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The Very First Cheeta Blog Post

31.) The original working draft of this evolving vision.

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Cheeta - Higher Consciousness Community Designed For Healing

(Originally Published at "Son of Truth of Self"[20]

Date: 11/16/2011 5:00:45 AM)

"The best way to predict the future is to design it" - Richard Buckminster Fuller

Before designing, understand that "... our cultural mind-set conditions our perceptions". Therefore (just like the Beatles said): "you better free your mind"[4]

"What most (intentional) communities have in common is idealism ..." - in "Creating a Life Together"

Here is a "seed vision" for new intentional communities that are devoted to the deepest healing (within the individual & in all our relations - including our relationship with the earth) via transformational processes that are designed for our higher consciousness.

(added 4-6-15) I name this vision Cheeta, an acronym: Cultural Healing - Enlightened Ecology - Transforming Arts. I have a new blog devoted to Cheeta[5]

April 20, 2012 -

About Twenty three hours ago I realized that the next step in this envisioning process could be the cultivation of the social community dimension with what I call a "society of sovereigns". This is a society of truly "free inhabitants". (This step alone might require an article that is entirely devoted to the subject.)

One foundation for this society involves knowing the Organic Laws that support both individual and collective sovereignty. Prior to my enrollment in December into a course on the Organic Laws I had less than the full foundation in Law upon which to begin building this society. Now I have the full "four-fold"/"four square" foundation!

November 5, 2012 - It's very interesting to see that I am working on a real life house foundation now with renewed determination to make the needed repairs to it!

(Added April 6, 2015) We finished the work that was focused primarily on the exterior of one side of the foundation. What a learning experience that was for me! With the rains this Winter not one drop of water came though the foundation where as the first Winter after I arrived at this place six to seven years ago the basement had drainage channels that were filled with standing water!

March 9, 2018 - Link to the Organic Laws in United States Code:

April 23, 2012-

Searching the phrase: "society of sovereigns" with 34 results[6]


This vision has been my life-long journey[7]

This vision is not only for future communities it is for the present community-building that is intended to culminate in the fullest manifestation of this particular community as a highly self-sufficient eco-village.

The vision includes living in one of these healing communities on the North American West Coast, located on private land that has a free and clear title, that is held in a land trust to preserve the land from any other development (beyond what the healing community has designed). No individual will have a claim of land ownership. People, schools, businesses, etc. can build and have full ownership of their buildings. The land use for the buildings can be on a long-term negotiable lease basis.

The land is carefully and completely designed for perpetual self-sufficiency that includes a mixed Biodynamic farm with small dairy and other animals. The farm is devoted to healing the earth as well as to producing the most delicious, nutrient-dense spiritual foods having the optimal healing forces. These are the foods that the community will find most suitable for making food as our medicine. Therefor, the farm is devoted to healing community through our direct living connection with the earth!

Re: Animals - From a Human Design perspective (more on Human Design below) there is a Design for Animals as well. There are several ways that the Design of animals can connect with that of the Human. "Such inter-species connections led to the domestication of animals, which in turn led to the organization of sustainable communities. ..." -
page 214 of "The Definitive Book of Human Design - The Science of Differentiation" by Lynda Bunnell

When I think "Biodynamics" I simultaneously think "Community"! The farm has a most "central" and essential relationship in terms of the building-up of the whole community. Land management is headed up by the farm. That is because every square inch of what most people may call "dirt" is actually the literal foundational of life here on earth! The Biodynamic farmers have the knowledge, the wisdom and the love of "dirt" and will teach, reveal and support the rest of the community in recovering our right relationship with this "skin" as well as the forces of Nature. In terms of the Four Directions the farm can be considered as the very first representative of the Earth Mother and I place the farm in the South Direction of the Great Medicine Wheel.

