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Presidential Acceptance Speech 2012   10 y  
Dishonesty and distraction are highlights of Pres. Obama's 2012 acceptance speech.
     President Obama’s 2012 acceptance speech was part "whats to come" rhetoric, part dishonest appraisal and calculated distraction of the shamefull uglyness that exists in America, and that the American military continues to inflict on the world. Here is a sampling of phrases that Pres. Obama used in his 2012 acceptance speech - Quote:    our destiny    pursue our dreams    great heights of hope    the best is yet to come    I am hopeful tonight because    the task of perfectin ...   read more

Let Them Eat Their Own Debt - Banksters can be Defeated   10 y  
Banksters have been conspiring with governments, and now we learn that we can just say NO, we are not going to take it anymore!
* See the Video and Article below.                          Freedom From Financial Tyranny -  IMF comes onside with the 99%      Did’ja ever have one of those lives where everything you thought you knew turned out to be false?  Well, here it is, you and I have been living it.     For starters, where is the money? Six decades of mass production since WWII ended, and the world is in DEBT, without any signs of PROSPERI ...   read more

Synchronous Events   10 y  
Emptiness of the heart what is behind addictions, the willfull blindness of people, and the damaging ways of the powerfull and wealthy,
If enough synchronous events start piling up, is there hope for change? Within the microcosm of my own little world, perhaps not - and significant global change is not likely. If many seekers out there had synchronous events, it just might lead to big changes. I was sent a video link - see previous post, and the book ”Ishmael” arrived after an unexplainable two month delay, at the same time as my ”chicken-lady” neighbor wrote me an email that exposed her misguided attitude as being exactly what the book and the video were getting at. Meanwhile, my wealthy brother, an oil company C ...   read more

Dr. Gabor Matte - Addictions Video   10 y  
Addictions fill an emptiness of the heart; Powerfull people are some of the most heartless, they do the most damage, it is not right to judge drug addicts and not the powerfull people.
Dr. Gabor Matte is a physician who has worked for many years with the down-and-out, often homeless, drug addicts living in Vancouver’s "Downtown East Side" area.   He has seen it all, and he has many insights into addictions, and not only drug addicts.   "Addictions fill an emptiness of the heart; Powerfull people are some of the most heartless, they do the most damage - to other people and to the earth -  it is not right to judge drug addicts and not the powerfull people" This link to a video of a speech he gave at a medical conference o ...   read more

Drive on SUNLIGHT - Telsa announces new EV   10 y  
Tesla EV runs on sunlight Tesla Motors Launches Revolutionary Supercharger Enabling Convenient Long Distance Driving Drive the Model S Electric Car Anywhere in the Country on Pure Sunlight for Free HAWTHORNE, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 24, 2012) Tesla Motors ( NASDAQ : TSLA ) today unveiled its highly anticipated Supercharger network. Constructed in secret, Tesla ...   read more

Wikileaks Exposes US Officials Trafficing Drugs from Mexico   10 y  
US official are FACILITATING the transportation of cocaine and heroin into the USA from Mexico.
Stratfor Emails Expose Drug Trafficing Permission Tactic, where US Officials ALLOW Drugs over the Border into the USA More than just ALLOWING illegal drugs to flow into the USA, US official are FACILITATING the transportation of cocaine and heroin into the USA from Mexico. Yes, this is all very hard to believe when the stated purpose of the drug prohibition laws is to protect Americans from the harms of certain drugs, but in fact trafficing of illegal drugs across the US border from Mexico is given the okay by US officials, on the basis that only ONE of the Mexican drug cartels wil ...   read more

State of Emergency remains in effect - over 9/11??   10 y  
The State of Emergency remains in effect - over 9/11
Did you know that the USA remains in an official ”State of Emergency” over the 9/11 incident? Now just over 11 years later, without a single further ”terrorist” incident since Sept.11th, 2001, there has not been even one incident of ”terrorism” such as a suicide bomber in a mall somewhere in America, not one shipping container with a bomb in it, nothing at all that threatens mainland America, and yet the State of Emergency remains in effect. If we peel back just the top layer of this onion, we see that a State of Emergency means that release of official information relating to 9/11 ...   read more

For the benefit of OWS - Donations Request   10 y  
Untraceable website to donate to OWS
I am simply repeating a message here from ”Anonymous” of OWS {Occupy Wall Street} - please note the website addresses below where donations can be made to the cause of Occupy Wall Street. PS - I was not asked to do this, I hope Anonymous does not mind... ---------------------From OWS: Not very long ago, we occupied the streets of New York City, Wall Street, and many other parts of not only the United States but the world. Sadly, we have not reached our expected result. The corrupt plutocratic government of ours is controlling our lives and still taking away our freedoms. The poor ...   read more

We are flooded with ghosts.   10 y  
We are flooded with ghosts due to the increasing population turnover.
We are flooded with ghosts. There are as many dead human beings as there are alive on the planet right now. This unique moment in human history is one that is crossed by all species at some point in time. It also means there are more ghosts now than ever before. Just 100 years ago there were just 2 billion living humans [est], and about 5 billion dead ones. Then our population exploded and now we have 7 billion + living, and those 2 billion died, and they are, quite possibly, ALL ghosts now. Oh, sure, not all dead people become ghosts you say. Let me remind you that never before ...   read more

