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Open Water at the North Pole?   9 y  
Open water at the North Pole is a new thing, webcam clearly shows open water there on July 21 2013 Being scientists, those behind the camera are admitting that water can sit on top of ice, so it could be from a heavy rain, or flooding over ice, with ice beneath the water. Nonetheless, even those explanations, water has not been seen at the North Pole before, only ice, all summer, every summer.... until this week. THIS WEEK!! Also, perhaps more alarming, is observed releases of METHANE coming up out of the northern oceans near the north pole. Methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2 is, and there are vast stores of methane frozen ...   read more

Government Secrecy Vs. Manning, Snowden - Kennedy Warning   9 y  
President Kennedy warned about government secrecy, and now we see it glaringly obvious in the persecution of whistleblowers.
July 6, 2013   Government Secrecy Vs. Whistleblowers Manning, Snowden - Pres. Kennedy warning     President Kennedy referred to a "secret society" - what we know today as an insider group, or in a more poetic description - "a cabal of the usurpers of democracy that exists within the hallowed halls of government buildings".    Kennedy was being prophetic to the situation we see unfolding today,  first with Pvt. Bradley Manning and now with Edward Snowden, who sought only to inform the public of the activities and crimes ...   read more

Racism - Reviewing the Basics   9 y  
Racism is ignorance
I just want to review the basics of racism because I still meet people who ”don’t get it” yet.. well, one person in particular whom I will call ”my nemisis” [you know who you are]. First off, ”racism” is a form of ”discrimination”. Discrimination is the broader term, and and act of discrimination is made on the basis of something other than race - like ”women”, or ”men”. It is wrong to discriminate against women, or men, because even though many of them might have an identifyable trait to be critical of, the fact that if even just one of them does not have that trait it is not fair t ...   read more

Things we do that are "too late to do over" - eg. cancer   9 y  
Sometimes we get into a jam and wished we could do it over and make different choices... but some things cannot be done over... once the happen, it is too late to change our minds.
  Have you ever done one of the stupid things where it seemed like a good idea at the time, and when it works out it IS a good idea.... until it goes wrong and then WHAM there is no going back.   Shoplifting, for example. The food is free!! Eat well, enjoy. Do it again tomorrow... but once you get caught you cannot "do over" - it is too late now and it simply was not worth it.   Or sending that email... it is so easy to write nasty and hit send... then you regret it but it all happened so fast and you cannot take it back. Its too late.   CANCE ...   read more

Toxins - Pregnant women warned about household chemicals   9 y  
Household consumer goods have toxins that harm us.
A new report today, June 5th 2013: The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) says women should be made aware of the sources of chemicals to minimise the possibility of harm during pregnancy. Women can be exposed to hundreds of chemicals at low levels, through food packaging, household products, over-the-counter medicines and cosmetics, the report says. It advises women to take care when handling products such as moisturisers, sunscreens and shower gels, as current regulations do not require manufacturers to name all potentially harmful chemicals, when used i ...   read more

Chronic Pain Vs. Tissue Damaged painkilling   9 y  
painkilling is for reducing suffering
note - ”tissue damaged” means where a leg is broken, or a burn, a cut, has damaged bodily tissues, or a disease process is damaging tissues, as in MS. PAINKILLING IS FOR REDUCING SUFFERING The degree of pain in tissue damaged patients could be more or less severe than the pain a chronic pain patient feels. For example, a tissue damage situation such as a hangnail might produce a lot of pain, or a little pain; Likewise, the chronic pain person might have a little pain or a severe pain. The reason doctors prescribe a painkiller is to reduce the suffering of the person ...   read more

Thought on Personal Responsbility and Choice   9 y  
Choice means responsibility
Only when we have the freedom to choose does the responsibility go along with it - the consequences of our choices are not ours to bear unless we have the freedom to make the choices. If someone else assumes power and control over us, when they make choices for us, then the responsibility for our well-being then becomes theirs... but invariably they fail to live up to that responsibility - they do not assume the consequences, they force us to do that. That would be a crime in a just society. Personally, I would not want to make choices for other people. In fact, I think ...   read more

On May 9, 2013, atmospheric CO2 levels reached 400 ppm,   9 y  
On May 9, 2013, atmospheric CO2 levels reached 400 ppm,
Quote:      ” On May 9, 2013, atmospheric CO2 levels reached 400 ppm, according to NOAA and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the two organizations that have been recording atmospheric CO2 levels since 1958” - end quote -      That ”400 ppm” is significant because it is the level beyond which most of the world’s leaders have pledged to avoid - because they agreed, at the most recent Global Warming Conference in Doha, that the science was clearly saying there would be serious consequences if CO2 levels rise about 400 ppm - including ”r ...   read more

Pyramid - means "Fire in the Middle"   9 y  
Pyramid mysteries are not over - there is more to learn, such as "why did ET want the ancient people to built pyramids all over the world 4500 years ago?"
Think about it  -     100s and 100s of large stone pyramids that were built about the same time all around the world - in Egypt, Mexico, South America, Cambodia, Bosnia, China, and elsewhere.    They were all built about 4000 to 5000 years ago, which was long before dependable transoceanic travel by boat was being done by people.    So, how did this come to be if those ancient people could not communicate or travel to the other places?    And, would they really be built as a ”burial chamber” only? How about a ”burial chamber with a specific purpose that only pyramids could fulfill”?    T ...   read more