The farm will also serve as a teaching center in many ways including providing children (who are growing up in the eco-village) with their primary learning environment.[8]

May 20, 2012 -

The following excerpt from Steve Solomon's essay and book review of Dr. Weston A. Price and his findings that were published in "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" presents the best understanding to date of the need for the kind of vision that I am presenting here.:

"I observe that Price's vague worry about the degeneration of modern character solidified into a strong concern only after his searches in 'primitive groups,' where he noted that people isolated from modern civilization seemed to have a higher intelligence and more refined moral/ethical presence. In essence, Price concluded that healthy, well-nourished persons tend to be brighter, more honest, and happier. Or, physical nutrition is senior to spiritual health. Price said of this:

'The origin of personality and character appear in the light of the newer data to be biologic products and to a much less degree than usually considered pure hereditary traits. Since these various factors are biologic, being directly related to both the nutrition of the parents and to the nutritional environment of the individuals in the formative and growth period, any contributing factor such as food deficiencies due to soil depletion will be seen to produce degeneration of the masses of people due to a common cause. Mass behavior, therefore, in this new light becomes the result of natural forces, the expression of which may not be modified by propaganda but will require correction at the source.' (p. 4) Price thought we were wasting our efforts at reforming antisocial behavior by mental therapy or punishment. The cure rested in nutrition and to be effective, proper nutrition had to begin before birth.

Another individual who realized this same thing from a very different starting point was the German mystic and spiritualist Rudolf Steiner who was the inspiration for Waldorf schools and the founder of the Anthroposophical philosophy. Steiner wondered why so many involved in his spiritually-oriented communities demonstrated such reactive, irresponsible, virtually criminal behavior, when these, of all people, were the ones who had focused so hard on self-improvement. Why, Steiner wondered, were his communities such hot beds of internicine strife, such deep-seated backstabbing and covert politics? He finally concluded that the problem was not in his teachings or in the methods he was suggesting for self-improvement. The problem lie in the nutrition of those who were his followers. Until the body was well nourished, there was little or no point in talking about spiritual nourishment. So Steiner began to study agriculture, and the result was Biodynamic farming and gardening."

Thank you Rudolf Steiner! (First connected with the work of Steiner in the late 80s at the "Enchanted Garden" where I have been living, again, for the last seven years.)

Thank you Weston A. Price! (Most significantly connected with the work of Dr. Price through my introduction to Sally Fallon in 1999.)

I would not be inspired with the vision that I have were it not for the vision and the tremendous devotion of both these men to teach others.

Size of the eco-village:

"The total area of the 50 United States of Amercia is 2.3 billion acres."[9]

Total population is: 314,659,000[10]

These figures theoretically indicate that if the total acreage where divided by the total population there would be an average number of 7.3 acres per individual. That includes all individuals regardless of age, health or any other consideration. In any case I like to think of the acreage for this farm-based eco-village in terms of this average of at least 7.3 acres per individual. Now a very large portion of that equation will be designated to the farm and all the grazing lands; possibly half or at least 3 1/2 acres per person for agricultural purposes (including the wild vegetation areas that will be surrounding the farm lands).

If (just for example) the community initially started with fifty individuals then the whole farm with all the pasture lands, wild vegetation, etc. would be set up with at least 175 acres to start. At least a third of that would be for green pastures for our animals and in this calculation that would mean close to 60 acres in green pastures. That gives the equivalent of at least one acre of pasture land's worth of food for each individual! This is roughly the equation that I recommend we work with. I believe it will not only meet the food needs of each and every individual community member but probably allow a surplus for food security and for prosperity as well!

April 27, 2012 -

"Plowing pastures and range land in order to plant crops is not sustainable and won’t do much to feed the hungry or save the environment. Only about eleven percent of the land on planet earth can be farmed ... Old-fashioned organic mixed-use farms are the answer. And animals are essential, not optional, for healthy farms."[11]

And - This speaks volumes to me: "...It’s harder to get a 16 year-old interested in farming than a 12 year old."[12]

I can remember at age 11 or so how attracted I was to the most humble of farm chores: feeding the pigs the slop buckets from camp. I don't know that I would have done that for the first time as of age 16. In any case I have another reference on a Waldorf school that has a real working farm as the school's class room for the children. The children love it! The quote above underscores my thinking of a farm-based school and that the children can begin to have farm chores early on.

April 22, 2019 - Newly LinkedIn with a Farm Manager Who's Very Near Where I Went To Camp! -

My reply:

"... Bristol - I love that area - based on about six Summers that I attended Summer camp in the Salem area! The camp experience inspired me to explore recreation leadership at city college in Chicago where I originated from (1952 to 1978 +).

The camp was boarded by at least one farm and apparently by a pasture on another side. As a city-boy this gave me a very impressive contrast! Although I didn't pursue Rec-leadership the whole experience became a major inspiration for my developing a new community culture vision (Cheeta! ; ~ ). Briefly - the vision is community culture that is wholly based on regenerative agriculture!"

