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by Chef JeM

Making Contact with The Life of Nature

The original impulse for the Cheeta vision was inspired by Nature and represented in the original Cheeta acronym: "Culturally Healing Eco-Enlightening Transformational Arts" - Because connecting with nature is essential for our complete well being!

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November 15, 2020 - Marriage - As Above So Below -

" is made in the image of God; he cannot do something that God does not do. If men and women unite in order to create together it is because God himself has a spouse to whom he united and with whom he creates. God's spouse is the divine Mother (Nature). Christianity has never recognized the existence of the divine Mother. All other religions recognize it; Christianity is the only exception. But this is not the true teaching of Christ."[12]*

November 5, 2020 - The Book of Living Nature -

"Initiates do not read many books written by human beings. For them, the one true book is the Book of Living Nature; they constantly pore over this book, endeavoring to decipher the symbols, structures and forms presented within it. And the Book of Living Nature is not simply an inventory of all the minerals, plants, insects and animals in the world. Indeed no, it contains the life of all creatures of all worlds. It is not a matter of knowing the external aspects of nature, but the surge and flow of life itself and all the subtle correlations between the different planes of the universe."[11]

August 29, 2020 - Take An Active Part In The Sunrise!

"Every morning prepare yourself for the sunrise. When you set off on your way to greet the dawn, keep in your head and your heart the thought that you are not only going to be present at this amazing event in the universe, but that you are also going to take an active part in it. What could be more vital or more beautiful than the break of day? You might feel that your presence there will not affect it in any way, and that it will take place whether you are there or not. However true this may be, it is for you that it is important, for there is a direct link between what goes on in nature and happens within you. Once you know how to watch the sun rise, you will feel all those pure and luminous forces that spring into action the instant the first ray of sunlight bursts forth. You will realize how important it is to work with these forces in order to awaken the day in your own consciousness too."[10]*


Imagine participating in a three-day event where each morning begins with the solar yoga of greeting the dawn (as described in the above quote), followed by dyads on the truth of self, life and others.

August 19, 2020 - Making Contact with The Nature of Food -

"...Food is condensed sunlight and condensed sound. Light is not something separate from sound, but we need to concentrate our mind and not allow our thoughts to wander if we wish to hear it. To someone who listens regularly, light speaks and sings; it is music to their ears; it is the divine Word. In the noisy hustle and bustle of our modern world we can hear nothing, and this is such a shame. Whereas silence gives us the conditions we need to understand the language of food."[9]

March 27, 2020 - "Sing the Water Song" -

Got introduced to this a few days ago via the Hydration Foundation.

The Water Song Lyrics (Phonetical)
Nee bee wah bow
En die en
Aah key mis kquee
Nee bee wah bow
Hey ya hey ya hey ya hey
Hey ya hey ya hey ya ho

Unofficial translation:
Beautiful water flow
You are the key to life
Beautiful water flow[8]

February 21, 2020 - Water! -

"Of the four elements, water is the one that mingles most closely with our own body, and because of this, by drinking water we can establish communication with the pure forces of the universe and absorb the elements it contains. But for this to happen, you must sip it slowly, thinking as you do so that you are imbibing the blood of nature, which feeds and waters all creatures.

Water is the mother of life, and it deserves our respect, gratitude and love. -
At the marriage feast of Cana, Jesus changed water into wine, that is to say, into blood, into life.
When you drink water, remember that it will be transformed into life-giving blood in your own body too.
Meditate at length on this idea and say to the water, ‘You that nourish all creatures, reveal to me the secrets of eternal life.’"[7]

September 1, 2019 - The Arts of Culture -

"The battle for humanity’s future is not in the political realm – which is mostly just karmic drama – but rather in our minds – the Arts of Culture."[6]

March 10, 2019 - Introducing Dr. Carolyn Dean - The 'Good Doctor' For All Our Children -

"... According to a JAMA Pediatrics journal 2019 study, ‘only’ half of these children receive treatment from a mental health professional. I put ‘only’ in quotes because I don’t know that mental health professionals are the best people to take care of kids whose ‘mental health’ may be due to nutrient deficiencies, too much sugar and junk food, and ‘addiction’ to social media.

