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Human Design Inside "The Onion"

The Daily Transit - Sun transits through the hexagrams according to the Human Design System.

Date:   10/13/2017 4:46:57 AM   ( 6 y ) ... viewed 1647 times

January 9, 2023 - We enter Gate 54, Line 6 at 08:26 UT today, January 10, 2023.

Gate 54
The Marrying Maiden
Gate of Ambition
The Drive to RIse Up

Interaction in its mundane social context but also one's mystical and cosmic relationships. Transformation is possible through the mastering of instincts.

Left Angle Cross of Cycles 2
Godhead - Vishnu

Line 6 - Selectivity

Exaltation: The ingrained responsibility, in terms of maintaining security and personal identity that will naturally restrict its relationships to ones that are mutually beneficial. The energy to restrict relationships that hinder ambition.

Detriment: A generally benefic and expansive nature that assumes that it can instill, what is otherwise missing in its partners. A waste of energy. The waste of energy in maintaining relationships which hinder ambition.[7]*

August 6, 2019 - "The democrat" Relates To The Mind Set in the E.G.O. -

We entered Gate 7, Line 2 at 4:51 Pacific today, August 6, 2019.

Gate 7
The Army
Role of the Self in Interaction
The Elected Leader (Although in the E.G.O. there was never any "election")

The point of convergence. By design, the need for leadership to guide and order society. Established proven patterns lead us into the future.

Line 2 - The democrat
The ability to lead by serving the will of the majority. (In this instance the "majority" is the majority of full paying E.G.O. players.)

Exaltation: The application of universally accepted systems. When connected through the Alpha Channel to Gate 31 Influence, the potential for widespread and revolutionary effect on society. The capacity of the Self to lead when chosen.

Detriment: Elitism and denegation by democrats of democracy. The capacity of the Self once chosen to feel superior to those who chose them.[7]


The "Detriment" is what rules in the E.G.O.

July 26, 2019 - Recognizing Hexagram Line Activations -

The Sun is now transiting the 31st hexagram - corresponding to the Human Design Throat Center's gate 31. In reading the current Line description this blog-writer thought of a "fellow gardener" and became curious as to whether they had this gate activated. Just discovered that they do have it activated - at Line 1:

Line 1 - Manifestation -
Influence cannot exist in a vacuum.

Exalted: The Sun does not/cannot hold back its light and thus its influence on every life. The natural expression of leadership.

Detriment: The absorption of light, that in darkness can only promise manifestation. The unnatural expression of leadership.


This writer has seen "the unnatural expression of leadership." This is better understood in light of the full description for this gate:

- The law of friction, whether active or passive, that engenders transference and thus influence -

Gate 31 is designed to be influential. Collective leadership is collegial, not hierarchical.[i] It provides the vision for a new direction and shows others how to achieve it, rather than doing it for them.[ii] The 31st gate manifests its potential for verbal influence through election. When money is the energy used to move a person into a position of power, instead of the cooperative will of the people,[iii] the Collective's overall ability to ensure humanity's future is easily perverted. Your voice through the 31st gate, "I lead," is not heard until backed by the energy of the majority.[iv] The people are the ones who must act on what your voice says. The influence of your vision for society will not be transferred or felt without the Collective's energy moving it into the public realm. Your leadership must take into account the desires of your followers, and address the good of the whole. 'I lead' means influencing others, for good or for ill, by effectively transferring your vision for a new and test-worthy pattern to them to carry out. Without the presence of Gate 7, you may seem like just an empty voice.[v][4]

[i] "Collective leadership" does not exist in the E.G.O.!
[ii] There is no "vision" in the E.G.O. although we had previously met for that purpose and then a key facilitator dropped out upon realizing that management was not willing to cooperate!
[iii] "Money is the energy (that was and is) used to move a person into a position of power, instead of the cooperative will of the people."
[iv] True in this instance!
[v] No "Gate 7" activation.

June 24, 2018 -

"Human beings are very predictable because they're homogenized. You can't predict anything about uniqueness. ... uniqueness is just that. But homogenization, everybody falls into the same trap, the same story over and over and over again. ... "[6]

The "cure" (for "the same story over and over and over again") is to recognize the way/s of your unique Human Design and to experiment living (and loving) that - rather than cave-in under pressure to the conditioning of your mind!