As much as this blog-author has been extensively and most positively inspired by his Summers in Wisconsin he is now all the more grateful to be living right where he is in California!

"Community Supported Kitchen" -

Next to the farm is a Community Supported Kitchen that is dedicated to producing the healing foods for the community and for additional CSK members. The kitchen also serves as a training center for future chefs who will take this healing culinary art back into their communities - (including schools, hospitals, nursing homes and even into the corporate world)! Food management for the community plus the Healing Culinary Training is headed up by the CSK. The Kitchen is in the South West Direction of the Medicine Wheel.

(Added next five paragraphs on April 6, 2015) -

Over the last day or so I thought more on the start of the "training" that I would initiate for Cheeta. I'm thinking the training will begin with a seven-day "intensive". The very first day is devoted to our connection to universal love as the primary source of nourishment that we can add to our foods. This day begins with a Reiki attunement whereby each participant receives the Reiki First Degree. From that day forward the participants will include Reiki in their relationship with food, in all their food preparations and in working with one another as well! This has been a dream of mine for many years since I first received my first degree and now I am putting it into writing. In fact I have just begun thinking of giving the first training. (As I write this now I wonder what location to use. Obviously one that has a full service professional kitchen. Writing that reminds me that there is a resort in the area that I want to look into and I think I'll proceed in that direction shortly!)

The focus of the second day will be on our connection with the Earth. This actually is a three-day intensive and if duplicated as such would take the training through day four.

Then the fifth day would be devoted to safety. I want all the kitchen workers to develop the very best safety practices and have nothing but a truly safe and happy experience working in the kitchen and especially with regards to every tool, appliance and all the energies that flow into a professional kitchen. (Five is the number most associated with the hand.)

I think by day six it would be good to focus on communications. Elsewhere in this Son of Truth Blog I've written on communication and at the Cheeta Blog I mentioned I had started writing a book on communication. The kitchen will be an excellent environment for what I will share on the higher forms of communication.

By day seven I think we'll be ready to work with some food! With our good Reiki energy, our deepened connection with Mother Earth, our awareness and respect for kitchen tools, machines, forms of power and energy, etc., and our conscious communications we will have a new and awesome introduction to working with food!

I really like this training and I am going to have the best time of my life giving it!

(Now back to the previous sequence in this blog:)

"Spiritual Food As Medicine" is the primary earth-based foundation for the community and especially supporting all the healing work that we do! It is our "Wise Tradition" for building the Body-Temple as the most suitable vehicle for all incarnating souls. It is a non-negotiable part of living in the community. In other words there are no modern processed foods included or permitted on the farm or anywhere in the community! That is because the whole community realizes the utter & complete failure as well as the total inability of processed foods to support health and well being for humankind. In addition we realize that the anti-"agricultural" systems that grow these foods have raped the earth by depleting the earth's soils, polluting our waters and causing many various sicknesses among the people in and around those environments and beyond. We have chosen not to engage in those systems any more at all and consciously withdraw all of our support! We walk our talk and vote with our "purchases" and our many "investments" of time, talent and treasure. Besides, most of the modern day "foods" available in super markets are actually imitations of real foods. Why settle for an imitation when we can enjoy the real thing?

(Entered February 7, 2012) Nutrition:

What people are now told to think of as "nutrition" is largely based on the isolating, fragmenting, life-dissecting process that results in one being completely dis-connected from any sense of oneness with all of life that real, whole foods offer us!

Sally Fallon Morell says: Science looks at the individual nutrients and components of food, with little or no appreciation for the whole, for the complexities of nature. In fact, the reductionist view of mainstream scientists today holds that imitation foods can be created out of commodity ingredients - soy, corn, seed oils, sugar, milk powders - and then 'enriched' with synthetic vitamins to produce something that is healthy as the real thing. ..." - Wise Traditions - Fall 2012.

The modern day subject of "nutrition" and the science of it is virtually a dead concept. However, if you search you can find some historical traces of what would better be referred to as "that which gives life"! It is that which gives life that is nourishing!

A few wise souls in our modern times have witnessed this somewhat ancient integrated wisdom within certain protected cultures. By "protected" I mean these cultures were not conquered by outside influences and in this particular case not conquered by commerce with the infiltration and distribution of modern foods (the foods that we are all so very familiar with now and which most of us have been raised up on)! And yet all the life-giving sources of these protected cultures went beyond just the food products themselves but included the whole of the land as a living and life-giving organism. Something that modern day "consumers" are completely unaware of. This is the integrated wisdom that needs to be recovered. All of life needs the healing that these whole, life-giving organisms naturally give.