The prevalence of childhood mental health problems ranged from a low of 7.6% in Hawaii to a high of 27.2% in Maine. That should tell you something right there! Kids who are able to get out and enjoy nature are happier! And it doesn’t have to be warm and sunny to get outside and play – too many kids are stuck to their computers and cell phones and are not encouraged to get exercise and fresh air. ..."[4]

Comment: The importance of the environment for children is underscored by Carolyn Dean. Children need an environment that they truly enjoy being in and ideally more so then any virtual reality. No wonder there are places where mental health problems in children are rated as high as 27.2% - however I find 7.6% also high. In any case the Cheeta vision has always stood for "Healing Environments" and that doesn't mean a hospital room or the like. It means life-supporting lands that are rich with the forces of nature and including the kinds of animals that have a beneficial affect on children with cows being one of the most beneficial.

September 22, 2017 - Inspired now with the "Thought for the day" from the Teachings of Omraam:

"Get into the habit of observing and listening to the life of nature ..."[1]

Upon reading the entire message I thought of the Anthroposophical approach to reading the "Book of Nature".[2]

I also thought of the early days of my "amazing journey" when I started becoming more aware of the life of nature including the clouds as Omraam describes.

His message concludes with: "... this is how we make contact with the life of nature."

This is a perfect example of the "Eco-Enlightening" component of Cheeta which supports "Culturally Healing" through "Transformational Arts" that are directly inspired by connecting with nature!

In writing this now I am further inspired by realizing that there are limitless connections that can be made with nature right where I live and that "connection" can include the arts! This further reminds me that I have a certain outdoor space that I can possibly transform into an outdoor "studio".

May 17, 2019 - Mental Health Advantages With Nature Contact -

"...The idea that so many things we encounter in everyday life could be threatening our mental wellbeing is an alarming one. But our physical environments can also nourish our mental health. There’s plenty of research showing that our risk for depression and other psychiatric disorders is lowered by— you guessed it—contact with nature. People are more physically active while in nature and the sights, sounds, and smells of greenery and oceans soothe us and give our mood a boost.

In one experiment, scientists discovered that after a stroll in nature people are less prone to rumination, the tendency to obsess over one’s mistakes and troubles that is a common feature of disorders like depression and anxiety. The nature walk also calmed activity in several brain regions involved in rumination and responding to threats to our sense of belonging or feelings that we’ve made a social misstep. One of these brain areas—known as the perigenual anterior cingulate cortex, which is involved in regulating our emotions—may be key to understanding how our environments can harm or help our mental health, Meyer-Lindenberg believes.

'A lot of the risk factors that we’ve been looking at tend to hit the same brain system,' he says. He and his colleagues have found that this part of the brain responds particularly strongly to socially stressful situations in people who were raised in cities."[5]


This writer realized a stark contrast between living in the city vs in a rural environment in his youth by spending his Summers away at camp. By his fifth year at camp he realized he could live in a camp-like environment year-round and be spared of all the disconnect with nature that predominates city life. If you live in the city and don't want to move closer to nature then at least consider sending your children to Summer camp so they can have a direct experience of a contrast. The Cheeta vision includes Summer camp for both children and their parents!

May 14, 2018 - "... Every element of creation has its own language. ...

... They talk among themselves and they speak to us as well, and it is up to us to know how to connect with them, how to use words to speak in harmony with this universal language. Nothing should be more important to us than to find a way to improve our participation in the cosmic harmony. The day we succeed, we will no longer ask ourselves useless questions about the existence of God or the meaning of life – we will feel divine life flow through us."[3]

Serendipitously - (in just this past day) I had imagined having Anthroposophical teachers share their exercises and knowledge regarding "how to connect" with "every element of creation". Naturally there needs to be an attraction for the teachers to come. This attractor element organically allowed my imagination to flow into an overall picture of Cheeta as a fully developed eco-village. That made for a really sweet scene in my mind! I'm also thinking that the next step in manifesting this imagination is to build micro demonstration models at preexisting sites such as camps. Ideally I would identify camps that come as close as they come to Cheeta and then ascertain what more can be demonstrated there. There are a few very basic elements that I'd especially like to see demonstrated in a "micro demonstration model". These are:

1.) biodynamic composting,
2/) a "family cow" and/or a small herd of milk goats,
3.) as much Nourishing Traditions as can be welcomed in the kitchen,
4.) conscious communication exercises,
5.) and some kind of "stage" for performing arts.



[2] "Spiritual Ecology: Reading the Book of Nature and Reconnecting with the World" -
by Rudolf Steiner (Author), Matthew Barton (Translator):

Additional books can be found with an online search.












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