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Fukushima 2nd Anniversary - no harm whatsoever??   9 y  
Playing down the harm of Fukushima is not helping the nuclear power industry image - and it dishoners the victims. Admitting the truth would be the better way to go because now we have to reject them altogether.
   It certainly does nothing to "grow the love" for someone when they insult their victims by denying that there was any harm done.     For example, if a drunk driver drove over a group of schoolchildren gathered at the bus stop and then publicly DE CLAREd that "nobody was hurt, it was no big deal", and that "driving drunk is perfectly safe" - wouldn’t that just make our rage towards him grow?    If he showed remorse and pledged to never drink and drive again, and to campaign against drunk driving, we could start t ...   read more

Hugo Chavez has Died   9 y  
Hugo Chavez has Died, a Tribute.
                                       Hugo Chavez has Died     Hugo Chavez was Born on 28 July 1954, died at age 59 today, Tuesday March 5th.   Hugo Chávez was raised in a poor family in the rural plains of Venezuela’s Andean lowlands. The family had a varied ancestry of indigenous, black African, and Spanish backgrounds. His mother and father were local school ...   read more

Space Rocks 2013 - Fire and Brimstone, Revelations?   9 y  
Four space rocks in Feb 2013 were predicted in Revelations, modern space scientists were clueless to three of them.
Space Rocks Galore!!  Let us not so soon forget that we have recently entered the New Age, a time of renewal, having officially begun on Dec 21st 2012.   Nothing significant happened on THAT day, but time move slowly when referring to a cycle that takes 26,000 years to go around.   It begins with one incident, then a few more, then something else that was predicted, and then something completely unexpected. Or, something along those lines.... Renewal, for a stubborn lifeform such as humans, often requires destruction, unfortunately. We are doing a good job of that on our o ...   read more

I heard it in a Dream - "Love Hurts"   9 y  
I had a dream where I heard Nazareth' singer Macafferty sing "Love Hurts" in a dressing room. It was written so well...
Love Can Really Hurt A Fool Let me tell you how I feel about the song ”Love Hurts”... For starters, just a little background - even though the Nazareth record jacket doesn’t say so, it was actually written by a husband and wife songwriting team Bordleaux and Felice Bryant. Maybe you knew that. Here is the scene - it is early 1950s, Felice and Bordleaux are middle aged by now, and Bordleaux is reflecting on his youth, thinking about what it is like now, in 1952, to be young. He wants to write a song about what it feels like to be 19 years old and working your first stead ...   read more

Of Fecaliths and Bowel Health   9 y  
Stool can form in the ascending colon, and it can stay there.... not a good thing!!
I recently found some mainstream medical literature where there was an X-Ray showing an old stool in the ascending colon. I also found a report of ”an urgent problem requiring surgery due to calcified fecal material in cecum”. These cases related to a problem I am familiar with, but that my Doctor ignores... despite the fact that it could be impacting my health. It could even explain my chronic pain. ----Generally I feel quite certain that there is a related problem that plagues many of us but that our Doctors are ignoring, or are ignorant of [they only know what they are t ...   read more

Mali - Victim of Disaster Capitalism   9 y  
American tactics seen in other North African and Mid-east nations have been used once again, this time in Mali.
An additional, or perhaps just re-framed, follow up to the previous blog posting on the Malian conflict, with a link and a quotation from Wikipedia: A review of some of the ”mostly ignored events” of the past 10 or 12 years that shines some light on how the Malian conflict got started would be in order. This selection from the link below gives a hint of what has happened in Mali, along the lines of the American tactics in North Africa that we have seen so much of lately. Starting with ”Disaster Capitalism” - weakening the economy on purpose or merely in an uncaring and wreckless wa ...   read more

Mali - another "resource war" - metals, oil.   9 y  
Mali is being invaded for it's mineral wealth
Have you heard? Mali has significant amounts of GOLD, Plutonium, and several other metals beneath it’s soils. But lets go back a bit: Malian cotton exports were ruined by USA protectionism [USA govt. cotton subsidies to USA cotton farmers drove prices down],desperate for cash exports, Mali was soon being mined by Canadian mining corporations such as IAMGOLD, etc Cotton was, but now mining is, Mali’s biggest GDP factor... And today I hear on Russia Today, and the alt news, but not on Canadian or American news, that Mali has OIL [not yet mapped, but large shallow fields ...   read more

Pesticide Regulation   9 y  
GMO and pesticides are not well studied. There is govt and corporate malfeasance afoot!! * U.S. regulators at the Food and Drug Administration do not require independent studies verifying safety before approving the release of these products into our food supply. Have a nice day!!   read more

Tuning Out, Turning OFF - NO MORE T.V.   9 y  
Cut the cable, reject the satellite, no more TV. REVOLT!!
Now that I have been without television for over a year - it has been 16 months in fact since I cancelled my cable - I can honestly say that although there is a WITHDRAWAL period of about 3 to 6 months, life does normalise. When I am at other people’s places, I notice that the commercials are still REALLY LOUD compared to the programs.... although in Canada our regulator for media, the CRTC, is demanding that the volume of ads be no louder than the programs, as of last year. They cannot do anything about American channels though, I suppose. I also notice that there are A LOT of ...   read more

