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The 29th Cheeta Blog: "A rose is silent ... the stones will cry out"

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June 23, 2020 - Live Solstice Meditation -

"... I am the last so listen carefully to my words spoken silently in your heart.
I am turtle. I am the world turtle. I carry the world upon my back. My shell is made up of thirteen intersecting plates.

... all creatures and beings on our mother's back are interconnected.

This is the final and most important message from us all. When you are young you like to listen to stories about animals but when you become older you tend to put away such things. For thousands of generations your ancestors have sat around the fires on mothers back telling their children the stories of the earth and her creatures. Listen to our stories again. Listen to your ancestors and to those who live closer to the earth.

Unless you live connected to nature how will you ever find peace in your hearts, in your societies? ......... You are the children, mothers blessed children. Sit quietly then in her lap and listen to her beautiful stories held by her creatures, her plants, her stones, her rivers, her oceans, her mountains, and Plains and when change comes which it is coming now to our world be at peace within yourself. Come into nature, listen to her messages she alone will keep you safe for when the plates on my back begin to shift and quake great fear will arise in your people but you need not be afraid for mother knows all. She moves through us beneath us within us always bringing balance always bringing compassion even when she brings us trials so rest on my back rest on Gaia's back.

Trust in the cells of your body.
Trust in all the cells of the earth.
Trust each other.
All will be well and all is well.
This is our final message to you all"[24]

June 14, 2020 - "The New Earth Union" - By Anna Von Reitz -

Our country began with a union of States. This was, in turn, merely an “externalization” of a deeper Union— a union of people, who embraced the precious cause of freedom and the concept of unalienable individual rights.

The depth of this union of people was demonstrated by their unanimous Declaration of Independence. All the colonies moved forward together as one, and those making the Declaration put teeth into it with a “pledge” to these principles, backing their Declaration with “our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor”.

They pledged it all, not to any king who would reign over them, but instead, to their own natural sovereignty, their right to live as free men and to self-govern. ...[23]

June 3, 2020 -

"The Ancients were not altogether wrong in considering that the earth, not the sun, was the centre of the universe.
For human beings, it is the planet earth that is the most important; the earth is truly their universe, and the centre of the earth is the centre of that universe.
From a certain point of view, it could be said that the geocentric system of Ptolemy is as true as the heliocentric system of Copernicus! Yes, because human beings do not receive solar energy directly – the earth receives it first and transmits it to them. Besides, humans grow and evolve following the rhythm of the earth. They cannot evolve faster than their planet, for the collective destiny of humankind is subject to the earth’s evolution. ..."[22]

May 25, 2020 -

"... What does nature do? It speaks to us, sending us messages all the time; it does not use words, yet it speaks to us – the sun, stars, forests, lakes, oceans and mountains speak to us, constantly communicating something of their life, their secrets. These communications are recorded within us, but we are not conscious of them. Yet, it is thanks to them that little by little, our sensitivity is enriched, and our understanding improves. We do not know how this understanding comes about, but it does.[21]

April 11, 2020 - "The new human requires a new earth in each epoch."[20]


The initial initiation of this Blog-writer into the mystery of "The Great Change" (pointing toward the new humanity and new earth) came without any outer teachings of any kind. Although there was an impulse to share the revelation there was really no common language available to be able to communicate with. Without communication there was no shared understanding, no affinity, and no shared reality. A gestation period later brought a new birth into "Christ and The Church." Here an apparent "new language" existed and was soon adopted. Then came additional initiations deeper into "the mystery" not actually accompanied by the outer teachings of that time and therefor without a language once again. The outer teachings that did exist dried up like onion skins and were no longer a source of nourishment. All the remained was what had existed before a "pointing toward the new humanity and new earth." For a couple season he adopted the name terra nova as his personal identity. It was about this time when the initial Cheeta vision first emerged. Cheeta is the the new humanity that builds "a new earth." The acronym Cheeta could be: Co-create Healing Environments - Enlighten Thru Arts!

July 20, 2017 -

"The Native People of this continent knew the purpose of life, and regardless what we may think or say, in this day and age, said purpose remains the same: to be happy and to dance upon the Earth.

This is the key to the unleashing of one's power, and bringing about the expansion and magnification of the Real Self.

In bringing to light... in re-membering... in bringing together... in re-presenting... that which allows us to uncover and to experience truth; to come in touch with that which is within.

