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by Chef JeM

Learning to Be a Creator

Letting our soul express its longing through any and every creative way.

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January 10, 2023 -

"Higher states are not the goal. Integration of the higher states is the goal and that demands we be in the body, healthy and here, in the world, even as we explore what lies beyond this world. Who thought that the key to higher consciousness lay in creativity? Perhaps we thought it was in spiritual practice, austerities, meditation and prayer, and there's truth in that, but what lies forgotten and for the most part neglected in our modern world is the beauty and wonder - the healing power of creativity." - The 64 Ways[5]*

October 31, 2019 - Art & Music Creating and Music Listening = "Enhanced Psychological Resilience"! -

"... In a German study reported in the journal PLOS One, researchers studied two groups: a group who observed art, and a group that produced art. The study concluded that compared to those who observed art, the art producers demonstrated increased interactivity between the frontal and parietal cortices of the brain. This increased brain connectivity translates to enhanced psychological resilience in the group of art producers. In other words, their ability to resist the negative effects of stress improved.

Looking for a more low-key way to unwind? How about playing beautiful music or sitting in quiet contemplation? Meditation has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and even build resistance to feelings of anxiety and depression. And while listening to music may seem like a passive activity, research suggests that the act of listening to musical patterns facilitates brain neurogenesis.

Both meditation and listening to music affect the secretion of key hormones which enhance brain plasticity, thus changing the very way we respond to stress. Talk about good medicine!"[4]

July 27, 2019 - Other Acronyms of Cheeta -

In contemplating the quintessence of our unique individuality as the "truth of self" ("Tell me who you are") as the source of our creative expression a new acronym for Cheeta emerges:

Cultivate Higher Enlightening Expressions of Truth Artistically! (noted at 6:04 am on Tuesday, July 23rd under the 5 of Clubs: "The Quest for Truth")

Generated a natal chart for "6:04 am on Tuesday, July 23rd" and that gives an Ascendant at Leo 1 plus Sun at 0 Leo 24 and together they are in Throat Gate 56/56th Gene Key which is a "stop codon" in the Codon Ring of Trials." The three frequencies of consciousness are Shadow: Distractions, Gift: Enrichment and Siddhi: Intoxication. IMO this is an exceptionally pertinent Gene Key for all of Humanity! What a gift to have aligned with this Gene Key a few days ago!

December 19, 2018 - "The Free Individual Discovers His Way Through Imagination and Creative Power" -

"Self is fundamentally creative, dynamic, forward-looking, energetic, powerful, engaged. The Collective looks for shadows of those qualities in the government as its source of survival.

The free individual certainly helps others, but he is against a culture that is so preoccupied with 'raising up the lowest' that it nurtures a hatred of liberty. And this is a crux, because growing millions of people are all too eager to shed the last fragments of Self to join in a fantasy of 'everybody gets everything.'

The fantasy doesn’t work. The melting down of all of humanity into a mystical goo is an illusion that can’t stand the test of time. Eventually, a person falls out of that construct and remembers he must depend, to an alarming degree, on his own inner resources.

The free individual doesn’t act in ways that limit the freedom of others.

Self-sufficiency is both an essence and outcome for the free individual.

The free individual discovers his way through imagination and creative power, because that is the answer to the question: what is freedom for?

Without exercising imagination and creative power, freedom withers and dies. It becomes an empty slogan. It becomes an empty stage.

We are told, in a thousand ways, that the free individual is the personification of greed and theft and crime. That is false.

The free individual imagines and creates on a scale that supersedes and ignores the Collective. His work naturally spills over and benefits others.

Advocates of the Collective falsely claim the free individual is cold and uncaring and remote and 'without humanity.' Meanwhile, their picture of a society based on need is a poisonous affectation; it is constructed because these advocates are walled off from their own power. Therefore, they substitute endless entitlement.

Their only nod of acknowledgment to the individual has been to propagandize him as an outsider, a potential danger, a lurking menace, a person waiting to be diagnosed with a mental disorder.

These days, it is the Group that is elevated. We must absorb the individual in the system so the Group is protected and safe.

Even accepting Mill’s specious pronouncement that society should be organized on the basis of the greatest good for greatest number, the questions remains: what is the greatest good? Is it that which makes us, more and more, into a Group? Or is it that which liberates the individual to pursue his highest aspirations?

The greatest good liberates the individual, and then the door is open. Who will walk through it? Every person who has divested himself of the collective mindset.

The titanic myths that have been foisted on humanity and the titanic acceptance of those myths by humanity are all focused on one lie: the individual cannot stand on his own; he must subjugate himself to a system.

I don’t care what form that higher system takes. It’s a lie. It’s all geared to promoting slavery. It’s all geared to allowing the few to control the many.

And the few WILL control the many, until the day comes when enough individuals throw off ALL the deceptions that permitted them to think The Individual was less than he is.

The day will dawn when the individual knows he is greater than any and all groups and collectives by any name flying under any flag, espousing any gibberish, elevating any fairy tale, seducing with any promise, hypnotizing with any idol or misbegotten legend.

That day will dawn.

But why wait?

Why not act now?

Why not launch your greatest dream?"[2]

Comment: A New Dyad: "Tell me what your greatest dream is".

January 11, 2018 -

It's about time that I posted here before another day passes in this new year. I have said Cheeta is my "High Ideal" and that continues to be true for me. And I have to confess that this Cheeta vision (for a fully self-sustaining, Biodynamic, transformational Eco-Village) appears to be so much larger than how I identify myself as a single individual that I do not yet see how I (just as an individual) can make this a three-dimensional reality. And maybe I just now brought to consciousness the very element that needs to have a thought correction - that being "how". I am willing to let go of "how" and simply not know how this will manifest.

I need to learn to be a creator in ways that are within my capacity. The arts offer me some ways, Creating music is one way that I feel competent enough to pursue. I could have a new instrument rather than wait for the ideal: high-end concert grand piano fully midi'd. Drumming is an option for me. I could possibly start by making my own set of drums out of whatever materials. In the meanwhile I do sing! I love to sing! I often sing in the spirit of what Richard Rudd describes:

"We have to experience what it feels like to be God, and so we have to learn to be a creator.  In life always … remember this - if we're feeling down, disturbed, if our mind is pursuing us, we can take up a guitar, a trowel, a pencil, let the feeling emerge, and let our soul express it’s longing.”[1]

July 21, 2019 - Continuing -

"The Dance of Form in the Hollows of Our Hands -
Forms arise, in fact, out of a dance and dialogue between our two different hands moving cooperatively and asymmetrically. The hands discuss and achieve any of the infinite number of configurations possible in the space between them. In their interaction, they help us grasp, shape, and learn about space as well as substance. The space between the hands is indeed a sacred, living one in which worlds are born."[3]


This blog-writer is so very pleasantly surprised to have just stumbled upon the book from which he has quoted immediately above. He finds the very last line the most quintessential for "Learning to Be a Creator"! And when "worlds are born" by one's own hands then not only are they a creator they become a parent as well!




[3] "Learning about the World through MODELING Sculptural Ideas for School and Home" By: Arthur Auer; page 10.


[5] In subscription email: "The Pulse - Gene Key 61 - The Holy Of Holies"


creator, High Ideal, thought correction, Dance of Form, in the Hollows of Our Hands, a dance and dialogue, The space between the hands, sacred space, living space, worlds are born, Learning to Be a Creator, becoming a parent

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