Art is an Experience - appreciating music   10 y  
Music Appreciation
ART IS AN EXPERIENCE I was trying to explain how I understand music, why I enjoy it, to someone who is NOT artistically inclined. Some people really do have a hard time understanding ”the arts”, maybe this is for you then. Perhaps you are someone who has talked with professional musicians and you heard them talking about ”keeping the beat” and ”having a great sense of pitch”. Timing and tuning are, in fact, the hallmarks of professionalism in music... but that is not what we listen for, or to, really. So then you go to listen to some guy playing in a bar; there ...   read more

Happy Precession Everyone - a 26,000 year anniversary.   10 y  
The Precession, the Galactic Alignment, is an actual astronomical event. This is an introduction.
   Happy Precession Everyone!! It is a monumental anniversary if only because we are marking out a period of about 26,000 years... this must be the end/start of the longest cycle anyone alive now will ever be around for.    It IS true, there is an actual significance to Dec 21, 2012.   What is going on IN REALITY this Dec. 21st., of the year 2012, is an actual astronomical event.   The ASTRONOMERS are not actually certain that 2012 is the exact year when this cycle begins again, but what they do know that as our solar system wobbles and the earth wobbles that an imaginary line drawn thr ...   read more

School Shooting - Adam Lanza's Mother   10 y  
Newtown school shooting - the problem is not guns, it is mental illness.
Edit Jan 31st 2013 - see bottom for new link [thx mu-shen] For perhaps the first time in the blog, I am copying a an posting an entire article. It is very helpfull to read about what we are facing as a nation, as the human race. It is what Adam Lanza’s mother might have been living through... he was the most recent grade school shooter and multiple murderer, in case you have not heard. The article below is about the experience of a mother of a son who appears to Autistic, and becoming more and more dangerously violent as he gets older. There are five times more of these cases in 2 ...   read more

John Lennon was not who I thought he was   10 y  
John Lennon was the opposite of his lyrics, what is that about? Does it have something to do with 21/12/2012?
12 12 2012 John Lennon was not who we might have thought he was. Here are some of his lyrics [slightly altered]:    "Pools of sorrow waves of joy are drifting through my opened mind, possessing and caressing me.    Sounds of laughter, shades of life are ringing through my opened ears, inciting and inviting me    Limitless undying love, which Shines around me like a million suns, it calls me on and on, across the universe." AND  "Nothing to kill or die for ;Imagine all the people, Living life in peace... ...   read more

Correcting the Problem Is the Least Expensive Option   10 y  
Climate Change storm damage will cost more than switching to clean energy.
Correcting the Problem Is the Least Expensive Option ”The sooner we act the less it costs, Changing to clean energy will cost us less than not taking action” This is the message coming out of Doha, the Climate Change Conference on now. IF we had acted in 1990, when the problem became clear, we could already be declaring victory over climate change, we would have avoided $100s of Billions in storm damages and many fewer lives would have been lost... and THE COST would have been LESS than the amount of storm damage suffered since 1990. That’s right, that is what I am ...   read more

Food Ads Aimed at Kids   10 y  
Fast Food Ads aimed at kids should be outlawed, as they have been in Quebec for 16 years, with noticeable results.
Its not the TV, it is the ADS that are making kids fat!!    Did you know that, even without the sense of smell being present, that IMAGES of food will cause the human body to react? When the human organism sees fresh, warm, prepared food advertisements on TV, the bodily response is that we begin to salivate, our stomachs are preparing for food for producing extra acid, and the sensation of feeling hungry becomes stronger.   Adults have more self-control and are able to resist that urge to eat when we see food images [ads] on TV... but CHILDREN are much less able t ...   read more

A Better Way - Giving   10 y  
Give what you can instead of taking what you can get
Almost everything is run on money, it is our basic currency and that is how we measure things. So, I have a suggestion for how to make a better world: A Better Way than trying to ”get all you can” is to ”do as much as you can” and still come out ahead. If, for example, you own a store or sell illegal drugs, you will see everything around you get better - from finances to friendships - if you give customers as good a deal as you can rather than trying to get as much from them as you can. Of course, you have to come out ahead on each transaction so you can stay in business, but the ...   read more

Letter to Mitt Romney - Presidential LOSER Excuses   10 y  
Democracy is about the majority electing the candidate they feel will serve their interests best. Mitt Romney has his head up his Elitist ass too far to know that.
Perhaps you have heard about Mitt Romney’s excuses for losing the election. He says it isn’t fair that Obama promised ”free stuff” to voters. Really, eh? - is that instead of your giving ”free money” to wealthy oil companies and the military contractors? OK, so here is my Letter to Mitt Romney: Concerning your complaints about ”giving free stuff to voters”, I have to point out that there is a reason they call us ”THE 99%” - learn to cater to the overwhelming majority and you might win elections. Let me spell it out - ”d e m o c r a c y”. As in, the MAJORITY - r ...   read more

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