All we need do to receive this inheritance is give ourselves to looking into the great mirror: simply coming into harmony with Nature.

The Native People knew that in coming into harmony with the flow of Nature, a person is able to attain equilibrium between the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of one's own nature.

One's closeness to Nature, enables one to be in continual contact with the inner world that is the Self - of that which impregnates all things."[12]

The seed of the Cheeta vision was planted in my developing psyche during five Summers of 1963 - '67 when I was at the Union League Boys Club Camp in Salem, Wisconsin. In the first year as a camper one of the activities I signed up for was Indian Lore. I can't remember anything from those "classes" other than that I had high interest. In the early 80's I contacted inner animal guides. I also had educational encounters with "Native People" and in about 1991 I connected with my inner drummer, got a traditional drum and had it painted: Earth Mother Goddess. These are objective references among many others that exemplify my sense of connection with "Native People" and the need to come "into harmony with Nature". I'd also add that my sense for the need to harmonize with Nature reached an intensity in the Summer of 1970. It was a whole seven years later when I finally moved onto an organic farm! Destiny/Fate/Karma etc. required that I first spend seven years in "The Church" before "getting back to the garden"!

The attaining of "equilibrium between the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of one's own nature" is what Cheeta is all about. That is why this vision comes in stages with the first stage being the establishment of a "Biodynamic" Permaculture farm and then to extend the farm into a Community Supported Kitchen (CSK) will give direct experience of "coming into harmony with Nature" in most practical ways and as a way of life! With the farm and the CSK we can have a farm-based school. After that we can have a "New Medicine" health clinic which can start out simply as a "first-aid station". Actually with the optimally healthy lifestyle that the Cheeta Eco-Vilage offers and supports ill health won't be the typical concern as it is in conventional urban-based life styles.

August 28, 2019 - Zarathustra in the Light of Anthroposophy -
By: Aban Bana

Dear Friends and Fellow Zoroastrians:

One of the fundamental principles underlying this philosophy and movement is the principle of freedom, and accordingly this speaker wishes to leave listeners free to accept or reject what is being presented. This very principle of freedom also underlies the basic tenets of the Zoroastrian religion, so there we have the foundation on which to base a dialogue.


Great truths of the past ages, spiritually significant events, had their physical-material working on the earthly plane, and these facts were documented by the seers and the scribes of those times. In later times, these truths have to be imparted in a form suitable for the epoch in which they are communicated. In our present epoch, the scientific one, the form of communication is scientific too, hence material.

In ancient times, when scientific thinking and intellectual activity, through which we can perceive the realities of the physical-material world, were not yet consolidated to such a degree as is the case in our times, there lived clairvoyants who could perceive, and thereby had direct access to, the realities of the supersensible and the spiritual worlds. Today in many circles one cannot even mention such things any more, because of a general tendency to deny the existence of a world other than the one which can be perceived by the senses. But even if individuals of the present times do not possess the gift of clairvoyance, the realm of pure thought has been proven to act as an organ of perception for realities which transcend the momentary and the visible. The proof of this is communicated to us by the seers.

At the turn of the 19th to the 20th century there lived an Austrian by the name of Rudolf Steiner. He was gifted with the rare combination of clairvoyance and highly developed scientific thinking. These faculties, combined with his love for humanity, enabled him to develop and establish a philosophy and Weltanschauung---(world conception) which he called Anthroposophy, the wisdom of the human being. Later he founded the Anthroposophical Society which has members from all walks of life in all parts of the world.

Dr. Steiner had a close connection to, and was influenced by, the teachings of Zarathushtra. These teachings are in harmony with the ideas of Anthroposophy, the spiritual science which Steiner inaugurated. According to Steiner, the evolution of humanity is directly linked with the development of human consciousness. The great initiates who have brought decisive impulses of spiritual and cultural renewal to their people and their times have the task on one hand to lead them and give them guidance, and on the other hand to form a link in general cultural and spiritual development over the ages.

Zarathushtra was the great initiate and spiritual leader of his people for his time. Every spiritual stream in the world has its particular mission. These streams are not isolated and are separated only during certain epochs; then they merge and mutually nourish each other. But conceptions of the world and life do not move through the air as pure abstractions. They are borne by Beings, by Individualities. When a system of thought comes into existence for the first time it must be presented by an Individuality, and when these spiritual streams unite and influence each other, something definite must also happen in the Individualities who are the bearers of the world-conceptions in question.

