Original Truth of Self
by Chef Jem

Like Coming Home   15 y  
My Revisit To This Site
My Goodness! (I said this four years ago!) I’ve found my way back here at ”Truth of Self”! I’ve been blogging at ”Son of Truth of Self” over the past four years and imagined that I had lost my way back here (and so I never tried to reconnect here ever since I had switched over). However, I did imagine coming back here and reviewing everything with a ”chief editor” perspective and imagined further that I would have additional commentaries to make. It is so very interesting to me that this re-connection is happening in this particular moment right after I have talked with my brother and d ...   read more

Prt. 17!   19 y  
A final update for this Blog plus an invitation to continue the adventures at "Son of 'Truth of Self'"
My Goodness, I found my way back to my ”Truth of Self” Blog! Yippee! I had switched from FireFox/Mozilla (after having trouble downloading an update that I can blame on Mercury Retrograde) and temporarily lost my automatic password to log in here so I started a new Blog as ”Son of ’Truth of Self’” (that now has two entries). Boy oh boy, it’s been another ”amazing journey” (and this time through the dragon’s belly) and I do thank Heaven and Mother Earth as well that I have been released! So come on over to the new: Son of ”Truth of Self” and I will continue in the same spirit of repo ...   read more

Truth of Self, Prt 16   19 y  
Update, (better late than never) with special emphasis on Healing, the necessity of Truth as Good Healing Medicine and also for Miracles.
Hello Again Dear Friends! I’ve been away from this Blog long enough! I must say, I wasn’t expecting to see the replies that had been waiting for me since too long ago. I have just replied to them first and it feels good to have more direct relating! I was coming to the Blog to pick up where I had left off in Part 15 Re: “The End of Suffering” quote I made from Thich Nhat Hanh. Here are a couple lines to begin Part 16 with: “The miracle happens... A smile is born on my lips Following the sound of the bell, my breath brings me back to the safe island of mindfulness In the ...   read more

Male Aggression   19 y  
Starting with a quote by Thich Nhat Hanh (as presented by Rosalind A. Shorter in the April 1- 16 "Celestial Timings") I make several references to the challenge of aggression "of man".
August 31, 2019 - Some of the Real Causes for Fibroids in the Uterus, Ovarian Cancer, and Breast Cancer - From: ”Healing Cancer – Q&A - Questions on Cancer as answered by Andreas Moritz” - Q. What are the real causes that lead to fibroids in the uterus, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer? There is so much information out there that it is very confusing and frightening. Is removal of ovaries, hysterectomies and mastectomies the only way to deal with cancerous tumors? A. In the past several decades, women have consulted me about ovarian cancer and uterine fibroids, and I have not se ...   read more

Truth of Self, Prt 14   19 y  
Mini-Update on health recovery in Body-Mind. Continued progress in recovering from Sciatica. Continued participation in the "Honesty Salon".
Life has been so full since my last Blog entry! The writer in me has been looking forward to this moment and now it’s here! Oops, I just yawned twice now (12:05 AM) and it appears that this is going to have to be brief. Yesterday I had another session with my number one Chiropractic health practitioner and the first item on my list was the single remaining symptom from the sciatica episode. After a few adjustments at one end and the other that symptom (manifesting as weakness in the left big toe) diminished as nerve strength increased! Tomorrow I have an appointment with the gastro-enter ...   read more

Meet My Friend: "The Enchanted Gardener"   19 y  
Introduction to: "The Enchanted Gardener"
February 24, 2022 - ”A tradition is of value only if it lives, grows and transforms; the maxim for a living tradition is that unless the student grows beyond his teacher, the teacher has failed.”[1] - *** March 30, 2005 - I’d like to acknowledge my friend: ”The Enchanted Gardener” who was also blogging at this ”zone”: http://curezone.com/blogs/f.asp?f=92&t=14482.69 I have know this man for about 42 years and lived at his ”Enchanted Garden” household on a few occasions over the years. It was at this community household that I was first introduced to Waldorf as two of the hous ...   read more

