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#32.) True economy is being attentive and sensible ...

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August 22, 2018 -

"... If men and women were taught the art of making exchanges, they would always be happy and totally fulfilled. ..."[10]

Many ways and levels through which "exchanges" can be made. Children are "body beings" which gives a natural emphasis on physical exchanges. A friend I admire for her leading teaching contributions in Waldorf education offers a program on a most simple back massage exchange for the students that I have great appreciation for! This kind of exchange not only benefits the children socially it nourishes their brain as well!

December 4, 2015 -

I give thanks today for the truths of Cheeta and for my ability to live in a Cheeta-based awareness to the extent that I am able to at this time! As I have briefly mentioned in an earlier post here - I have had challenges living in harmony with the "economic sphere" most largely due to the nature of the debt-virus infected financial system that a very great part of the world has been subject to. Part of Cheeta's all-inclusive vision, mission, goal, etc. is to demonstrate/model a life-style with local culture beyond the Federal Reserve Note (FRN)-based financial system.

The first foundation in Cheeta that enables the eco-village to live well and prosper beyond the FRN system is for the community to become their own agricultural entity. That not only includes having all the community's food needs met it will also provide "fibers" for clothing plus building materials. Cheeta-grown Food, Cheeta-made Clothing and Cheeta-built Shelter. Most all manufactured items and technology that is needed to be "imported" can conceivably be bartered with what Cheeta grows, makes and/or builds. In addition to these creations Cheeta can create local community currency whereby individuals even businesses beyond the village can use for goods and services in our village shops and businesses! I am looking forward to building a prototype demonstration of this within the near future.

In the meanwhile - I am grateful for feeling validation for Cheeta in a number of ways. One way is in conversations with a number of Brothers with whom I share friendships with both locally and cross country. Last night I met with a Brother who has a long-time "regenerative" vision for multi-fold regeneration within local community that I have once again acknowledged as embodying the same or most similar spirit as with Cheeta! I deeply appreciate this Brother's thinking that penetrates and permeates local systems (schools, homes, open land) with renewed vision and purpose! This Brother is a teacher and he clearly sees the potential for school campuses to become vital community centers where the children are fully engaged participating in learn-by-doing programs that are integrated into the local community and include school-based food systems by implementing roof-top gardens, grey water fed eco-systems and more!

I was inspired to begin writing this post while reading the following "Daily Meditation: Friday, December 4, 2015" from the Omraam community.

"The increased presence of appliances and products makes it possible for humans to correct their mistakes, their clumsiness and their negligence: they can glue and repair things, put them right and clean and take care of them... And look at how much advertising there is for all these appliances and products! But no one thinks about the psychological and moral side of the matter, that is to say, how people can be made to be more attentive to their gestures and their thoughts. Why pay attention, why be careful, when there are pharmacies, hospitals, garages, dry-cleaners, hardware shops, and so on?

It’s true that extraordinary progress has been made in the material domain, but what about the spiritual domain? And then people talk of economy! True economy is being attentive and sensible; the other economy, the one economists talk about, in reality only encourages spending, and even waste. If you would like to practice true economy and have the physical and psychological means to help others, you must pay attention and master your thoughts and gestures."[1]

My Comments:

Advertising is a form of modern day magic based on programming the viewers mind with "needs" for products that are mostly designed for obsolescence[2] or worse!

The "psychological and moral side of the matter" can fill volumes and it is my intention to add some published references on this point.

Re: "How people can be made to be more attentive to their gestures and their thoughts" - this will be best supported in a community where such attentiveness is a way of life! This is a matter of awareness and is what Cheeta is really all about!

Re: "pharmacies, hospitals, garages, dry-cleaners, hardware shops, and so on" ~ all non-existent within the Cheeta village. The longest history of pharmacies is one of botanical-based preparations.[3] It is the healing forces in nature that form the true foundation for the traditional pharmacy. It amazes me that what once was a direct connection with Mother Nature changed in relatively recent history (over the course of about the last one hundred and fifty years) away from Nature's way, (botanical and other nature-based kingdoms) to the laboratories of powerful pharmaceutical companies that are all structured with a bottom line to make profits for their share holder/investors.

