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This Spirit of the Community Must Be Alive!

#37.) The foundation of Cheeta.

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July 27, 2018 -

Have you heard: “... It takes a tribe to raise a human. Evolution thus favoured those capable of forming strong social ties”?[11]

Human Design includes both the "Individual" plus the "Tribal".

July 25, 2018 - Emerson and Steiner -

“…both men emphatically trust human thinking for its intuitive nature … both Emerson and Steiner see freedom as a matter of self-reliance and see selfhood as the seed from which community, rather than isolation, can develop when the ‘I’ in any one of us becomes conscious of the ‘I’ in others.”[10]

"Self-reliance" permeates the Cheeta village vision as integral impulse running throughout the whole cultural environment.

Today (Sunday, February 28th, 2016) is a beautiful day! I finally feel validation for a couple of my ideals (that I have blogged about a number of times) that have 'converged' for me today! I have said many times: “Communication is life” and had 'upgraded' the statement with a supplemental quote: “Dialogue is the new community”. I've also quoted Rudolf Steiner's statement in regards to what a healthy social life consists of. Having held these ideals for well over twenty-five years can you imagine how happy I can be to feel these ideals validated?

The sense of validation came unexpectedly after I had said hello to an individual who had stopped communicating for over the past month or so. I said a little more than 'hello'; moments later I also extended an open invitation for the individual to communicate with me at any time about whatever. A moment after that invitation was completely communicated the 'flood gate' was opened and it was a non-stop stream for the next hour. It confirmed for me the need for interpersonal communication that I had just blogged about (as follows) just several hours earlier.:

The Evolution of the E.G.O.
The spirit of the community.

Date: 2/28/2016 8:41:08 PM

First "epiphany" - I am an emotionally-defined Individual and I make no apologies about that! Even if I were to be "crucified" as a consequence! What's more I'm especially defined with all three "Motors" - my generating Sacral Center and Heart Center that together form my core definition connected with my Solar Plexus center to my Throat Center! There is no way that I can deny the super powerful emotional function of my Human Design Mechanics!

Second "epiphany" led me to: "The Fundamental Social Law: Rudolf Steiner on the Work of the Individual and the Spirit of Community"[1] while searching for an authoritative source for this:

"The healthy social life is found
When in the mirror of each human soul
The whole community is shaped,
And when in the community
Lives the strength of each human soul."

- See more at:

Third "epiphany" is "short and sweet": "The healthy social life" requires dialogue!

The trinity of this epiphany in summary: A healthy social life requires that each individual know the "human soul" of one another. I have found tremendous understanding of the depth and breath of the human soul (that I can elaborate upon with current real life examples) by learning the Human Design of each individual within my social sphere. A healthy social life also requires that each individual dialogue with one another. (As I have stated a number of times in several of my blogs: "Communication is Life".) "A healthy social life" requires a quality (and I also believe a form[2]) of communication that allows shared understanding - "in the mirror of each human soul" so that "The whole community is shaped" and then "in the community ... the strength of each human soul" can live!

July 11, 2018 -

"... Healthy spiritual life, both for the individual and for the community, is a matter of circulation--fluent movement from one dimension to another, and within each dimension according to its own laws. ..."[9]

March 1st, 2016 -

"... you can only fully take responsibility for yourself when you know what is going on in your mind."[3]

From Omraam:

"...Brotherhood must exist in the world among human beings because it already exists in nature, and humans must live according to the laws of nature. ..."[4]

March 22nd, 2016 -

"In A Course In Miracles Jesus teaches 'minds are joined, bodies do not.' Jesus also teaches 'your relationship is the temple of the Holy Spirit.' The relationship is thus the loving attitude you share and cannot be defined in terms of bodies. Bodies seem to come and go, and thus relationships that are defined by bodies are temporary. The attitude of Love is ever lasting, and this can only be experienced when all body thoughts have been released to the Holy Spirit."

I appreciate this as an "upgrade" on my Christian/scriptual orientation of: "Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit".

June 10th, 2016 -

I deeply appreciate Don Miguel Ruiz and his teachings starting with The Four Agreements (that I have completely adopted as of about seven years ago).

"A Toltec is an artist of Love, an artist of the Spirit, someone who is creating every moment, every second, the most beautiful art - the Art of Dreaming."[6]

This quote of Don Miguel fits very well with the Cheeta vision.

"We create an entire population in our mind, including multiple personalities for ourselves."

I also see this quote fitting and that it can be an inspiration for the Cheeta Theater.

"All of our drama and suffering is by practice."

And it follows that the more drama and suffering one has the more it probably has been practiced.

"Human live in a continuous fear of being hurt, and this creates a big drama wherever they go."

The root, AKA "The Shadow" (in Gene Keys).

"The emotional energy that lives in our home is going to tune our emotional body to that frequency."[7]

May 12, 2017 -

"Human beings have a natural tendency to meet their needs and solve their problems without taking others into account, and even if it suits them, at the expense of others. Well, these are serious mistakes. ... you must now decide not to work for yourself alone, but for the collective whole. Yes, it is in your own interest because you are a part of this community. When the community improves and evolves, you benefit from these improvements. You reap the benefit because you have placed your capital in a bank called the human family ... of which you are a member. Whereas when you work for the sole benefit of yourself, nothing good happens to you. You will say, ‘But I disagree, I have been working for myself.’ No, because your separate and egotistic self is a bottomless pit which is always dissatisfied and, by working for it, you throw everything into it. You must therefore change the purpose of your work and place it very high in an ideal of universality."[8]

Tell me what your High Ideal is.



Also: "The well-being of a community of people working together will be the greater, the less the individual claims for himself the proceeds of his work, i.e. the more of these proceeds he makes over to his fellow-workers, the more his own needs are satisfied, not out of his own work but out of the work done by others". -

See more at:

The article goes on to say: "Every arrangement in a community that is contrary to this law will inevitably engender somewhere after a while distress and want. It is a fundamental law, which holds good for all social life with the same absoluteness and necessity as any law of nature within a particular field of natural causation. ... Anyone who really examines practical life will find that every community that exists or has ever existed anywhere has two sorts of arrangements, of which the one is in accordance with this law and the other contrary to it. ... He who labours for himself must gradually fall a victim to egoism. Only one who labours solely for the rest can gradually grow to be a worker without egoism. ...

But there is one thing needed to begin with. If any man works for another, he must find in this other man the reason for his work; and if anyone is to work for the community, he must perceive and feel the value, the nature and importance, of this community. He can only do this when the community is something quite different from a more or less indefinite summation of individual men. It must be informed by an actual spirit, in which each single one has his part. It must be such that each one says: ‘It is as it should be, and I will that it be so’. The community must have a spiritual mission, and each individual must have the will to contribute towards the fulfilling of this mission. All the vague abstract ideals of which people usually talk cannot present such a mission. If there be nothing but these, then one individual here or one group there will be working without any clear overview of what use there is in their work, except it being to the advantage of their families, or of those particular interests to which they happen to be attached. In every single member, down to the most solitary, this spirit of the community must be alive ..."

- See more at:

[2] My favorite form is Dyads!



The complete blog post:


[6] The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz:*Version*=1&*entries*=0#reader_B005BSQWVM

[7] Page 15 of the Mastery of Love in PDF


See the last sentence in the last paragraph under: "Why Can't Anthroposophists Be Nice?".

[10] "American Philosophy and Rudolf Steiner: Emerson - Thoreau - Peirce - James - Royce - Dewey - Whitehead ...".

[11] “Sapiens - A Brief History of Humankind” By: Yuval Noah Harari


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