The integrated wisdom was interwoven in the relationships with all of nature, with the land, the animals, the seasons and with the people themselves. It is a wisdom that some Americans may have known (to a certain extent) in the early stages of our Independence here when most Americans were farmers. But now, all of that has completely changed and so much so that most of us do not have this essential integrated wisdom!

All we really have now are fragments that have been dissected and isolated from what once was alive, integrated therefore and very life-giving! Consequently we have dead concepts about things like "nutrition". And those dead concepts certainly do not nor can they ever nourish us! In fact the concepts are literally killing us because they deny the direct living connection with the greater whole of life.

We have been virtually conquered by the concepts and we no longer realize or even remember how vital the greater connectedness to all of life is. That is why I say: "The way to conquer a nation is to feed it modern foods!" We are another conquered nation!

That's it!

Now we need to rise from the dead way of thinking and rebuild our lives, our culture and all our connections with nature, the animals and one another! We need to form our own communities that are designed to be independent, self-sufficient and support the great work that is needed now. That is why I have posted this vision for "A Higher Consciousness in Community That's Designed For Healing". We need a higher consciousness to truly see where we are now in our evolution on this planet and the role that must be played to bridge into the new. The new has to be co-creatively built by us who join together in a higher vision that includes healing for all!

"The new" includes and can begin with the rebuilding of our own body/temple.

In rebuilding our Body/Temples we are better able to do all of our healing(1.) work including that of the other dimensions of our being and in our relations with all of life!

"The reality of healing (can be) supported by science, but healing remains, after all, an art. And art is also healing."[13]

(End of this entry on 2/7 with a few minor revisions on Saint Patrick's Day: 3/17/12)

April 22, 2012 -

"The articles in this newsletter speak to the many
kinds of value that our food can 'produce': nutritional value through consumption, social value through communities that form around food and farms, ecological value through the impact that agriculture has on our landscape and natural resources, and spiritual value through the experience of connecting with other forms of life. In opening his Agriculture Course lectures in 1924, Rudolf Steiner remarked, '...the interests of agriculture are bound up, in all directions, with the widest spheres of life. Indeed there is scarcely a realm of human
life which lies outside our subject. From one aspect or another, all interests of human life belong to agriculture.'"[14]

I have known this interconnectedness with "all interests of human life" in my relationship with food. This validates my sense of having food placed at the center of the communities.

Our additional healing work includes the identification of shock conflicts in our lives so that we can consciously focus on conflict resolutions within our psyches. Therefore we include a sacred medicine center that especially features the paradigm of German New Medicine (as given by Dr. Hamer: I have blogged on this new medicine paradigm[15]

German New Medicine is based on Five Biological Laws that have been proven and verified by a number of Doctors:

The direction on the Medicine Wheel for this center is in the East.

The farm, the centers and all the community members consist of individuals who make up "a society based upon the 'sovereign individual'":

Each individual[21] has there own unique Human Design.

Another paradigm to support us is that of the Human Design System that is based on the original revelation given to Ra in January 1987 (and now preserved by Human Design teacher Zeno). The cornerstone offered for individuals and for the community as a whole is knowing our Inner Authority. By knowing our Inner Authority we are capable of making correct decisions in all of our life, our relations and affairs. Making correct decisions then allows us to be completely self-governing to the fullest extent of our natural and Divine Rights (well recognized in the Declaration of Independence of 1776). Furthermore it frees us from the tyrant in our mind as has been well articulated in the books by Don Miguel Ruiz such as "The Four Agreements" and "The Fifth Agreement" with Don Jose Ruiz. The agreements as well as the Human Design system each support personal transformation which is part and parcel of the healing journey that we are taking. ("Be transformed by the renewal of your mind ...".) Therefor - we live by these five agreements and especially according to our Inner Authority. I place these teachings in the Northeast Direction of the Medicine Wheel.

Last but not least, we continually practice conscious co-creative communications in all our relating. We are able to do this by mastering the transformational tools of empathetic/compassionate communication, "dyad"(2.) communications and additional tools that increase our awareness of: what we are observing in our environments, what we feel through our observations, what our needs are and what we would like from others. The practice of "conscious co-creative communications" moves all around the Medicine Wheel as the grand circle of life for "Communications is Life"!