Obama's "a-bomb-a-nation" of foreign policy - Israel Syria   9 y  
Reuters takes down article after comment sent about nation's rights to defend by attacking other nation's weaponry.
President Obama claims it is okay to bomb another nation for simply having weapons that might be used against you. Go ahead North Korea, bomb America ”just because they have weapons they MIGHT use against you” - but retaliation for wiping out another nation’s weapons is NOT okay.  Of course, there has long been a double standard for Israel. No matter what THEY do, nobody should retaliate... in the eyes of America.  Pres. O-BOMB-A is no different.    And then, as was my experience today, American media - Reuters - quickly takes down any comments or articles that mi ...   read more

Pushers and Doctors   9 y  
Drug Pushers as in the song "God Damn the Pusher Man" - Deep Purple, 1969 ~ ; Not much different than doctors reducing morphine dosages. Will they make me a slave?
Do you remember that old Deep Purple song ”God Damn the Pusher Man”? ”The Pusher” would get you interested with small free samples until you are addicted and then they move up to larger and larger doses until, after some years perhaps, they would CUT YOU OFF and make you their slaves. I wonder what the College of Physicians and Surgeons wants SLAVES for? Here is the story - in 1992 I got my first taste of morphine from a doctor who prescribed it to me. Over the years that doctor took me from 90mgs per day to 450 mgs per day. Now I cannot live without it, but just t ...   read more

Doctors being forced to reduce prescribed morphine dosages.   9 y  
Dosages of prescribed morphine are being cut back - for the first time in history!!
                         Why are our dosages being reduced?    It is common knowledge that people who take opiate drugs such as morphine [as prescribed by a doctor, of course] develop a tolerance to it. For example, if a patient is prescribed ”60 mgs, three times per day” for a year, the doctor will have to increase that to ”90 mgs, three times a day”. A small increase once every 6 months to a year has been the standard prescribing practise for 100 years. ...   read more

Rh Incompatibility in the 1950s - Long Term Consequences   9 y  
Rh Incompatiblity in the 1950s was mostly untreated - were there long term consequences in cases from back then?
     It was only recently that I was reminded of this matter at my birth, but I cannot help but wonder if it has something to do with my chronic pain condition, and other problems I have had all my life.  Mother-Foetus Rh Incompatibility   - The Long Term Complications ?    I will spare you the details of ”how what why and who” concerning ” Mother-Foetus Rh Incompatibility” except to say that it is a potentially harmful, even deadly, complication of pregnancy arising when the Mother’s blood is Rh-,  the Father’s blood is Rh+,  and the f ...   read more

Intoxication from Excessive Power and Wealth - Part 3/3   9 y  
The threats facing us all are ignored by those who are in power because they are paid the big bucks to ignore problems
Part Three - the other threat:           I ntoxication from Excessive Power and Wealth    Of the other threats to the human race, some are NATURAL such as ”space rocks” [but if we have enough warning we may be able to nudge them away from a path on course to hit the earth], and the ”far off or far out” possibility that the Sun will explode or that gravity will end or that the magnetic sheild around the planet Earth will stop working, but most of these threats are HUMAN CAUSED.   If the most significant, and ”likely-to-occur” thr ...   read more

"Genetic Instability" due to Radiation - Future DNA   9 y  
Genetic instability does not show itself until well after the process is underway. Have we allready wiped our "future selves" out? Each generation is showing greater mutations without more contamination - it is adding up.
Part Two -       Have we already wiped our-future-selves out?    There are very few things that pose more of a threat to the existence of the human race than defective DNA. The more immediate result of damaged DNA is the agonising reality of birth defects.    A study now in it’s 10th year is reporting that there is a strong indication that there has been genetic damage caused by nuclear power, nuclear bomb testing and the two incidents of their use, and D.U. [depleted uranium] weaponry.    Most importantly, that genetic damage is INCREASING as time goes on - it is not a spike of proble ...   read more

The Sins of Silence - Non-Reported Nuclear News - Part 1/3   9 y  
Fukushima problems continues in 2013, but not the reporting of them.
    The Sins of Silence - Non-Reported Nuclear News * note - this is a Three Part Series on nuclear radiation problems, the other two entries in the coming week barring a complete meltdown in my crazy life. Here is one interesting bit of news not seen in the mainstream news:   ”Fukushima plant’s ex-chief “in worse shape” - Suffering from cancer — Almost impossible to question him, says Tepco” But that is small potatos, with corns on their eyes [mutations], compared to THIS NEWS:   ”POWER FAILURE AT FUKUSHIMA LAST WEEK - Tuesday March 21st, 2013.”     Did you hear about the recent p ...   read more

Monsanto is Evil - Round-Up, GMO, Argentina   9 y  
Argentina's rural villagers have been recently plagued by a spike in cancer rates and birth defects; it follows the introduction of Monsanto's Round-Up
                                        Monsanto is Evil - Round-Up, GMO, Argentina First, some Background      This story is about Round-Up, a chemical that kills weeds that grow in farm crops; the main ingredient in Round-Up is "Glyphosate".    Monsanto is the company that produces Round-Up, and they also produce the corn, soya bean, and o ...   read more

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