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by Chef JeM

Seven-Centered Beings Invented Lying

Madness that's been inherited psychologically from the seven-centered being.

Date:   2/13/2017 5:54:22 AM   ( 6 y ) ... viewed 1643 times

A couple days ago I had a conversation with a "fellow gardener" whom we had interviewed several months earlier with questions including health conditions that we should be aware of. It was only the other day when I learned of a health condition that significantly impacts this individual's life to an extent that it also has some impact of the rest of us or maybe I should just say that it has some impact on me. Within a day I had a kind of epiphany about this - that people who live according to the conditioning of their seven-centered ancestors (seven-centered beings I'm calling SCBs) are living from a fear-based survival instinct and in that mode one does whatever they need to do to survive. Lying is actually the norm in that mode. I saw this so clearly that I was able to completely accept it!

That in and of itself may be something on the order of a miracle for me given how devoted I am to truth of self as well as the first agreement: "Be Impeccable With Your Word". To be impeccable with your word you have to de-conditon yourself from the ancestral SCBs. And that de-conditioning is considered to be an entire seven-year process![1]

Although I see this clearly and have accepted it in the first instance I have another "discovery" in process involving another "fellow gardener" that is actually a challenge for me to fully accept as the impact is more severe for me. More severe because I am very protective of my energy/"space" namely my aura and the full extent of my auric field. If you stretch out your arms your aura extends twice that distance in all directions. The aura is not limited by walls, ceilings or floors. I have my bed positioned on a lower level right under the living room where the couch is located. The "fellow gardener" has taken to sleeping on that couch rather than in their own space. When I sleep that is my time to fully recharge my aura and thereby be refilled for another full and active day. It is one of the things I can give to myself to keep me going and I'm not willing to compromise on that. I have already made a couple attempts to communicate this to this one (who appears to be acting under the SCBs conditioning, namely lying). I even offered them the couch (that I'd be willing to move to their space). However I learned from yet another "fellow gardener" that I'd need to have a replacement couch before moving out the current one. I really need patience on this!

Ra Uru Hu:
Human Design talks about two kinds of authority: inner authority and outer authority. The seven-centered being inner and outer authority were in the same place—here, mentally. That meant that the mind was making the decisions and doing the talking, which meant that seven-centered beings invented lying, because that's what happens when your mind is both inner and outer authority. This is the nature of most human beings.

Think about it. If your mind is controlling your decision making then it has to be careful with what it says in certain situations. And because it has to be careful about what it says in certain situations it begins to manipulate what it says or what it doesn't say in order to protect the decision that it hasn't made yet or will make or could make or thinks it should make. This is the madness that's been inherited psychologically from the seven-centered being.[2]

March 2, 2017 -

And Ra also made a similar statement:

"... the conversations of the homogenized world are always wrapped up in lies. They’re always wrapped up in the dilemma that when the mind is both inner and outer authority it cannot help but lie, because it’s constantly protecting itself. It’s constantly limiting what it says or the way it says it because it’s calculating what that information will do and what impact that information will have when its released. The mental decision not to say certain things or to say certain things in a certain way in order to protect the possibility of what one thinks one is going to be able to do".[3]

I witnessed another "fellow gardener" in a mode of "constantly protecting" their SCB conditioning. I didn't want to hear the defensiveness and said as much, even walked away. The attempts "to protect the decision", "constantly protecting itself" and "to protect the possibility of what one thinks one is going to be able to do" indicates to me an insidious fear-base of insecurity.

March 4, 2017 -

A "fellow gardener" (whom I have no idea whether or not this individual is actually doing any "gardening") called for "a one-hour house meeting to talk about our dreams"; however what actually occurred was that the seven of us were essentially given about "one to two minutes" or allowed "three to five sentences" to simply state what our "dream" is whereas this "fellow-gardener" took the remaining time (about forty minutes) to also announce a future event plus other personal reports presented as a long-winded monologue. I count it a good thing that the topic/s that could be considered as genuine "house" topics got mentioned as there needed to be feedback given by the manager as to what the house priorities are right now. The monologue included a statement early on that makes me want to research this one's destiny cards for the Jack of Diamonds: "Salesperson Card" cause it sounded to me like a possible outrageous claim or at least overly generalized and therefore probably not applicable to what were essentially the audience of listeners. The statement was: "I believe you can achieve your ten-year goals within this year." (If the intention was to arouse people's interest my interest took a nose dive at that point.) A couple other similar and (by my estimate) minor points were also made however I don't know whether I'll return to this entry to add anything further. It wasn't a complete waste of my time however at the designated one hour point I prompted made my exit while everyone else remained.

It is somewhat a relief for me to have written this! Thank you for bearing with my report.

1] I personally see the time required for reconditioning to be dependent upon the severity of the conditioning. Mine was severe and it appears it is at least a fourteen year process for me!

[2] Page 73 of "The Complete Guide To The Human #SanDiegoSustainableDesignSymposium inspired many of us. System


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