January 31, 2012 -

Inserting here on the topic of "Conscious Co-Creative Communication" which can be even more descriptive by saying: Do your best to have Convivial, Conscious, Co-Creative and Complete Communication Cycles in all your relating with others. Those communication cycles do not all have to be in the form of "Dyads". Sometimes you may not have the 12 or so minutes that it may take to do two 5 minute rounds of a Dyad with someone; then what? How about taking turns speaking one whole complete sentence at a time? What a concept! It may require you to think about what you want to say. Then just say it with conviviality so that it has the best chance of being received by the listener. My favorite form is still the Dyad form that originated with Charles Berner and Ava and what the Enlightenment Intensive was based on.

"It is the miracle that it is possible for us to be able to relate with each other at all." + More info on the use of dyads for Self-enlightenment and Life-enlightenment:

November 22, 2011 -

inspired to review all the above just after an hour-long conversation with Dyad partner and "Dynamic Dyad Master": Scott. Made a few minor edits to the copy above.

Some notes from that conversation:
Scott can use fresh, raw goat milk on a daily basis! (The land will provide an abundance of living food most enjoyed by the goats!)

Note of April 25, 2012 -

After Dyad session:
"My Medicine is Sovereignty"!

The implementation of this vision requires the support of a strong team as potential founding core members of the community.

This "team" will grow (and mature in their higher consciousness) through community-building gatherings (where the participants are committed to the actualization of functioning as a real, healthy community as advocated by Scott Peck and others) where each member is well nourished (with reference to true health "models" as documented by master teachers) and supported in their own healing process (with reference to the new medicine paradigm).

June 19, 2012 (Mayan Day of The Eagle) -

From my archive (of January 3, 2010):

"I am reaffirming my interest here in the work of Community Building (as it was created by M. Scott Peck, M.D. etc.) and would like to start a basic discussion on the importance of communication in relation to community-building.

Communication has been an on-going leading interest of mine for several decades. Reading what Scott Peck had to say in his book about communication (and especially in relation to
community-building) has completely validated my values and devotion for having the best possible communications in my life! In my way of thinking communication is life!

I started my day today with the realization that communication and community-building both require the same foundation. They both require our individual presence. And they both require our ability, willingness and readiness to "confront" one another. Essentially by 'confront' I mean to face one another unflinching and focus our undivided attention on one another regardless of what all may be going on."

To con-front is to be up-front with one another.

(Added at the Spring Equinox - March 21, 2012) -

This vision is the magnet for drawing the "team" together. In order for the team to truly "come together" the individual team players need to feel directly connected to the vision.

Think of the whole vision (that is presented here) as simply a thought, while reading the following.:

"A thought’s vitality depends upon the feeling with which the thought is impregnated. If the thought is constructive, it will possess vitality; it will have life, it will grow, develop, expand; it will be creative; it will attract to itself everything necessary for its complete development.

The law of attraction will certainly and unerringly bring to you the conditions, environment, and experiences in life, corresponding with your habitual, characteristic, predominant mental attitude.

We are related to the world within by the subconscious mind. The solar plexus is the organ of this mind.

The solar plexus is the point at which the part meets with the whole, where the finite becomes Infinite, where the Uncreated becomes created, the Universal becomes individualized, the Invisible becomes visible.":

A Working Title For A Book -

"Transformational Pathways into Healing Community" that will possibly have the following 7 main categories: Personal Transformation, Relationships as Our Magic Mirror, Conscious Co-creative Living, Sacred Medicine, Earth Healing, Law, Wealth & Abundance.

Sunday, Nov. 20th - I can see the writing of this book infused with a co-creative process involving others with whom I have shared conversations with as well as Dyad sessions. I have a new vision of forming new Dyad questions that are intended to produce content for this book.

3-17-12 Also see that the team-building gatherings with potential founding core members would include processes in all these categories that would be a great to record and document. Some of that could be included in the book.

Friday (Venus) November 18th -

Added this:
"Co-creative Oneness" is a "recognized aspect of the new paradigm.":

Sunday, Feb. 12, 2012 -

An outline of some things that I've learned and now know to be true (at least for myself) regarding inter-personal relationships:

#1.) The need to know and to follow one's Inner Authority. (That can be identified with one's Human Design chart.)

#2.) The need to sleep alone. That is to allow for true holistic rest which isn't completely possible when the auric fields are commingled.