"... it's about one thing and one thing only: Are you ready to experiment with making a decision as yourself? That's all. This is your question. ... Well, this is how you do it. That's all. It is a very, very simple technique. It's so simple."[6]

February 8, 2018 -

Re: garden "manager" -

An open center in your BodyGraph is a conditioning receptor (most especially when there are no gate activations). This receptor impacts your mind and creates what the Human Design System calls the Not-Self. The Not-Self creates its own decision-making strategy, leading you to make decisions based on conditioning rather than your true self.

Conditioning is only one side of the story. If you are unaware of the way you are conditioned through your open centers, (your most open centers are the Crown/Head Center and the Heart Center) it is something that really overwhelms you. It takes away what is your possibility. On the other hand, when you are operating correctly (for a “Projector” Type it’s about waiting for invitations that are correct for you) and the mind is no longer making life decisions, the open centers become a source of wisdom in this life.

I have a Defined Heart Center with two of the four Heart Gates activated. The theme for Gate 21 is “To be in control.” That Gate is activated by both my personalty/natal Jupiter and the Design/incarnation Jupiter.[i]

The other Gate activation is Gate 40 with a theme of “To deliver.”

[i] At Line 3 where Jupiter is in Detriment: "Total withdrawal. A lack of will for the material path in order to protect the ego."

January 30, 2018 -

The Sun is currently transiting through "Line 4" of Hexagram 19. Line 4 is called "The team player". It is an "Individual approach which attracts and accepts cooperation." It is a Line that is activated in the Human Design of the "E.G.O. manager" (by the Personality Moon) and therefore of special interest to this "fellow gardener".

In Exhaltation it is "The power and energy for outward activity and the ability to accept others as long as they can keep up. A driving force that can benefit the whole group. The energy to seek out and exalt in the company of others.

In Detriment: "Attractive and cooperative but a tendency to dissatisfaction with the contribution of others. A sensitivity energized by the limitation of others."

Just had a meeting with the "E.G.O. manager" and observed "dissatisfaction with the contribution of others". That (IMO) is a clear indication of this Line operating "In Detriment" with the "E.G.O. manager" in relation to "the contribution" of "this fellow gardener".

I totally and completely accept this just the way it is. I value my acceptance and all of my understanding of this. The "truth (here) sets me free" from personalizing any of this. All the planetary activations and all planetary transits are not personal. What others say, don't say, do and don't do is absolutely all about them! None of it is ever to be taken personally by me!

"Community" is a term much like countless terms that require definition. The process used for defining our terms can be called "Dialogue". I have blogged about the following a number of times here at CureZone: "Without dialogue the door to psychopathy is left open." Undefined "Head Centers" indicate that the capacity for dialogue does' exist. The Head Center of the "E.G.O. manager" is undefined.

The impact of all of the above here has been the most significant learning process for me over the past nine years! In light of this - there is more that could be said. I will give attention to what I need to say in ways that don't require "dialogue" where it is apparently not available.

February 1st, 2018 - Continuing (from the above) With: Community -

I had previous blogged on this as follows:

Community-Building Facilitators

Update on what I am doing for community-building.

Date: 11/20/2009 5:58:34 PM ( 9 y ) ... viewed 1999 times

According to the "Human Design" system I am designed for community. I don't think everyone has that design. I live in a household with eight others and although there clearly are a few of us who have talked about "community" here all of us have yet to come together for that single purpose. The reality today is that we have a household of renters who all live their own independent lives and who have a variety of relationships with one another. However, I traveled here over a year and a half ago on a rocket of desire for community living and the intention of living in community. (Community living was the one thing that was missing in my life.)

As of June last year the household did come together for house meetings on at least a monthly and more frequent basis and we did accomplish some very needed tasks. However, we never came together as a whole and specifically devoted our attention to birthing a genuine community (as Scott Pack has described and documented in his book: A Different Drum"). Then just a month or so ago I read this book and that shed a whole new light on where this group was in their journey starting from the superficial appearance of community through the different stages that I believe must be traversed before a genuine community spirit can be realized by the group.

From reading the "Drum" I discovered the "Foundation for Community Encouragement" contacted people regarding that and later was invited to join the community-building partners Yahoo group.

Just posted this at CBpartners Yahoo group:

"Wanted: Introductions and/or referrals to Community-Building Facilitators who may be living in Southern California, imagine the possibility of visiting here at least a couple weeks (within the next six months) or know others fitting this description."