It was the Being of Zarathushtra, his Individuality, which was destined to receive the spiritual and cultural impulses in ancient Persia and impart it to the people of his times and of times to come. So lofty was the stage of development of Zarathushtra, that he could make provision in advance for the streams of culture which were to follow.

Occult research has shown how this has been possible. In order to understand and accept what one reads in the field of occult research, it is necessary to acquaint oneself with certain theories, one of them being the theory of reincarnation. Great initiates who have lived on earth in various epochs have had their pupils carry on their work in a different form in a later age because they could carry this knowledge with them from life to death into rebirth. This would have to be explained to those who do not believe in reincarnation.

A certain religion or a particular school of philosophy finds a renaissance in another epoch in a different part of the world and reappears in a metamorphosed form, as a new impulse. But when one follows the stream of thought and comes to the source, one observes that it is fundamentally the same spiritual impulse now in a new form. One can explain this phenomenon at various levels, one of them being from the point of view of the theory of reincarnation, that great souls closely connected to the founder of a religion or a philosophy, in later incarnations bring back the spiritual impulse, at a later period in another part of the world, in a form suitable for the prevailing circumstances.

It is this renewal which saves the religion or philosophy from dying out, or even worse, from hardening into a set of laws and dry theories which have no relevance to the life and times of present -day human beings striving for self -knowledge and an understanding of the world. This renewal further saves the religion or philosophy from gross misinterpretation at the hands of unenlightened people. Here again, freedom has to be exercised. Everyone encountering a new, or renewed, religious teaching must evaluate it by sound judgement and a feeling for truth, before he or she can believe in it and be nourished by it.

Anthroposophy as a spiritual science helps contemporary people to become aware of the spiritual side of earthly events in a language easily understood by means of pure reason and reflection.

For one born of Zoroastrian parents, basic knowledge of the Good Religion is acquired by means of stories, books, rituals and ceremonies. It is the bond of religious tradition, strengthened through active participation in religious ceremonies and prayers, that is maintained within the family and handed down from generation to generation. Yet time and again we see that many a pious follower of the Good Religion reaches a stage in his or her life when doubt and questioning begin to cloud the mind.

One reason that can be given for this attitude is that practical understanding of the religion and its impact on daily living is at times not strong enough to connect the follower of the religion to his or her general activity in daily life. There are fundamental principles of the religion which tend to remain only ideas and ideals, because practical life in modern times has changed to such a degree that it cannot cope with the ideals. The idea fails to become reality. Let us take an example: agriculture. It was Zarathushtra who showed the people of his times that the earth, if left barren and untended, would fall prey to the dark forces. For this reason agriculture, the culture of cultivating the earth so that it would become a bearer of the corn and the fruit which would grow by means of the light of the life-giving sun, the rain and the air, became the principle culture of our forefathers.

In this manner, the four elements combined to provide the human being with nourishment which would sustain him and help him to fight the good fight against the dark forces as represented by Ahriman. Through the intake of this food, the human being imbibes also the forces of the sun which free in him the light which vitalizes the knowledge and carries it into human life through right activity. But in our increasingly materialistic world, which is being dominated by Ahriman to an alarming degree, even agriculture has been adversely affected. Artificial chemical fertilizers, poisonous insecticides and lack of understanding of the advantages of crop rotation

have damaged the living organism that is earth. Anthroposophy has recognized the working of Ahriman also in this sphere according to Zarathushtra's teachings and a new form of agriculture, bio-dynamic agriculture, has been developed which enables the farmer to cultivate the earth and grow corn and fruit without the dependence on destructive methods which the farming industry in present times so willingly employs. The idea is re-humanization in all spheres of active life by means of which the sun-being can assert itself through the good deeds of consciousness. In this manner the power and influence of Ahriman recedes into the background.

Materialism, which kills all religious belief and feeling and which dehumanizes the human being, may not disappear completely, but can be dealt with or balanced out in this manner. Materialism is a necessity in modern times; it cannot be overlooked nor can it be denied. It is excessive materialism which binds and chains the human being to the domain of the Ahriman forces. By harnessing this force and using it in the interest of spiritual progress, one can overcome its negative qualities and thereby free oneself. The Zarathushtrian teaching stresses the revitalizing and renewing of the earth through righteous activity. It is the will which frees us to choose the Good, even though Ahriman appears in us and around us in the most varied forms imaginable, increasing his influence with the passage of time.