Truth of Self, Prt. 13   19 y  
Further thoughts after having received the reply as detailed in my last posting.
Further thoughts after having received the reply as detailed in my last posting. The way I see it now is in very simple terms: 1.) I made a written offer (to share my feelings). 2.) That offer was replied to and completely refused. (There was no acceptance of any of the feelings that I had offered.) 3.) A counter-offer was included in the reply (with the condition that I perform in a certain acceptable manner). 4.) I accept the refusal that I received regarding my initial offer and ignore the “counter-offer” that was proposed in the reply. Further elaboration re: #3.): What I’m c ...   read more

Truth of Self, Prt. 12   19 y  
Received a reply to "The letter".
Today I got a reply to “the letter” I sent about sixteen days ago. Here is what it said: “(name), I don’t deserve your anger. If you want to hear from me, let me know that you can correspond rationally & without insult. You question “mom”? I thought I was a kind loving & giving mom for over (#) years. But then, who can please everyone. Happy Easter” The letter she is replying to is the one and the same that is posted within Prt. 9 of these ”Truth of Self” blog entries. In that letter I said: “What I would like you to know is that I truly do not feel any family connection with you. ...   read more

Truth of Self, Prt. 11   19 y  
Received a reply to "The letter".
Today I got a reply to “the letter” I sent about sixteen days ago. Here is what it said: “(name), I don’t deserve your anger. If you want to hear from me, let me know that you can correspond rationally & without insult. You question “mom”? I thought I was a kind loving & giving mom for over (#) years. But then, who can please everyone. Happy Easter” The letter she is replying to is the one and the same that is posted within Prt. 9 of these ”Truth of Self” blog entries. In that letter I said: “What I would like you to know is that I truly do not feel any family connection with you. ...   read more

Truth of Self, prt. 10   19 y  
Sciatica symptoms continue to diminish, continued verification of emotional tension as predominant cause, a Truth-Telling Group is of paramount importance in recovery, Realizing that "no-reply" probably indicates some kind of processing is going on, my prayer and I am being born again!
Continuing from Prt 9: I did share the letter with my truth-telling group facilitator and was supported in adding some more clarity, that it was my intention to ”leave the door open” for my mother’s reply. However, I haven’t received a reply as of yesterday’s mail. This recent Wednesday was another group meeting and it was my first opportunity to share the whole letter with those who were present. Reading my letter was immediately helpful for me in that I was reminded of the fact that I had said I was open to a reply ”whenever”! Up until then I had been ”counting the days” since I mail ...   read more

Truth of Self, prt. 9   19 y  
Major breakthrough with sciatica symptoms through truth telling!
Major, major turning point for me has happened in the last 24 to 36 hours! Firstly I have to say that I have the deepest gratitude for my truth-telling group that I am a participant of! The group has created the safest space in which I have been able to emerge in raw honesty! My healing has come through the expression of repressed anger. The symptoms of sciatica have diminished considerably in the past 24 hours and I am beginning to feel more fully whole, confident, powerful and free! One of the great birthing moments for this was when the co-facilitator of my group suggested I write a let ...   read more

Truth of Self, prt. 8   19 y  
Further up-dates on Sciatica and the search for pain relief.
The following was originally written a couple days ago in a message to a friend: ”My healing is slow but sure. I appreciate the many small improvements, like being able to sleep more than two hours at a time before waking in pain once again. One thing I am most grateful for is a new sense of deep and abiding peace! Peace with who I am: The Being with a body. I am discovering that I am really the Jolly One behind all the body drama; one who is learning how to smile on the pains and sorrows of the body; and one who is learning how to give thanks that the instincts of the bo ...   read more

Truth of Self, prt 7   19 y  
Some signs of improvement.
I believe I am getting better. Earlier I was able to sleep a whole 4 3/4 hrs. in one stretch and that is a record for the past eleven days since the onset of the sciatica. I did a follow-up visit with the doctor I had in the hospital and he said I had Hepatitis C. I got it about 34 yrs. ago from a one time main-lining of heroine after which I was sick with jaundice. This doctor has referred me to the gastroenternologist that I got to see for about 5 minutes in the hospital and who then recommended I have a complete hepatitis blood work done. At least I know that my body is producing Hep C ...   read more