Please contact Chef Jem chef AT thesetruths DOT com

The idea is to have a trained facilitator come to our group and help guide us through the stages that we must come through in order to receive and take up the spirit of community.

There is also the possibility that Findhorn may be a model for realizing true community. I have a friend who recently visited Findhorn and maybe she knows something relating to this.

I am open to receiving help from outside sources since I am convinced that the people who make up my household (including myself) do not have either the ability, the willingness and/or the readiness to help the process of those of us who do want community all the way into full realization here. I am most grateful that Scott Pack devoted himself to discovering the truth of true community and that we followed through to be a leader, trainer and experienced guide for all the groups and people that he worked with! Now we have a record of the journey of folks who followed a different beat! They all cut a path off of what was beaten! They entered into a new realm of the spirit and brought that into their daily lives!

The "Drum" book includes it's version of "The Rabbi's Gift"

I wonder how much this spiritual story (as well as other spiritual elements throughout the "Drum" book) factors into what it takes for a group to truly come together, connect with the spirit of community and successfully co-create true community.[5]

November 26, 2017 -

The Sun is transiting through its final Hexagram Line (6) in "Gate 34" regarding: "The Power of the Great". 34 is the "Gate of Power" - Pure Unconditional Power - According to the "Jovian" Human Design System "Power is only great when its display or use serves the common good. The moment that power is identified with awareness, it is turned into deeds."

I like this description!

Line 6 is called "Common sense - Knowing when enough is enough. -

Exaltation: The good sense when having bitten off more than one can chew to spit part of it out. The restriction of the release of power when one does not have the strength to maintain it.

Detriment: Enthusiasm overriding better judgment, invariably leads to complications. The lack of restrictions that can sap one's strength.[3]

I have seen the effects of this particular "Detriment".

Just checked the BodyGraph of a "fellow gardener" whom I was thinking of in posting this transit and they have Gate 34 activated by their Personality Jupiter and at Line 6 and the activation is in "Detriment"!

November 14, 2107 -

We enter Gate 43, Line 5 at 19:39 UT today.

Gate 43: Breakthrough - The Gate of Insight
- Listen to Your Own Inner Voice -

- In order for achievement to be maintained a new order must be fairly established. -
- Expressing and transforming inner truth into a unique perspective. -

Line 5 - Progression

Exaltation: The step by step adaptation to relationships which hinder breakthrough through practical actions which will not jeopardize eventual success. ...

Detriment: A tendency to concentrate on harmonizing relationships that tends to strengthen the position of restrictive forces rather than benefiting breakthrough. ...

Not only is this the current Sun transit (that I feel is worth noting here) it is also that of a fellow gardener who would rather be out of the garden rather than attend to "practical actions".

November 1, 2017 -

The Sun is transiting Hexagram 44: "Coming to Meet - Alertness" and today it is in:
Line 3 - Interference - The failure to interact based on circumstances.

Exaltation: The ability to recognize the threat of interference and to prepare for its effects. The alertness and instinct to handle the ego of others.

Detriment: A deluded response to interference that gets stuck in projection and as a result is unrealistic in appraisal and error prone. The possibility that the instinct cannot handle the ego of others.[2]

I post this here because of the underlying theme regarding the "ego of others".

October 13, 2017 -

We enter Gate 32, Line 1 at 21:57 UT today, October 13, 2017.

Gate 32 is known as "Duration - Gate of Continuity"

The only thing which endures is change. The instinct to adapt in the now, without losing continuity, while maintaining our basic nature.

Line 1 is "Conservatism".

Exaltation: A life sustaining respect and attention to all aspects of a process. The potential to develop the instinct through detailed attention to a process.

Detriment: The uncontrollable urge to bypass essentials which inevitably leads to the disruption of continuity. The fear of lack of potential, and the corresponding lack of attention.[1]

Although I do not have this Gate activated in my natal BodyGraph I wonder whether it is activated in another way as I recognize a connection to the above description in "Exaltation".

The garden manager doesn't have this gate activated as well. I lack appreciation for a lot of "the disruption of continuity" that apparently results from this.



[2] Description, although the transit is from a year ago:


[4] "The Definitive Book of Human Design" by Lynda Bunnell & Ra Uru Hu.


[6] "The Complete Guide To The Human Design System" By: Ra Uru Hu.

[7] In subscription email from: IHDS School "office."

Also: Identifying My Needs:

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