-Human Design Perspective With Penetrating Psycho-Emotional Insights! -

"... This week's process is about responsibility in reference to other people and about finding the proper balance. Where don't we take responsibility for our own actions that might give people a hard time? ......... Where don't we take enough responsibility for ourselves and simply let other people decide for us or run over us? ......... Non-action is an action, as well."[10]


And Non-communication is communication as well! It is best to communicate. A communication axiom: when in doubt communicate. If you think that is too difficult then consider using the dyad form of relating.

July 11, 2018 - "A world like a garden, protected, nurturing, and full of dreams" -

With “… Pluto’s sign placement in a given chart, we’re really getting information about an entire generation - the social context in which the person's life is unfolding. …
What is the 'perfect shell', this Holy Grail sought be the Pluto-in-Cancer generation? It can be physical: a home. It can be financial: the bullet-proof retirement plan. It can be psychological: Pollyanna-like defensiveness. It can be spiritual: a religion that promises everything, explains everything, and offers parental comfort in exchange for childlike belief.
The Cancerian passion? At its best, it is for a safe, caring world in which all creatures are fed, lifted up by beauty, and inspired by a gentle faith. A world like a garden, protected, nurturing, and full of dreams. …”

There are a few of us "fellow gardeners" in the E.G.O. (in one capacity or another) who were apparently born with Pluto in Leo tropically yet actually in Cancer sidereally!

June 5, 2018 - 12th House Libra Sun -

Inspired to present some astrological quintessentials in my "Design" as an introduction to how my planetary activations can appear in relation to others. The very 1st activation that is always to be considered is the Personality/Natal Sun. I have mine at 0 degrees Libra in the 12th House. The following is a descriptive presentation from another healer who also has a 12th House Libra Sun:

"... It’s time to REMEMBER…RE-MEMBER as in putting ourselves back together, becoming whole again. We can no longer play the victim, because EVERYTHING that happens to us is manifesting from this unconscious energy that WE are emitting. For many, this is a hard pill to swallow, but get lots of water and get that boy down! We must stop trying to use band-aides of illusion and falseness to cover up these wounds (i.e. new relationships, relocation, buying things, etc…). New situations with the same old you renders the same old results. ... To solve these issues, we must look inside via meditation and contemplation. We must forgive ourselves and others. We must love ourselves and that which created us. We must realize that we are here for a purpose that is greater than us. We may also seek guidance and confirmation from those who are gifted to be of assistance. As a 12th house Libra Sun, it is my purpose to help people dive into these murky realms and heal, so it is always my pleasure to be of assistance if you should desire it. ..."[3]

I find the above quoted statement speaks directly to my current perspective re: the E.G.O.

Next set of planetary activations that I have noted to present here are my Design/Unconscious Venus and Pluto - both of these are at the 6th Hexagram Line at:

GATE 7: THE ARMY - THE ROLE OF THE SELF IN INTERACTION - "the power behind the throne". -

... By design, the need for leadership to guide and order society -
In the Self Center (AKA "G"/"Ji")
Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Bonding

The 7th gate is oriented toward the future, with an ability to see when society's present direction needs correcting to get there. This is logic's gate of direction ... The substance of its contribution to the Collective is expressed through designated leadership roles as the six lines of Gate 7: Authoritarian, Democrat, Anarchist, Abdicator, General, and Administrator. These roles are genetic and mechanical, and have tremendous conditioning power within the Collective. Through your role, and with your understanding of humanity's future direction, you persuade others to follow your leadership, thereby influencing people in positions of influence themselves, especially those with Gate 31. You might be the one to evaluate or modify the existing pattern or questionable direction, or be the catalyst for creating a new direction. This position of influence is described as the power behind the throne. ...

Line 6 - The administrator -
The ability to share and justly apportion power.
The power to communicate the frameworks of responsibility. The capacity of the Self through its role to communicate responsibility.[4]

Next item is Throat Gate 12 which is my only "voice" in the Human Design System. Gate 12 is known as "Standstill - Caution". I have previously written about this activation as follows:

"I like reading: 'The process of spiritual transformation is happening in all of us. However, as true as that may be, I do not wish to make any assumptions about that with anyone and without their agreement I essentially 'stand still' and 'wait' for whatever the individual may bring forth that I then can respond to. It is so clear to me now that it really is not 'my choice' but simply the 'mechanics' of my Human Design. The 'variable' is that I am more accepting of my mechanics now not to initiate; 'To Wait' for emotional clarity as well as for my sacral response before entering the 'To Do' mode. And in the meanwhile I can always envision."[5]

Later "The Thought for the day" arrived in my Inbox speaking of the respect that is afforded to athletes for their endurance and other qualities. Omraam said these same qualities can be also applied to daily life in such things as obtaining patience when facing problems. Upon reading of "patience" I was reminded of the 5th Gene Keys Gift of Patience and that in turn inspired me to see whether I might have this Gene Key activated. So glad that I was inspired and followed this through as I discovered that the corresponding Hexagram Gate is where my 3rd House cusp lies! The third House themes include: communications, speech, the rational mind (and understanding that), the relationship to one's environment, perception, day to day tasks, all of which I find interesting and especially now as most of these themes apply to my experience of just moments earlier in a communication I had with a couple "fellow gardeners". These 3rd House themes are certainly unavoidable for me in my life as it is now. I readily see how applying the Gift of Patience will be of benefit to all concerned. The light and wisdom of the 5th Gene Key supports this.

