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At Your Leisure -

25.) An insidious consumerism is completely consuming consumers!

Date:   8/5/2015 11:45:37 AM   ( 8 y ) ... viewed 1522 times

This is blog post #25 for Cheeta - my multipurpose acronym now including: Conscious Harmonizing ~ Enlightening Energy ~ Transcending Addiction!

This present inspired version of the Cheeta acronym comes after the last couple of hours of focusing on my search results: "food addiction" and consumerism.[1] earlier today I realized that food addiction is not just about food. There is a larger context that might be called lifestyle and the context may actually be even larger!

I did a search for "food addiction"consumerism+lifestyle. I just ended my last review at Dr. Mercola's site where he offers programs for lifestyle change including an "advanced" level.[2] After reviewing what may be about the best that (#1 health blog) offers - I suddenly realize - once again (as I had realized about eighty days ago with my May 15th entry[3]) humanity needs "new kind(s) of school(s) to support human beings through a dark age, preserve life and culture"!

What support might a new kind of school offer us for preserving life and culture?

Is there something that can be revealed in the etymology of "school"?

school (n.1)
"... from Latin schola ... intermission of work, leisure for learning; learned conversation, debate; lecture; meeting place for teachers and students, place of instruction; ...,
from Greek skhole spare time, leisure, rest ease; idleness; that in which leisure is employed; learned discussion; ...

The original notion is 'leisure,' which passed to 'otiose discussion' (in Athens or Rome the favorite or proper use for free time), then 'place for such discussion.' ..."[4]

I can't tell you how happy I am to be doing this right now as my insights come to me right in the process (it's not all figured out prior to my blogging! ; ~ )

After re-reading: "intermission of work, leisure for learning" a few times the light dawned in my consciousness! The keyword is leisure. The etymology of leisure includes "opportunity to do something" and "free will".[5] I'd switch the order first to: "Free Will" as then the right "opportunity to do something" can follow the right (free) will. (And this "free will" or freedom of one's will follows free thinking![6])

Is authentic genuine leisure possible when one's entire week consists of both a full work-week plus a short "weekend" to recoup (i.e. catch up on lost sleep and/or attend to other needful things only so that they can return to their full work week in a couple days)? Or to put it another way - if you think you have real leisure then do you also have free will? If so then what do you do with your "free will".

Returning to my search for: "food addiction, consumerism and lifestyle" I suspect that the prevailing "lifestyle" in America is based upon an insidious consumerism that is completely consuming the consumers! Is there any real time off ("intermission of work") from this lifestyle? If there is then isn't that where the authentic genuine leisure will appear? I am reasonably confident saying consumers have lost all authentic genuine leisure. That's why humanity needs new kinds of "schools" and now for the recovery of authentic genuine leisure.

November 2, 2017 - Comment at "The Soaked Bean"

Great to hear from you again, dear Lauren!

I so appreciate all that is connected to traditional foods and being reminded of that especially with your presentations (of which this one I find outstanding). I also have grandmothers connected to a number of German and Irish foods. (Plus – I have the Italian mothers of friends who had fed me!) My food memories are definitely rooted in the social sphere rather than (or at least much more than) the economic or political spheres. I have a dream (Cheeta) of recovering more of this kind of relationship with food within a real live co-created “village”. Thank you very much for all your contributions!

P.S. I’ve been following a number of presentations on supplemental magnesium (of which I am certain I’m lacking and just as certain soils are depleted of) and now especially interested in learning where the magnesium in chicken might possibly come from. My “village” will have chickens!
So glad I thought to place this here at Cheeta and in the process reconnect with this particular post on "Leisure" as this is the perfect context for sharing Lauren's post. There is a social element of sharing food and if I haven't emphasized that to the point where it is most obvious for readers here then I'm adding to that now. It is a great (probably the greatest) part of what I am - a social being! A social being lives in a social world if not universe (U-n-I-Verse) with others - whether in a "family", a "tribe", a "community" or any other version of "us"! I am "built" to live this way (as I have presented via my Human Design[8]).

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[1] From my search results I updated a separate blog at:



My dinner with Andre also speaks of invisible planets which is why I say "the context may actually be even larger"! At this other Cheeta blog I wrote "If you see the clip then you can understand that Cheeta can be considered as an
'invisible planet'"



[6] See Steiner's Philosophy of Freedom.:


[8] "Welcome to My Human Design (and Hologenetic Profile)!":


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