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Sexy Foreign Phrases   17 y  
Sometimes we have to let our wild side out to play...
     Sexy Foreign Phrases: Expressions of Love and Lust in French, Italian and Spanish (and Hungarian) by Mariella Krause Have you ever noticed how much sexier things sound when they’re said in a foreign language? Given that fact, you could probably seduce somebody just by whispering the ingredients of a croque-monsieur in their ear -- provided they don’t know their jambon from their fromage . But if you really want to sound impressive, you’ll want to be able to do more than just recite a grocery list. You’ll want words filled with amor , ...   read more

Fetology - Science of the Unborn   17 y  
Fetology is a branch of science focusing on the effects of the environment on the developing fetus...
      Dearest Daughter, October 4, 1957, is a date recorded in history books as the beginning of the space race between our country and the Soviet Union, with the launch of Sputnik 1, an elementary satellite containing a test radio beacon and a thermometer. In our family the date has far more significance because of YOUR beginning. And you came better equipped! Interestingly, Sputnik means “traveling companion” in the Russian language. You had been mine for more than nine months, arriving two weeks late – just as your brother had. Desp ...   read more

Falling in Desire, Landing Whole   17 y  
The Hopis...have a grammatical tense with which to speak of this process of becoming. It is called tunatya, and refers to the rounding of something into its own fullness...
  We call it falling in love. When you think of it, though, love is actually the place we land in—if we’re lucky. What we fall through, in the first wild, sweet flush of a romance is desire, and it’s a thrilling ride with ups and downs of fascination, curiosity, joy, and passion. It is possible to resist this exhilarating plunge, but few choose to do to. Desire itself is desirable. When we fall in love—or fall through desire—we become like geodes, those nuggets of rock that are rough and drab on the outside, but which, broken op ...   read more

Save the Manatee   17 y  
Just in the last five years, 1682 manatees have died in Florida waters and,last year was the second highest manatee mortality year on record...
Please, sign the petition via any one of the links below.  It will take only a moment and you will have done something glorious for the earth.  The manatee has been endangered for many years down here in Florida due to careless apathy and still their numbers continue to dwindle and yet Bush wants to downlist the manatee from the endangered position to the merely threatened position.  The fact is, they are endangered and if radical steps are not taken soon, very soon, the manatee will disappear forever.  They are so endearingly cute an ...   read more

Beautiful Henna Body Art    17 y  
Henna body art involves painting beautiful and elaborate patterns with a dye made from crushed leaves of the henna plant...
    Henna body art, also known as Mehndi , is an ancient tradition of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Traditionally done on the hands and feet, it involves painting beautiful and elaborate patterns with a dye made from crushed leaves of the henna plant. The designs are then left to set overnight, and the end result is a beautiful deep reddish brown pattern on the skin, which will last up to four weeks, fading naturally. Mendhi How-To There are only a few things you need to make henna, and the most important, is obviously the henna! The ...   read more

Pharmaceutical Crops    17 y  
Life pays out high dividends to be informed...
       Quietly, biotechnology corporations are creating crops to produce proteins that are pharmaceuticals, vaccines, industrial enzymes or reagents for biochemical laboratories. Genetically engineered (GE) "pharm" crops are mostly grown in open fields, then after harvest the novel protein is purified for use. Most pharm crops are in pre-commercial field trials, but at least two proteins used in biochemical and diagnostic procedures are already being grown in corn for commercial use  - avidin and beta-glucuronidase. Other proteins from pharm ...   read more

Beyond the Five Senses   17 y  
We are all cells in God's body...
  Boo Boo, Where Are You? I was happy to take care of our son Jeff’s animals and home while he was away refurbishing our old vacation house on Cape Cod. I fed the chickens and gathered their eggs, then walked and fed the dogs and yard cats every morning before I worked out on his exercise equipment. Indoors was Boo Boo, his house cat. The first morning after our son left, I entered the house and Boo Boo didn’t greet me at the sliding door as usual. I opened every door and cabinet and searched every inch of the house, but no Boo Boo. I called Jeff, who told me that wh ...   read more