“The more you are able to accept your circumstances right now, the more you enter the field of deep patience. Deep patience is a profound serenity that knows that the entire universe is wheeling in perfect equilibrium in every moment.
Such stability knows that the timing and geometry of all forces in our lives is always bringing us exactly what we need. Such a sense of trust can eventually become a state of Timelessness - a feeling of perpetual wonder at the beauty of all things - even the most challenging things."[6]

June 12, 2018 - Jupiter Retrograde 2018 -

Jupiter station(ed) retrograde on March 8, 2018 at 23°13′ Scorpio between two major fixed stars as shown below.

22°19′ Scorpio – Fixed Star Unukalhai
23°13′ Scorpio – Jupiter Stationary Retrograde
24°02′ Scorpio – Fixed Star Agena

Although Agena is a little closer to Jupiter, the main stellar influence comes from Unukalhai. This is because Jupiter has already passed over this star. The full potential of Unukalhai has been unleashed, while Agena is yet to be fully activated by Jupiter. ...

Fixed Star Unukalhai is a nasty Saturn/Mars star giving immorality, accidents, violence and danger of poison. ... In medical astrology, Unukalhai rules the top one-fourth of the colon. According To Ebertin, Unukalhai is:

"often really dangerous and destructive. There will be chronic diseases, which are not easily detected; these will result in a weakened state of health, and operations will be necessary. There will be accidents."[9]

I could research this further as "operations will be necessary" and "accidents" appear to have applied in the E.G.O.

May 29, 2018 June New Moon In Gemini -

"Chiron and Hygiea, archetypes of masculine and feminine healing, are making a tight conjunction at this New Moon. This aspect suggests a healing bridge between male and female agendas especially where there is inequality or imbalance."

I've been acutely aware of a certain "inequality (and) imbalance" here in the E.G.O. lately so this "tight conjunction" will be interesting to observe!

"There are a number of aspects this month that highlight relationships and the differences we have with others. Opportunities for discussion and reaching consensus are available."

These "Opportunities" are most welcomed!

"But where differences are irreconcilable, separation may be the only answer."[2] -

I hope the necessary resolutions re: the "inequality (and) imbalance" can be had for the sake of my fellow gardeners.

From Astrologer Carol Barbeau -

Re: "Tuesday April 24, 2018" -
"... CHIRON IN ARIES demands we do the action to make life happen in alignment with healing our wounds. (YEP WE ALL HAVE THEM)***


YOU DO remember Saturn is retrograde now (as of the 17th) : Saturn naturally rules boundaries, limits, responsibilities, discipline, and authority.

During any Saturn retrograde transit, we may revisit or review those topics associated with Saturn or feel as if we are given a momentary reprieve from the typical effects of Saturn transits, which may include pressure and a sensation of burden, fear, or frustration or restriction.

When clients want to quit or make major changes right before the planet retrogrades, I try and slow them down a bit because certain things for some get easier during Saturn rx…

Saturn's retrograde periods are excellent for reviewing what we have learned thus far from Saturn's transits. Saturn retrograde periods are also ideal for revisiting form, rules, regulations, objects which seem to be in your way of achieving desires or perhaps it is time to restructure and understand how something may best be built to get you where you desire to be. (I find this serendipitous to the rebuilding of the enchanted garden onion/e.g.o. deck.)

Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn until September 6th, 2018.[1] (There are plenty of other projects at the e.g.o. needing to be rebuilt!)



[2] "Insight - Jume 2018" By: Michele Finey:

[3] "The Subconscious: An exploration of the 12th house in Astrology":

[4] "The Definitive Book of Human Design" By Lynda Bunnell & ra Uru Hu.

[5] "Maps of The Psyche?":

[6] Gene Keys By: Richard Rudd





[13] "The Daily View" in email subscription: "From IHDS School"

[14] From Kim Gould's email to subscribers: "finding the courage to trust each other"

[15] March 31, 11:24 PM - Pacific

[16] in "Awakening Cosmic Culture" via subscription email






CHIRON IN ARIES, healing, Saturn retrograde, boundaries, limits, responsibilities, discipline, authority, form, rules, regulations, achieving desires, restructure, Saturn, consciousness, doubt, questions, confusion, establish order, Surrender, struggle is futile


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