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The Chee in Cultural Healing - Eco-Enlightening & Transformative Arts - "... True brotherhood begins when you understand how to enrich your life through the lives of others."

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November 13, 2020 - Building Brotherhood -

"...we can build a true brotherhood and work together only with what is honest, kind, wise and pure in people."[9]


Unless you know what "a true brotherhood" is, unless you have experienced a true brotherhood in your life then this Blog-writer can not expect that you would be motivated toward building brotherhood. However, if you have experienced true brotherhood in your life then tell me what brotherhood is. This is another example of how dyads can serve an important function for one's initial introduction to our possible "work together" toward actualizing the Cheeta vision.

June 16, 2018 - Clarity re: The Collective, True Brotherhood, Community and Universal Consciousness -

Collective does not mean brotherly, and a community is not (necessarily) a brotherhood. A community is a gathering of individuals who may actually have no real bond between them. For example, (sections of) a city are referred to as "community", but do all the people who live there know each other, care for each other, do they share a mutual understanding and consciously work for each other with love? No, most of them live without giving a thought to the bonds that should unite them, so they do not yet make up a brotherhood. A brotherhood is indeed a community, but it is a community that has a broad and luminous consciousness. It is a community made up of close members who work not only for one another, but moreover, whose ideal is to work for the entire world. A true brotherhood is a community with a universal consciousness. - Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.[4]

Cheeta requires this spirit of "... true brotherhood ... that has a broad and luminous consciousness".

June 17th, 2018 -

I have pursued a quest for deeper sense of connection between "brotherhood" and the Cheeta vision (since posting the above entry) which included a search in the "Gene Keys" book plus an inquiry just sent to the Gene Keys Society. After a very late dinner (or very early breakfast) I was inspired to continue the search and got inspired to focus it on Steiner.[5] So very glad I did as I now have a new perspective[6] that effectively deepens the "sense of connection" that I was seeking and encourages me to an extent regarding the "dilemma" that I appear to be somewhat "afflicted" with - in both my thinking as well as in my understanding of the state of "money" (that is most largely in the form of federal reserve notes).

January 29, 2018 -

"... We are now entering the era of brotherhood. Humans must no longer erect barriers among themselves, but must walk together, side by side, to form a universal brotherhood on earth, in which all beings will form one vast family. When this is accomplished, frontiers will fall, and instead of wasting enormous sums of money protecting themselves from others, all nations will live in abundance and peace. ..."[3]

October 9, 2017 -

"In our times, it is the intellect that is most highly valued: the capacity to reason and acquire knowledge in order to act on matter. But this will not last, and already another value is making its appearance: brotherhood. It is this that will motivate human beings to keep expanding their consciousness, so as to acquire the consciousness of universality."[1]

I've touched upon "brotherhood" a number of times in several of my blogs before[2]

September 27, 2018 - Jung, Tolkien, and a Waldorf Graduate Who Discovered Their Synchronicities!

Sent the following moments ago:

Greetings dear Becca!

Just enjoyed your interview on the Astrology Summit replay! I came to that with high curiosity regarding your family name wondering whether you were related to Richard (Comos and Psyche). So very glad that I followed my "nose" on this as I also have deep affinity with Jung and a recent budding curiosity about Tolkien. You gave a great scholarly presentation! I believe there is more that can be shared about this "parallel"!

How wonderful (IMO) that you attended Waldorf for 13 years! While listening to your talk (that was based on your dissertation) I was reminded of Goethe and Steiner. So it was a kind of "aha" when I later saw your Waldorf background.

I have been a supporter of Waldorf education since 1990 when I began attending Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks. Also supported a Waldorf Charter in Nevada City as of the late 90's. ...

In her talk (The Back of Beyond: The Red Books of C.G. Jung and J.R.R. Tolkien – PhD Defense by Becca S. Tarnas) Becca (in referring to Tolkien) spoke of the necessity for a "fellowship" and that nothing can be accomplished by oneself, there is no single hero, it's always done in community because it can't be done alone. I wish to have her full dissertation to contemplate this as completely and accurately as possible. I am thinking that Tolkien may be/become an ally for Cheeta!

September 28, 2018 - Embryonic 'Imaginal Cells' -

"... After the caterpillar forms its cocoon and begins metamorphosis its body dissolves entirely; everything that the caterpillar once was is gone. The transformation is guided by several sets of embryonic cells that provide the only continuity between the caterpillar and what it will become once it emerges from its cocoon. These powerful cells have an apt name: Imaginal cells. Within the rich culture dissolved in the chrysalis the Imaginal cells grow to form wings, legs, antennae—a new body entirely.

Those of us who hold a vision of what the future of the Earth may be are like these Imaginal cells, akin to midwives who aid in the birthing, or re-birthing, of the Earth. As the Earth’s Imaginal cells we can use the power of the moral, empathic, creative, compassionate imagination to be present for the return of the soul into the world. The task of rebirthing the Earth is beyond any of us alone, but we can witness and aid the process, holding the vision of what may be to come."[7]

The above can support a quintessential imagination for Cheeta. In 1980 I published the first issue of Transformations (out of Escondido, California) with a caterpillar-to-butterful drawing on the cover. Becca makes a superior presentation of "transformations" by including the all important "metamorphosis"! In the larger context of "the world" it is in this stage when the "body dissolves entirely" when knowledge of the embryonic/'Imaginal Cells' will be crucial. "Transformations" featured personal accounts of transformation. Now approaching 38 years later the personal includes the planetary. They were always connected.

Over the past several decades the truth of this has been slowly permeating into the collective consciousness albeit in limited ways. For instance Biodynamic Agriculture (BD) has been known in America since 1933.[8] However, it has yet to truly permeate the collective consciousness. Instead an offshoot of BD known as organic agriculture became the commercial mainstay and yet today the official organic standards within legislative enactments has become severely compromised. Now the original foundation of soil-building has virtually disappeared among the so-called organic standards! Consequently a movement has been launched to recover "real organics" - the mother of which remains to be Biodynamic Agriculture.

This is symbolic of the metamorphosis that is needed to completely dissolve the "caterpillar stage" of development so that evolution into the higher "butterfly stage" can be born! Biodynamic farmers are one type of "Earth’s Imaginal cells". We need many more types in all sectors of society, possibly the most urgent of which is in the financial sector.



[2] Two examples: "...Brotherhood must exist in the world among human beings because it already exists in nature, and humans must live according to the laws of nature. ...":

"... True brotherhood begins when you understand how to enrich your life through the lives of others.":

[3] Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov:





[8] Ehrenfried Pfeiffer first visited the U.S. in 1933 to lecture to a group of anthroposophists at the Threefold Farm in Spring Valley, New York on biodynamic farming.:



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