#3.) The need to allow for a natural metamorphosis in a relationship through healthy, sequentially progressive stages that start with an introductory stage and then may move into a shared-activity (companionship) when mutual interests are discovered and where the emphasis is on the activity. This allows for two people to begin to know one another in a way that doesn't require great emotional investment or commitment. It is an active introductory stage.

#4.) The need to know the life-long astrological influences (that are easily indicated in the birth cards) of the two individuals. (See Love Cards by Robert Camp.)

#5.) The need to see the Human Design Composite for the two individuals.

#6.) The need to do relating exercises (like dyads) whenever the two people get together. (A suggested Dyad before advancing the relationship into a "friendship" stage is: "Tell me what friendship is".

Update: Jan. 6, 2012 -

Dr. Christopher Lowthert sent me: "The Gift of Life Prayers and Affirmations":
"We humans, like all life forms, are a feeling. Yes, we are intellectual and even spiritual, but we are also feeling." From "The Gift of Life Prayers and Affirmations -The Howard Wills Prayers and Affirmations" © 2005

I've just begun to read this and it is looking most excellent! I wish there was a website for this that I could link you to!

Also need to include an understanding of our "Evolutionary Enlightenment"[3] (by Andrew Cohen) as mentioned by Jean Houston here:

Our Eco-Village Economy/Economies

The eco-village can include all the "village shops", services, businesses, etc. that the community requires for it's economic self-sufficiency.:

The first of which can be the farm's CSA. There are plenty of diverse and successful models in existence (as of this writing) from which to draw from in forming this CSA. In fact Biodynamic Farms have been some of the first to develop the CSA! (I have another blog regarding that, at Chef Jem by chef jem.)

Next can be the formation of the Community Supported Kitchen (CSK) as soon as the CSA is established.

Along with the CSK can be a number of "schools" starting with a new culinary school that is devoted to "spiritual foods" that are prepared according to Wise Traditions and especially emphasizing Foods As Medicine!

The next school candidate can be the "Sacred Medicine School" for learning German New Medicine.

Then there can be all the schools that are wanted for the children (not that these other enterprises are more important than the children but almost the reverse: the children need a healthy, secure and protected community environment that can easily nourish the children and these previous steps will largely lay the foundation for that)! The Waldorf model of an independent school includes financial support form the local business community.

Along with with the Sacred Medicine School can be clinics for the village. It is possible to set up the clinics on a "Community Supported" model similar to the CSA and the CSK and other models that are more sustainable and people friendly than insurance based systems. There are a couple examples of this now. One "community supported" model is an Anthroposophical clinic in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A larger non-insurance based model is a health care program in Ithaca, New York:

I can see that the "Higher Consciousness in Co-Creative Community For Healing" can included a "self-treatment center" for addicts who then get the support they need on the brain-chemical & nourishing-nutrition therapy level in addition to a contemplative spiritual awakening process that is accessible to everyone without any religious references at all! Both the nutrition therapy and the self-awakening can be part of the Enlightenment Intensive and then followed up with daily dyads! Those who do not have the self-awakening during their initial Intensive can keep returning to the next Intensive till they do! Those that have it then can deepen that with the daily dyads.

There is additional therapeutic work that can support both the recovery and the full healing cure as well! I have reasonably good confidence that the areas of brain-body chemistry, self-awakening as well as that of emotional freedom will prove to be where long-term wellness will be realized!

Additional business and other services will be identified in the course of detailing a master plan.

Economics needs to be looked at and if it is not already obvious to anyone reading this blog - there is an immediate need to have alternative monetary systems. One alternative is to have local currency; one that is either already in place and available for the community to adopt or one that is to be developed. Ithaca (once again) has a successful local currency in place which deserves to be understood as a potential model. (I would especially like to know whether there is a community that has virtually replaced their reliance on federal reserve notes with their own currency!) Another alternative is to return to real money! Real money in America has traditionally been precious medal, like gold and silver that have been minted into coins.

Related article:
"... the monetization of life has reached its peak in our time, and is beginning a long and permanent receding (of which economic "recession" is an aspect). Both out of desire and necessity, we are poised at a critical moment of opportunity to reclaim gift culture, and therefore to build true community. The reclamation is part of a larger shift of human consciousness, a larger reunion with nature, earth, each other, and lost parts of ourselves.":

Last but not least in this vision is the need to revision the "Rights Sphere". For starters I point to the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776:
Starting with the last line:

"... for the support of this Declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."

