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#36.) The transformative potential of working with color.

Date:   2/7/2016 5:12:46 AM   ( 7 y ) ... viewed 1632 times

October 22, 2023 - Enlightened Art -

"Art will save the world, but only art that is conscious and enlightened by the truths of Initiatic Science. ..."[10]*

August 30, 2020 - White Light - Source of All Colors -

"...White light unites the omnipotence of the color violet with the peace and the truth of blue, the richness and eternal rejuvenation of green, the wisdom and knowledge of yellow, the health and vigor of orange, and lastly the strength and vitality of red. Once you are really able to concentrate on light, when you are able to perceive it as a vibrating, pulsating entity in which all is peace and fulfillment, you will begin to see that this light is also music, that universal music known as the music of the spheres, the song of the entire universe."[9]

May 17, 2018 - Since time began: what artists are telling us -
By Jon Rappoport -

“Many people are afraid of art. Why? Because art says reality isn’t finished. This reality—the one we all know about—isn’t the only one. An infinite number of realities can be imagined and invented.”

“People who say they have no imagination are imagining they have no imagination.”

“The atoms of the body and the atoms of the universe are waiting for imagination to give them more life.”

“Artists are saying, ‘No matter what Super-Reality you believe in, no matter what cosmology you accept, imagination can go farther. There is no final map’.”

“Artists are saying, ‘Your future is wide open. You can invent it. Or you can let someone else invent it for you’.”

“Artists provide answers to questions that haven’t been asked yet. This bothers people who want to spend their lives solving pre-set problems.”

... notes I wrote while preparing my three Matrix collections - Jon Rappoport[7]

With Jon's article I now finally have an external validating reference for what may be the "ark" of Cheeta.

October 24, 2017 -

"...Art must not merely be confined to somewhere within the creation, but it must also exist in daily life. The true artist is one who can see their self as material for their creation."

This quote from Omraam speaks perfectly to the true nature of the High Ideal for Cheeta Art.

January 28, 2019 - Continuing with Omraam -

"...true art, the art of the future, is to make life poetical by becoming more expressive and alive."[8]

Comment: This is so very Good for me to hear and to acknowledge my hesitancy to produce "art" knowing that there is an "art of the future" yet not fully realizing exactly what that art is, up till now. "To make life poetical" is truly an art and one that I most certainly am into creating!

February 7, 2016 - Initial Post -

Although I'm somewhat surprised that I hadn't posted a blog entry just on Art here at Cheeta before, now the timing is certainly right as I've been inspired to start this from my reading of the teachings of Omraam.:

"... The seven lights I have described are the seven colours, and each one corresponds to a particular virtue or quality: purple corresponds to sacrifice, blue to truth, green to hope, yellow to wisdom, orange to sanctity and red to love. ..."[1]

In 1990 I was introduced to the art of "Veil Painting" at Rudolf Steiner College. I had a taste of the transformative potential of working with color. I'd like to return to "Veil Painting" with greater awareness, understanding and respect for this potential. I'd also like to include music and dance with Art! Thinking in multi-media underscores my interest to create murals.

August 17, 2017 -

(I think this is about the 30th anniversary of the "Harmonic Convergence" now.)

I'm posting the following Omraam quote at this location here while thinking that all art-related posts could be combined/complied into one. I'm also just now thinking of including "The Arts and Their Mission" plus "The Inner Nature of Music and the Experience of Tone - Selected Lectures from the work of Rudolf Steiner" by Steiner.[2] I may have already mentioned "Thoughts on music" by Daniel de Lange that I am still currently reading.

Omraam: "From disorder to order, from chaos to harmony, such is the law of creation, and everywhere in the universe we can observe this law at work. Yes, we see it everywhere, except in what our contemporaries insist on calling art, which is more often, in fact, only a return to the formless. We look at a painting or a piece of sculpture without being able to distinguish what it represents. Inarticulate sounds pass for a song, cacophony and noise pass for music, words thrown together pass for poetry, and disorganized movements pass for dance... The intelligence of living nature always works in the direction of differentiation and organization: a single cell divides and multiplies, and a few months later a human being or an animal appears, extraordinary in form. Must we now take the opposite path and become unicellular, or chaotic? How is it that artists, who are by definition creators, have not understood the law their creations must obey?"[3]

I think this phrase from Omraam: "from disorder to order" is applicable on the world stage level as advocated by the phrase "New World Order" (that may have first been uttered publicly by George Bush senior while he occupied the office of President). I see the start of the "disorder" when George Washington took the oath of office for "President of the United States" (PoUS) after having already been duly elected as "President of the United States of America"(PoUSA - for which no additional qualifications were constitutionally required). These are two separate "offices" with different functions and yet Washington combined them together and thereby transformed the nature of the two separate and distinct offices into a new "super office" with dictatorial proportions! This fact was recognized by Herman Göring during the Nuremberg Trials who "claimed that when Hitler subverted Germany's republican constitution by amalgamating the offices of chancellor and president, he was merely emulating the powers of the office of President of the United States, which merged the roles of head of government and head of state."[4][5]



[2] I read these two books as of 1989 and they played a "pivotal" role in my evolutionary journey toward attending Rudolf Steiner College as of 1990.



[5] Originally referred to as of July 29, 2016 in: "Re-writting History"







seven lights, seven colors, seven virtues, purple, sacrifice, blue, truth, green, hope, yellow, wisdom, orange, sanctity, red, love, Veil Painting at Rudolf Steiner College. I had a taste of the transformative, murals, the true artist

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