Transitions as Liminal and Archetypal Situations   17 y  
The word liminal refers to being over the threshold, but not through to the other side. It comes from the Latin word “limen” meaning that place in between...
From a lecture delivered by Jean Shinoda Bolen as transcribed and edited by Brenda Sinclair Sutton. My topic is about transitions or the stuff out of which life is made, liminal and archetypal situations. The word liminal refers to being over the threshold but not through to the other side. It comes from the Latin word “ limen” meaning that place in between. When you’re in a transition zone, you’re neither who you used to be before you got into this transition, nor have you crossed over that threshold to where you will be settled next...There is alwa ...   read more

The Hidden Agreement    17 y  
They want a community, a nation, an economy, a world, based more on the values of community, generosity, compassion and love, and less on hierarchy, acquisition, and win/lose competition...
       It was just a warm-up question. I was beginning an hour-long live interview with Rabbi Michael Lerner on my daily public radio talk show, The Jefferson Exchange. He had been on the show about a year earlier, so I asked him if any special insights had come to him since then. Michael’s life is rich with insight. He is the founder and editor of Tikkun magazine, rabbi of a large, vibrant congregation in San Francisco, and author of The Politics of Meaning and Spirit Matters, both required reading for anyone serious about social transformation in conte ...   read more

Shouldn't I Be Enlightened by Now?    17 y  
Maharishi had said that life is bliss and I needn't suffer anymore. The Buddha told me I could count on life being suffering, but I didn't have to let it get me down...
   When I was 17, I noticed a book about yoga in my local bookstore. On the cover, a man with a beard was sitting in what seemed an impossible position. He looked like someone from a circus sideshow except that he had the most beatific grin on his face. I ipped through the book - the grin was on every page. The guru beckoned me and asked, Remember? And someone in me answered, Yes. Soon, this little-known Sri would be keeping company with Hesse’s Siddhartha, Ram Dass’ Be Here Now, and Salinger’s Franny and Zooey. Over the ensuing decades he would be followed by a dist ...   read more

Seven Key Ways to Attract the Life You Want   17 y  
We can align our vibration with what we truly desire, then we can attract anything that we want into our lives...
      The Law of Attraction means that like is attracted unto like. If we can align our vibration with what we truly desire, then we can attract anything that we want into our lives. Attracting what we want can be quite a subtle process. In fact using the Law of Attraction consciously means creating the spaces in your life to attract what you truly desire and here are 7 ways to enable that process and make it much more easy and effortless for you (as long as you get out of your own way!) to attract the life you want. 1. Know that you are a Crea ...   read more

Transform Your Emotional State   17 y  
Are you happy with every area of your life?
      Most of us can think of something in our lives that we’d like to change. We may think that if we have more money, lose weight, or have a better relationship we will happier and more fulfilled. What we probably don’t consider is that if we change our point of view, we can create even more happiness for ourselves without depending on external factors. What would it take to change your point of view? Chances are you’ve done it before without being aware its benefits. Think about something in your past that you were particularly embarrassed ab ...   read more

Synchronicities: Your Key to a Life of Ease and Grace   17 y  
These meaningful coincidences, or synchronicities, are examples of the universe conspiring to provide you with what you want...
      Almost everyone has had experiences where they think of something and "coincidentally" it appears: a person you hadn’t seen in years shows up unexpectedly, a trial issue of a magazine is delivered to your home with just the information you needed, or you flip on the car radio to hear the lyrics of a song provide you with the answer to a burning question. These meaningful coincidences, or synchronicities, are examples of the universe conspiring to provide you with what you want. If your goal is to live a life of ease and grace, you shou ...   read more

Learn How to Meditate in Minutes   17 y  
However once mastered meditation will make for a most amazing pasttime, and remains without a doubt a worthy pursuit...
    MEDITATE:  To focus one’s mind for a time for relaxation or spiritual purposes. As I suspect you already know, this is easier said than done. However once mastered this will make for a most amazing pasttime, and remains without a doubt a worthy pursuit. It is with this in mind that I have decided to create this meditation course, which will step by step show you how to meditate and with the help of some exercises and aids. To this end you will also find that this course has been developed to enable beginners (and advanced as refresher ...   read more


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