April 30, 2012 -

Dr. Ed Rivera has been my Law professor since December 2011 and he is a most excellent teacher of Organic Law, namely the four Organic Laws that are the bedrock foundation for all written Law in America. He has recently stated:

"Unwritten law is a gift from God written on our hearts. We need know no other law.

Written law is based on the foundational Organic Laws of the United States of America, the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776, the Articles of Confederation of November 15, 1777, the Northwest Ordinance of July 13, 1787 and the Constitution of September 17, 1787.

Free inhabitants inhabit mother Earth, while residents subsist on the federal plantation."[17]

Every member of the community (that I have envisioned here) will also be a member of a society of sovereigns AKA "free inhabitants". Dr. Ed Rivera is the leading teacher of the Lawful basis for free inhabitants.

Dec. 28. '11 -

"Greetings, dear Neysa and all!

Just got linked here from

and I really appreciate everything that is expressed here!

It appears that we may all agree that young farmers need support and encouragement to pursue their living dream to farm. We may also agree that the current food system isn't geared in that direction. For these (and a number of other) reasons I'm convinced that we need a better system. Harriet mentioned "...the vision of communes, collectives and intentional communities all over the country though I realize they have their own inherent challenges. But, honestly, I do not always understand how else it will work."

I've blogged about this very thing here:

Living in a household that has had some aspirations toward being a community has made me very well familiar with the "inherent challenges"! As a result I have been focusing on the things required for healthy community-building. I make mention of some of these things in this blog.

I know that not everyone is "designed" to live in real community where the possibility of building a shared food system can be realized however I would greatly encourage anyone who can relate to the idea! There is great potential here that not only can support young farmers but can bring a whole new life to those of us who can come together and live as conscious co-creators![16]

November 29, 2015 -

Just commented at YouTube after viewing Richard Rudd (of Gene Keys) in a webinar.

Thank you Richard!

I deeply value the gifts that you share and especially including Simplicity, Self-Remembrance, Awareness as well as the need and vital importance for certain actions like Reclaiming Time, Breathing Deeply, Contemplating.

Is it possible to allow me to add to what you have shared?

It is true that throughout the longer history of humankind we have shared our resources with one another; our wealth, our prosperity, our harvests as well as our famines and our destitutions. We also have a history of barter and exchange of goods. (Two different natures are engaged with these two historical ways of getting needs met.)

Then there is a third way:"money" and that brought in a third nature that is alien to the former ways.

I have blogged about "money" at my "Son of Truth of Self" blog at curezone here:

When I initially had contact with the Gene Keys community it was at the time of the "Deep Dive" and my greatest attraction at that time was for the possibility of living in an "Intentional Community" based on the Gene Keys. Since then I discovered Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov (inspired by your acknowledgement in the Gene Keys) and declared my community vision for Cheeta (Community Healing~Enlightened Ecology~Transformative Arts) as my "High Ideal".

The vision for Cheeta is a whole complete eco-village that includes all the agriculture required to fully support the community. It's something that the prayer of "May I be the richest ...." could certainly have immediate application for sums of money greater than I think most people think of having and yet I have virtually no personal interest in acquiring money beyond meeting my most simplest needs. I do value my simplified lifestyle (something I have developed over the course of about forty-five years). I don't really need to change how I live however I am aware that there is "the whole" of humanity.

I am also aware that "money" has an "alien nature" and that this has been injected into much of humanity via their participation in the world system and I am aware of the consequences of that system especially upon nation players who possibly did not have the kind of "serpent wisdom" to discern the true nature of the "money" system and how it actually works.

I think it's possible to "play" with the money system as an individual, breath deeply, contemplate, etc. and not be concerned with what the system is all about. That may be fine for that individual however I don't expect the "currency" one may be aware of on a micro level to maintain even keel on a macro level. I think there are some of us who need to think larger than maybe most people who are concerned just for themselves and their immediate family.

It would be a divine joy to have real dialogue with you! Dialogue, dear friend, is the new community! Without dialogue the door to psychopathy is left open.

In Love and Respect,
Chef Jemichel
@ San Diego, California
in "The United States of America"
and without the "United States".