Truth of Self, prt 6   19 y  
Healing all the inflamation and encouraged with the anticipation of several remedies.
Saw my special case chiropractor today for the third time since the sciatica attack and he has given me ”Low Back Rehabilitation Exercises” to do 2X/day. Tomorrow I intend to send in my order for 2 therapeutic essential oil products specifically created for sciatica from Nutri-Pharm in Australia: Austral-Balm and Myopax. They both include Emu oil that I’ve read is extremely penetrating and therefore a terrific carrier for the essential oils to go deep into the affected areas that need the anti-inflammatory relief. I have to pick up a special order of Okra-Pepsin E3 by Standard Process a ...   read more

Truth of Self, prt 5   19 y  
Hip pain identified as sciatica. Advancement made with a "Core Transformation" session.
On my second visit with a new chiropractor on Monday he verified what I had come to suspect was a case of sciatica regards to my hip pain. Now that I know that I have begun to seek remedies specific to sciatica. Today I found two products at a newly discovered website They have an article: Sciatica and its Treatment I found helpful! I have e-mailed the company about ordering their ”Austral_Balm and Myopax. In my case I’m sure I need both of these but others may find they need only one or the other. These are a specific blend of therapeutic essential oils that also include emu oil. I am ...   read more

Truth of Self, part 4   19 y  
The physical health part of my personal destiny.
In my last blog I mentioned personal destiny in connection with my inflamed hip and the need to move forward in my life. I have a most wonderful book: ”The Secret Language of Destiny” by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers that gives over three pages of key information for the birth path of every birth date since 1880. Mine is: ”The Way of Extension” and the part that caught my special attention in this reading was: ”Once these individuals break their reliance on mental routines, the physical holds no power and can safely be used as a tool to create health and well-being.” It unders ...   read more

Truth of Self, prt. 3   19 y  
Clarified "Dead Sea" source, and additional hip inflamation
In part 2 I made brief mention to a verse from one of the Dead Sea Scrolls and now can clarify that as coming from the: Gospel of Thomas. See http://kuriakon00.tripod.com/tom.html and find the translation by Paterson Brown at # 70.) ”Yeshua says: When you bring forth that which is within you, this that you have shall save you. If you do not have that within you, this which you do not have within you will kill you.” And now having read this verse anew after having read a different translation some years ago I see this in a whole new light and it speaks to me even more pertinently now then ...   read more

Truth of Self, cont. part 2   19 y  
Further reflections on causes of an over acidic intestinal condition.
For me, knowing what it is that is hurting in the body is only the beginning of the search for the whole truth of the matter. In one sense it was a bit of a relief for me to have my Iridology friend discover that my small intestines were inflamed and coated with a quarter inch of mucous, however I knew that knowing just that wasn’t going to change that condition. I knew I needed to make some changes and yet I needed to know exactly what had caused the over-acidity. My friend first suspected my diet and I actually had immediately suspected that as my most recent diet had become largely a ra ...   read more

"Spontaneous" Self-Rebirthing   19 y  
While telling this a friend of mine who does Iridology readings unexpectedly appeared and took a quick look at my eyes and said my small intestines were inflamed and had about a quarter inch of mucous coating on the interior walls from an over acid condition!
Late one night a couple weeks ago I had a sudden, acute pain that was constant in the mid-lower abdomen that covered an area about the size of a large hand: 8” X 3 1/2”. After a couple hours of no relief while trying several different positions in attempts to relax through it I finally called the emergency room of my local hospital. They transferred me to a Tele-nurse and when I told her my symptoms she suggested I go to the emergency room and see a doctor. It was about 1 AM and I decided to drive myself to the hospital, about seven miles away. I was admitted into the hospital and before t ...   read more


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