Fossil Fuel - Polluter Pay!!   10 y  
If oil and gas prices included the cost of pollution, renewable energy would be cheaper than oil and gas.
If oil and gas prices included the cost of pollution, renewable energy would be cheaper than oil and gas. Imagine if gasoline cost $5 per liter, or the USA equivalent of about $20/gallon!! Oh, it DOES? Yes, European nations pay $10/US gallon of gas, and even Canada pays $1.50/liter, which is the US equivalent of over $6/gallon. Americans are paying just $3.50/gallon of gasoline, despite that they import most of what they use, plus they use most of the world’s production of crude oil. You would think that kind of demand would drive up prices. {Links - gas prices in the USA h ...   read more

Its My Blog and I'll Cry if I Want to!!   10 y  
There is a point to all this whining, but first the whining: ”I dug a hole for myself, with some help from people who are greedy and selfish and not very sympathetic to those of us with chronic pain illnesses. I have allways been able to drag myself out of holes before, but not this time. I am just so utterly depressed that I simply could not lift a finger to save myself. It is beginning to rain hard now, and this hole is filling up. I am not able to move. The end, should it come soon, would be welcomed instead of resisted.” That kind of depression usually has a concurrent de ...   read more

Iceland Arrests Bankers   10 y  
Iceland arrested the bankers who were asking for a bailout
I realise this is a repeat, but it cannot be repeated enough: ”In response to it’s banking crisis, Iceland replaced it’s goverment with an election of candidates restricted to average people, and then that new government arrested the bankers who were asking for a bailout.” Iceland is now enjoying economic recovery and real democracy. Links to articles - *Please, if you would like to, DO copy the above and spread it around, post it on your Facebook page, whatever... or even PRINT it and put it up at the Post O ...   read more

Elites Controlling the Masses - How it is done   10 y  
Advanced beings may have come to Earth and produced offspring, and taught leaders of the time how to control entire populations; Oxytocin and/or Parasites could be the control vectors.
Elites Controlling the Masses - Is THIS how they do it? ---scope:    Advanced beings may have come to Earth and produced offspring, and taught leaders of the time how to control entire populations    Oxytocin and/or Parasites could be the control vectors. ----Introduction  Advanced beings may have come to Earth and produced offspring - there is now some DNA evidence of that.    Those offspring or the originating Extraterrestrials, could have given the leaders of past civilisations, such as at the time of the great p ...   read more

First destruction, THEN renewal - timeline considerations   10 y  
IF the Mayan Calendar date of December 21 2012 is true, it will be preceeded by significant damage.
Although I am starting to have a strong feeling that we will slide by the calendar date of December 21 2012 without incident, just as the year 2000 came and went, as did 2001, without incident, I just want to say here that if you are planning for a sudden catastrophe on December 21 2012, you might want to shift your plans a bit earlier. December 21 2012 is the Mayan date of ”RENEWAL”, and for renewal to occur there is usually a destruction preceeding it. A house is not rebuilt before it is destroyed, or at least significantly ruined. Therefore, ”the world” being a very large and so ...   read more

Federal Budget from heaven - who's?   10 y  
Society wants government to spend, just on the right things. It is not really a question of communism/socialism and capitalism, not to the average person.
.... who’s national budget is this, can you guess? Quote: ”______________’s national Budget in 2012 will grow by 43% to Bs. 297.5 billion ($69 billion), as the nation continues to benefit from construction led growth and improved employment and social development indicators. ”Approximately 40% of the budget, or Bs. 116 billion, is allocated to social spending in 2012. This reflects increases in spending on housing (88%), social security (45.8%), health care (43%), science and technology (27%), culture (24%), and education (21.1%). ”The budget lists as one of the objectives of the ...   read more

Mitt Twits Palestine/Israel   10 y  
Israel gets a lot of support, Palestine gets a lot of flack
Sorry America, but I just have to say that the loser in the next Presidential election, Mitt Romney, is just so irritating the way he fudges things. To say that Israel is doing better than it’e neighbors because ”culture makes all the difference” is so totally, well, what do you call it when you are trying to impress people who are giving you money?? Farcical? As if the SANCTIONS against Palestine are not hampering their economy? AND, as if the BILLIONS of US dollars that America gives to Israel annually, and the MANY BILLIONS more in weaponry America gives Israel, are not doing a ...   read more

Lies and Propaganda NOW   10 y  
Government Propaganda continues today.
History clearly shows us that government lies to the public in wartime, but we have allways been at war with someone, WE ARE AT WAR NOW. The lies continue to be told today. You surely see that propaganda is real, not just a conspiracy theory, and that it has allways been a usefull tool of government - what is there to make you believe it is not being used NOW? You have heard the lies of authorities, possibly [likely] been fooled by them yourself as I was, and there is nothing to indicate that it is not continuing today. We have been subjected to lies and propaganda by government a ...   read more

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