February 12th, 2016 -

"... the combination of natural beauty and human skill and imagination is the true ideal to strive for." Dane Rudhyar in "An Astrological Mandala"[18]

December 27, 2016 -

My friend inquired with me about this Cheeta vision and that inspired me to revisit this posting. I like what I've written! It represents my High Ideal. The writing may not be "perfect" however I am not worried about that. I am grateful to have identified my High Ideal and intend to do my best toward realizing this Ideal in my present lifetime. I am reasonably certain that manifesting this vision will take more than the rest of my lifetime as I already have conceived the expansion of "one Cheeta" into many. (In fact my subsequent post regarding a Re-Visioning of Cheeta points in that direction. My full vision of the "New Heaven" on the "New Earth" is to have a million Cheeta villages covering the entire Earth!

Visions of this magnitude require true insight into life, the life of the planet and especially the human condition. Omraam speaks to the need for purity for such insight: "Insight can only be acquired through purity."[19]

December 31, 2016 -

An earlier blog with historical background of a major inspiration for Cheeta:

February 20, 2107 -

Added to the above "earlier Blog".

Footnotes -

[1] Healing means the returning to wholeness and especially our connectedness with the whole of who and what we truly are as an individual! Healing is not necessarily the treatment of symptoms; although helpful to relieve pain, discomfort, etc. Healing is the direct result of resolving the original conflict within the psyche that precipitated whatever "biological program" manifested in the body. This is the new medicine!

[2] I've blogged about Dyads at this CureZone site here.

An Outstanding Communication Technique for Truth - "The Dyad Technique for Self-Actualization":

A Code For Life That Includes A Code For Communications! - Blog devoted to "The Four Agreements":

The Communication Cycle - 5 steps for achieving a complete communication cycle between two individuals, some examples of relating exercises:

The Dyad Way To Enlightenment - The use of Dyads as a tool for enlightenment, the "Enlightenment Manual" online!:

New Seed, New Fields! - Inspirations from Day 2 of the Blooming Humans 42-day series plus additional sources.:

[3] Get it here:



[6] Including the following two:

[7] A personal account presented here:

[8] Here's an organization that could play a role in additional learning opportunities:







[15] Posted here:

[16] at:

[17] Read his blog here:

[18] This is the Sabian Symbol (at Sagittarius 28) where my natal Chiron corresponds with Ajna Gate 11 in my Human Design BodyGraph.:



Terms: Individual:

(In`di*vid"u*al) a. [L. individuus indivisible; pref. in- not + dividuus divisible, fr. dividere to divide: cf. F. individuel. See Divide.]

1. Not divided, or not to be divided; existing as one entity, or distinct being or object; single; one; as, an individual man, animal, or city.

Mind has a being of its own, distinct from that of all other things, and is pure, unmingled, individual substance.

A. Tucker.

United as one individual soul.


2. Of or pertaining to one only; peculiar to, or characteristic of, a single person or thing; distinctive; as, individual traits of character; individual exertions; individual peculiarities.

(In`di*vid"u*al), n.

The individual has an inherent sovereignty unto their own being; is fully capable of their own self-government, for the individual is not to be divided by any means or for any purpose including that of an external government; as long as the individual respects the sovereignty of all other individuals. Those individuals who are not capable of governing themselves may require some (or extensive) governing support of another individual (or two or even a community) rather than that of a government. The individual and their sovereignty are a sacred unity and deserve the respect of all!

Related Notes:

"Personal transformation in community" is a topic in "Communal Pathways to Sustainable Living ..." a "Conference of the International Communal Studies Association (ICSA)
Findhorn Community, 26 - 28 June 2013".:

In correspondence with one individual in my life (the mother of our daughter) who remembers me as always having a vision for community since she first knew me in 1983. I agreed and said I can trace the seeds of my vision back to at least 1970!

August 24, 2012

Speaking of "seeds" - I am in my 11th House now (The House Of Choosing Seeds) and just started my "Month of Wishes" today! More about this here:

December 25th -

Merry Christ-mas!
Give yourself a complete understanding of the following essential knowledge from "The Science of Getting Rich" for co-creating your vision:

"See just what you want and get a clear mental picture of it as you wish it to look when you get it. That clear mental picture you must have continually in mind. As the sailor has in mind the port toward which he is sailing the ship, you must keep your face toward it all the time. You must no more lose sight of it than the helmsman loses sight of the compass. ..."


health, biodynamics, german new medicine, community supported agriculture, human design, dyads, wise traditions, food, medicine, healing, earth, four agreements, sovereign, individual, declaration of independence, transformation, community, society, sovereigns, jean houston, money

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