Steiner stresses the need of modern human beings not to take this ethical and cosmic battle as an abstract concept, but to recognize its reality through wakefulness, through consciousness. Right consciousness is the best weapon against Ahriman. It is this very wakeful consciousness which has the freedom to choose between the light forces, rather than choosing the narrow confines of hardened intellect which fail to transcend the world of the senses in all its limitations. Thus the ancient religion of Zarathushtra has to be experienced anew and made relevant for all aspects of human life on earth.

Another realm which is not sufficiently taken into consideration in our lives is the realm of sound. When a Zoroastrian says his daily prayers and understands what he prays, he can consider himself fortunate for having had the possibility to learn the language of our prayers. The force of thought behind the prayer intensifies the effect.

But the power of sound alone, when the prayers are recited correctly has an effect too, because the use of the consonants and the vowels and their combination within the words helps us to connect ourselves with the positive aspects of the stars and the planets, thereby weakening the negative aspects. This science of understanding the workings of the spoken word helps us to use the word as a means of healing education. What is taught is very important, but even more important is the manner in which it is taught. Within the time given to me to speak on the subject today, I have tried to make my listeners aware of one approach to our religion, without going into details of the actual results such a method of investigation delivers.

You will agree with me when I say that our religion can be understood and practiced on many levels, depending upon the individual; it is a state of mind. I am sure there are no two Zoroastrians who have an identical understanding of the good religion and its practice, but that each one strives to the best of his efforts and abilities to realize in daily life by one's actions, what one thinks and feels, so that one's thoughts, words and deeds should be good and in harmony with the environment.

This talk was given by Aban Bana to, a Zoroastrian Educational Institute.[18]

January 6, 2019 - Happy End of "The Twelve Days of Christmas", "The Twelve Holy Nights", plus Epiphany"!

"...Those who don't perceive Nature as their divine Mother, cannot have a true connection with their heavenly Father."[17]

After about six and a half years in 'The Church' that extremely emphasized "Christ as all", "Down with the soul life and up with Jesus", etc. I found great relief moving out of the city and onto an organic farm! Less than nine months later I magnetized a ride for me to California in a yellow cab! (The cab was owned and operated by my uncle and so the meter was off! ; ~ ) The forces of nature will so many times more prominent in San Diego than in Chicago! I loved being in Ocean Beach! Later I got to what once was the "Hidden Valley Health Ranch" of Dr. Bernard Jensen. Almost heaven! Jensen had the perception of Nature as our divine Mother! Just generated and gave a first look over of his Human Design BodyGraph and it is obvious to me that Jensen had planetary activations that well correlated with what he expressed in life! His Human Design certainly deserves a full report however (unfortunately) I'm not really designed to do that right now.

May 10, 2018 - "...learn the language of living nature in order to connect with it."[16]

Many ways to "learn"! Although I attribute my boyhood experience at Summer Camp as the initial source of inspiration for this Cheeta vision I can't say that I actually learned "the language of living nature" there. However, I see no reason why the language can't be learned in a camp or camp-like setting. In fact "the language of living nature" would be fully integrated in the curriculum of our Biodynamic-Permaculture farm school.

December 24, 2018 - Your Highest Ideal is "A Larger Idea" That Will Support Mind Expansion. -

"The mind once expanded to the dimensions of a larger idea never returns to its original size."

—Oliver Wendell Holmes

March 15, 2018 - "To Dance Upon The Earth" -

Just posted the following at Jon Rapport's site:

Great autobiography Jon!

Speaking from experience – I know painting can have a deep transformative impact on the Individual’s psyche. The element of passion will certainly fuel that potential. I was in the Art course at Rudolf Steiner College – however my real passion is dance!

As I write this now and become aware of how great a hurdle I have set before me in my ultimate dream/fantasy of being: “The Lord of The Dance”[15] I realize I could also simply go to the park and dance there!

Thank you for sharing from your depth as it has evoked mine as well![14]

Balboa Park is "the Park" where I can see myself dancing in. I have only one reservation/consideration extracted from "my ultimate dream/fantasy": my music in accompaniment of my dance. In that thought I can imagine writing my music for others to play it. I now command all necessary resources I need for composing, notating and publishing my music in forms for other musicians to play. Thank you dear "Lord of My Dance"!