The true healing spirit of Cheeta has no need for either these pharmacies or their pharmaceuticals as we live in direct connection with the forces of nature that infuse our village/community! However, Cheeta can very well have it's own Apothecary[4] as the agricultural system will include growing and cultivating a wide range of healing herbs as well as preserving wild crafted varieties.

Re: "hospitals" - In the early development for the Cheeta village (soon after the development of our "Food Freedom Center") we will have a "New Medicine Teaching Center" (NMTC) based on German New Medicine (that I have blogged about in "Son of Truth of Self"). Although our NMTC doesn't replace the function of a modern hospital it will empower individuals with right knowledge of their Innate Intelligence as the true "Inner Physician" and guide through virtually every healing crisis with few exceptions. If a "villager" were to break a bone or the like and required the expertise of a medical doctor to reset the bone, etc. then of course all the individuals are free to get the assistance they need. However, "bones" and the like will actually be stronger in the Cheeta village as our bodies will be the most well-nourished from the higher form of nutrient-dense foods we grow and raise on our farm![5] It won't surprise me if we never see any broken bones! What else might anyone be concerned about that in their mind may require having a "hospital"?

Our children will be born in their own homes and most warmly welcomed by their own family. The mother can choose whomever she may wish to have "catch" her baby only return him or her to the mother for a rest and for mother's milk. None of that requires a hospital. The mother will have very well prepared for child birth, even before becoming pregnant, much like the traditional wisdom of every society has ever given to their mothers to be.

Re: "garages, dry-cleaners, hardware shops, and so on" - There will be no cars running through the village. That means the need for cars will be minimized so that the subsequent need for a "garage" will be almost non-existent. Any cars in the village can be cared for by our own "garage". I don't see any need for dry-cleaners in the village. I have to smile at the thought of "Hardware shops" as I have been wanting to organize a highly functional work shop where I live (that has a work bench in it) that over the last seven years or so has mostly been used as a storage space! Also smile on the extent of hardware that has been collected here in numerous containers, much of which is waiting to be sorted out and newly organized. Oh hardware! Maybe we do need a hardware store! ; ~ )

January 5, 2016 -

To: "Master Your Thoughts":

I consider the "Philosophy of Freedom" by Rudolf Steiner as the cornerstone for mastering thoughts. I just discovered a free online study group on this book. The following is a quote from the text available at the study group site.:

"... We regard the perfection of the whole as depending on the unique perfection of each single individual."[6]

The 18th -

More "Thought for the day" wisdom from the Omraam community:

"...the exchanges we must make in order to live are not limited to eating and breathing. Or, to be more precise, they also consist in eating and breathing in all the different regions of the universe, so that our subtle bodies – the etheric, astral, mental, causal, buddhic and atmic bodies – are also nourished. When you understand how you can find food in the universe to suit your different bodies, you will feel your life resonating like an immense symphony. But you must first start by re-establishing communications, so that the currents of energy can circulate between you and the universe, and this can only be achieved by working with thought."[7]

Do you "feel your life resonating like an immense symphony"?
If not would you like to feel that? The Cheeta vision is all about developing this "symphony" from the literal ground up.

October 30, 2016 -

The "symphony" behind all symphonies with more Omraam:

"... music requires knowledge of the order of the world, of beings and things, and of the science of harmonic relationships which exist throughout the universe between microcosm (human beings) and macrocosm (the universe). It rests on immutable principles which we cannot transgress without losing our way."[8]

February 23, 2018 - More "Circulation" -

"To channel water, you dig ditches; to light your house, you install electric wires; and to receive radio and television programmes, you need equipment with circuits that will transmit sound and images. Why these examples? To help you understand that human beings need to inscribe something in themselves – circuits and channels – in order to capture divine energies and allow them to circulate. How can people think that God’s wisdom, love and willpower will find a path in them if they have prepared nothing, if they have not prepared the way? This path is etched by your actions, but also, of course, by the thoughts and feelings which anticipate these actions. ..."[9]







[5] Transformation is represented by the "t" in Chetta. The transformation begins with each individual. "When human beings understand that their work starts with themselves, when they begin to change their own body and brain, everything else will change too.":







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