October 21, 2015 -

Omraam says: "Since the whole of the universe is alive with the life of God, stones too are alive, which also means that they can experience delight and even think."[1]

Jesus also had some things to say with regards to stones.

The thought that "Stones are living beings"[1] inspired me to search what Rudolf Steiner has said about stones. I found this: "First Approach to Mineralogy"[2] and felt better supported in my process of fully groking the "life" of rocks, stones, etc.

Oct. 26, 2015 -

"... advice to future mothers:
during your pregnancy, from time to time look for roses, or even just one, and meditate beside them, asking them to influence the child you are carrying."[3]

It is fairly common that Waldorf kindergartens are named Rose Garden. Flower gardens are definitely in the Cheeta design with plenty of roses.

Writing this now inspired me to (at least) consider planting more roses where I live. I just learned that "Roses need at least 6 hours of sun each day"[4] The roses bushes that we have now are in a location that definitely is not getting the sun they need. That inspires me all the more to think of planting more in a better location.

Oct. 30, 2015 -

I am grateful to see brothers and sisters expressing their high ideals thereby bringing heaven to earth. I'm grateful for the treasure store of teachings in this way that are shared from the Omraam community. This is one of the most supportive communities that I have ever known! Most of the "Thoughts of the Day"/"Journeys With" that the community has sent to my Inbox have been truly nourishing to my soul!

After reading this Omraam quote: "a 'new heaven' means new ideas, a new perception" I was inspired to search: "a course in miracles""new perception" and discovered the "" site.[5]

I love my new perception! I had worked on it for years! Now I can see more of heaven on earth! I am so grateful that I don't have to "die and go to heaven" in order to see heaven on earth!

November 4, 2015 -

"... I do not claim to know everything - not by a long shot - however what I have learned thus far in life has proven to me that paradise on Earth is not only feasible, but necessary."[6]

February 24th, 2016 -

"Our academic disciplines have been organized in such a way that the natural sciences deal with material structures while the social sciences deal with social structures, which are understood to be, essentially, rules of behavior. In the future, this strict division will no longer be possible, because the key challenge of this new century—for social scientists, natural scientists and everyone else—will be to build ecologically sustainable communities, designed in such a way that their technologies and social institutions—their material and social structures—do not interfere with nature's inherent ability to sustain life" (Fritjof Capra, 2002).[7]

March 15, 2016 -

Love The Creator![8]

November 11, 2016 -

"If you do this exercise with a feeling of sacredness, you will feel your body vibrate in harmony with all of nature, you will become lighter, purer, and even your brain will work better."[9]

March 19, 2017 -

"Flowers, trees, oceans, even stones… everything in nature breathes."[10]

May 22, 2017 -

The Cheeta vision includes rose gardens!

"We see roses everywhere, and we give them as gifts, but what is their true significance? Once they have been placed in a vase, we barely notice them or their fragrance when we pass them. However a rose becomes more alive if we look at it with an enlightened consciousness; a contact is established, and you sense that a splendid being lives in this flower and that it speaks to you. ..."[11]

Most serendipitous that this "Thought" of Omraam came now just after I had just discovered that a "fellow gardener" had tossed a bunch of roses (that were in a vase on the dining room table) into the compost and I immediately thought "these flowers were not fully appreciated"! I had only begun to make "contact" with these flowers the day before and indeed I perceived a "splendid being" in one of the white roses! Maybe if I had another opportunity to connect with it the flower being may have spoke to me!

July 21, 2017 -

"Plants are conscious beings which means that we can build relationships with them. They should not, in my opinion, be considered as commodities, but as members of our greater community. This, for me, is where healing begins."[13]

So good to hear from Lauren after learning of her healing challenges, apparently with "Lyme". First hearing about that last year got me researching Lyme disease. About a month ago a dear friend reported having been bit by a tick and the onset of Lyme-like symptoms! Now I'm all signed up for a webinar on Lyme and gut issues.







[7] The Hidden Connections: A Science for Sustainable Living:

Plus earlier result:








[15] "As the Lord of the Dance":



At the top of 4.620 search results for: "Zarathushtra"+"rudolf steiner"+"thinking"+"action." This search was inspired by the following quote of Anna ritz: "As the Zoroastrians observed Millenia ago, without right thoughts, it is impossible to take right actions."[19]


[20] "The Great Change - Becoming a light during turbulent times" By Richard Rudd:




[24] As of 55:28 into the video:


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